Water-jet Pump Patents (Class 4/215)
  • Patent number: 10000917
    Abstract: Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, which comprises a turbine wheel assembly. The turbine wheel assembly comprises a turbine wheel compartment. The turbine wheel compartment is constructed to be coupled to a fan. The fan can be coupled to a cartridge. The turbine wheel compartment is coupleable to a toilet fill valve assembly such that the turbine wheel assembly is housed within a toilet tank. The turbine wheel assembly comprises a turbine wheel.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 2, 2017
    Date of Patent: June 19, 2018
    Inventor: Thomas J. Katona
  • Patent number: 8214930
    Abstract: The present invention's toilet provides a toilet odor removal apparatus The toilet may additionally provide a dual flushing system and/or water overflow prevention system. The odor removal apparatus is operable to withdraw air from a toilet bowl via a suction assembly comprised of a motorized fan to discharge air into a sewer discharge line through a ventilating passage. A valve assembly for controlling the configuration of the system includes a valve controlling means and a solenoid iron plunger. Three main configurations include water flow from the toilet tank to the bowl (flushing), no water flow to the bowl and air flow from the toilet bowl through the fan to the ventilating passage (odor removal), and finally no water flow or air flow (not is use).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 2, 2010
    Date of Patent: July 10, 2012
    Inventor: Ghasem Azodi
  • Patent number: 7485166
    Abstract: The present invention provides a device for detection, collection, containment, neutralization, and elimination of aerosolized contaminants, comprising a lid that fully covers an edge of a container for containment of exiting aerosolized contaminants, with the lid having housing for accommodating an article. The housing comprising a top vent aligned along atop of a bottom vent, with the top vent optionally smaller in size than the bottom vent, and with the housing, the top vent, and the bottom vent located normal to a natural vertical upward move of the aerosolized contaminants. The aerosolized contaminants are detected, collected, contained, neutralized, and eliminated and sanitized by the article within the housing, allowing only uncontaminated air out of the top vent through a natural upward movement of the aerosolized contaminants via the force of the flush.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 15, 2005
    Date of Patent: February 3, 2009
    Inventor: Joseph Safuto
  • Patent number: 6823532
    Abstract: A malodor control system for a toilet comprises a modified toilet seat which is a hollow construction. The seat may be mounted on supports for pivotal movement between an up position and down position in which its opening is registered with the opening of an toilet bowl for receiving products of human waste. As in conventional toilets, portions of a person sitting on the seat define a chamber, in combination with the seat and the bowl. A pair of water spray nozzles are disposed within the hollow seat and directed rearwardly toward the pivotal mounting for the seat. A water supply system includes a flexible tube connection between a fixed source of pressurized water and a bracket for pivotally mounting the seat. Flow of water to the spray nozzles is controlled by a valve on the rear of the seat. The water spray induces flow of fouled air from the user defined chamber into the hollow seat where offensive odors are removed by the water spray.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 20, 2003
    Date of Patent: November 30, 2004
    Inventor: Donald C. Anderson
  • Patent number: 6526598
    Abstract: A venting toilet having a conventional ceramic bowl and flushing tank arrangement includes a water powered odor exhaust system which withdraws gases from the toilet bowl. A suction blower powered by a water motor through which the refill water to the toilet tank flows following flushing is arranged to draw odorous gases from the toilet bowl through a pair of intake manifolds built into the top of the bowl below the seat. The odorous gasses are delivered to the sewer system downstream of the water trap. An energy storage device containing a clock spring wound by the water motor, and a gear box are connected between the water motor and the suction blower, allow operating of the suction blower to draw odors from the toilet bowl even when the toilet has finished refilling.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 30, 2001
    Date of Patent: March 4, 2003
    Inventor: Robert V. Black
  • Patent number: 5530971
    Abstract: An odor control system for capturing odoriferous air from toilet bowls, removing the odor bodies from the air, and returning the cleansed air to the room. A fine water spray nozzle (32) in a duct (30) transfers kinetic energy to the air stream, and also absorbs odor bodies from the air. Energy to generate the water spray and draw air through a ventilated toilet seat is provided by the water under pressure which supplies the usual toilet function. System is started and stopped as needed by the person using the toilet. Supplemental filter (36), e.g. Activated carbon, improves odor cleansing by adsorption. Spray water used is separated from air stream and returned to toilet bowl (20) through check valve (38).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 12, 1995
    Date of Patent: July 2, 1996
    Inventor: Donald C. Anderson
  • Patent number: 4222129
    Abstract: An odor-extracting apparatus for a toilet comprising an extractor element, an electric motor having a drive shaft with one end secured to the extractor element for transmitting drive thereto whereby the odor of a toilet may be extracted directly from the toilet bowl, and a hydraulic pump secured to a second end of the drive shaft to simultaneously obtain drive from the electric motor when the electric motor transmits drive to the extractor element.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 26, 1979
    Date of Patent: September 16, 1980
    Inventor: Ivan M. Baker
  • Patent number: 4059857
    Abstract: A free standing toilet stool ventilating device for placing adjacent a toilet and ventilating fumes therefrom. The device having a reversible pivotable air inlet arm disposed between the top of the toilet bowl and the bottom of the toilet seat. The device providing an electric blower and charcoal filter for filtering the fumes. The housing further including a water overflow chamber with a floating ball valve for receiving overflow water from the toilet and discharging it therefrom to prevent water from contacting the filter and electric blower.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 20, 1976
    Date of Patent: November 29, 1977
    Inventor: Clarence E. Poister