With Shaping Between Extruding And Cutting Steps Patents (Class 264/151)
  • Patent number: 3933959
    Abstract: Generally linear foamable strandular particles which are asymmetrical about a plane generally containing the longitudinal axis provide a desired curled dunnage material when heated to cause foaming. A wide variety of methods may be used to introduce the desired asymmetry.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 5, 1972
    Date of Patent: January 20, 1976
    Assignee: The Dow Chemical Company
    Inventors: Richard E. Skochdopole, Keith R. Denslow
  • Patent number: 3932572
    Abstract: Plastic is cleanly severed between closely adjacent inner sections of radially operable blow molds in a rotary molding machine during mold opening by means of a wiper blade on the trailing face of the inner section of one mold angularly projecting toward and having its rear edge engaging the forward face of the next succeeding inner mold section, each such inner section being spring mounted and arranged because of the mold-opening cam configuration, to spring outwardly such that the rear edge of the blade slides along the forward face of the succeeding mold to consistently shear the plastic between such edge and such forward face.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 19, 1974
    Date of Patent: January 13, 1976
    Assignee: Monsanto Company
    Inventors: Michael J. Avery, Lawrence A. Martino