Service Station Type Patents (Class 254/3B)
  • Patent number: 5672043
    Abstract: A lifting and swivelling apparatus for objects, in particular for motor vehicles and the like, includes substantially horizontally extending tie rods (28) and a clamping frame (4, 5), which can pivot about a substantially horizontal axis of the tie rods, and a lifting device (24) which can pivot about a substantially horizontal axis of the tie rods (28) and is connected in an articulated manner to the clamping frame (4, 5) via a holding member (23) which is displaceable along said lifting device, the holding member (23) being designed to be displaceable along the lifting device (24) by an actuating device and to be locked in position at any point desired, wherein the clamping frame (4, 5), on its side facing away from the lifting device, is provided with a supporting frame (15) which is curved substantially through and subsequently continues rectilinearly, and in that fastening member (10, 14) are provided on the clamping frame (4, 5) to lock the object to be tilted in position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 30, 1996
    Date of Patent: September 30, 1997
    Inventor: Ludwig Hagara
  • Patent number: 5538389
    Abstract: A box tilter that comprises a movable chassis and a container-supporting frame directly hinged to the chassis. The actuating force for lifting and tilting the container is provided by a hydraulic cylinder connected in retractable pulling relation between the chassis and a radial arm rigidly attached to the container-supporting frame and projecting backward from the hinge point. This radial-arm configuration reduces the distance of the container from the operator of the device and results in improved access to the items in the container.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 13, 1995
    Date of Patent: July 23, 1996
    Assignee: Bishamon Industries Corporation
    Inventor: Robert M. Stone
  • Patent number: 5478191
    Abstract: A vehicle tilting apparatus for rotating a vehicle for servicing or repair is disclosed. A support assembly is pivotally mounted on a base frame assembly. The support assembly includes a lifting assembly having a pair of spaced lift members. Support platforms for supporting the vehicle are pivotally mounted on one of the lift members. An over center locking assembly is mounted on the other lift member to releasably lock the support platform to the lift member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 18, 1994
    Date of Patent: December 26, 1995
    Assignee: Tilt-Tech Corp.
    Inventor: Dennis J. Rober
  • Patent number: 4971511
    Abstract: A system for lifting and tilting a vehicle sideways is disclosed. The system includes a hoist having a base shaft, a lifting shaft pivotedly mounted at its end to the base shaft, and a mast shaft which is likewise pivotedly mounted at its end to the base shaft. An arrangement of pulleys is positioned on the mast shaft and lifting shaft. A cable connects the pulleys and provides a mechanical advantage lifting system for raising the lifting shafts under the power of a power driven winch.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 19, 1987
    Date of Patent: November 20, 1990
    Inventors: Michael E. Stevens, Edward W. Stevens
  • Patent number: 4966517
    Abstract: An apparatus is designed to rotate a vehicle by ninety degrees for repair of the under carriage of the vehicle and other parts accessible from the bottom. The preferred vehicle is a forklift, and a mast support is provided to be secured to the mast of the forklift. Wheel supports are provided which may be rotated out of engagement with the wheels when the vehicle is vertical to allow unobstructed access to the vehicle. Removable support bars may be used in place of the wheel supports to engage the bottom of the vehicle during rotation. The apparatus sits on a flat floor and does not require approach ramps or the like. The apparatus may be moved to any location and is symmetrical so that it may be placed against a wall on the left or right by a simple interchange of parts. A jib is provided which may be used to hoist heavy parts of the vehicle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 18, 1989
    Date of Patent: October 30, 1990
    Inventor: Shearer E. Tune
  • Patent number: 4506866
    Abstract: A vehicle hoist has an inclined column along which a carriage having normally horizontal support members is moved. The carriage is moved by a hydraulic cylinder and engages the column in a ratchet-like fashion allowing upwards movement but preventing the lowering of the carriage unless a release mechanism is actuated simultaneously with the hydraulic valve governing the cylinder. The invention improves safety and provides smooth surfaces about the column.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 1, 1982
    Date of Patent: March 26, 1985
    Inventor: Don M. Horn
  • Patent number: 4479632
    Abstract: A dolly for adjustably supporting an automobile engine or the like includes a frame extending substantially horizontally and having forward and rearward ends, caster wheels mounted to the forward and the rearward end of the frame, a post mounted to the rearward end of the frame and extending upwardly therefrom, a first boom member having a rearward end pivotally mounted to the post and extending toward the forward frame end, a second boom member having a rearward end pivotally attached to the first boom member forward end and extending toward the forward frame end and terminating at an end adapted to receive a workpiece, a cylinder actuator for pivoting the first boom member about the post, and a second cylinder actuator for pivoting the second boom member about the first boom member forward end.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 5, 1982
    Date of Patent: October 30, 1984
    Inventors: Ray G. McIntire, Douglas Colvette
  • Patent number: 4134501
    Abstract: A lift for servicing the running gear and underside of a vehicle, embodies a pair of parallel channel-shaped base beams connected at their ends by extensible members. A pair of vehicle-receiving platforms of channel-shape are hinged to and lie directly above and parallel to the base beams. The base channels open upwardly, while the platform channels open downwardly. Within the channels and between each pair of base and platform beams is pivotally mounted a folded lift unit including a fluid pressure applying device having a piston and rod, a lever mechanism including three folded arms and links, a booster fluid pressure device and a safety mechanism. Actuation of the lift units causes them to unfold and elevate the platform beams with a vehicle loaded thereon, to an elevated and inclined position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 10, 1977
    Date of Patent: January 16, 1979
    Inventor: Shearer E. Tune