Congealing Or Thickening Patents (Class 34/302)
  • Patent number: 10240864
    Abstract: A drying device is provided and includes: plural light emitting units that are disposed with intervals along a transport direction in which a transported body containing liquid is transported and that cause the liquid to be evaporated by irradiating the transported body with light; and a vent mechanism in which a supply unit and a discharge unit are alternately disposed in spaces on an upstream side and a downstream side of the entirety of the plural light emitting units in the transport direction and spaces between the light emitting units along the transport direction. The supply unit supplies air toward the transported body along the irradiating direction of the light, and the discharge unit discharges air in an opposite direction to the irradiating direction from the transported body side.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 14, 2016
    Date of Patent: March 26, 2019
    Assignee: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Tomozumi Uesaka, Jun Isozaki, Akira Sakamoto, Satoshi Hasebe
  • Patent number: 6960372
    Abstract: The present invention uniformly dries, in a clean room in which down flow is constituted, a coated film formed on a surface of a substrate held in a state that the coated surface faces down. In a coating apparatus including an absorption board holding a substrate in a state that its surface to be coated looks down, and a coating mechanism that coats with coating liquid the surface to be coated of the substrate held by this absorption board, there is provided an air current generating apparatus which supplies clean gas toward the surface to be coated.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 1, 2002
    Date of Patent: November 1, 2005
    Assignee: Hoya Corporation
    Inventor: Shuho Motomura