Trip, Trap Or Burglary Prevention Patents (Class 42/1.13)
  • Publication number: 20030010184
    Abstract: A wire-tethered dart cartridge for electrical discharge weapons or stun guns wherein the sudden force needed to propel the darts toward a remote target is derived from a source of energy other than expanding gas. The propulsive force is derived from potential energy stored in at least one coiled spring having an arm which impacts the dart with sufficient force to propel the dart a desired distance toward a remote target. In a preferred embodiment disclosed herein, the spring is formed on two interconnected coils, each end of the spring wire extending from a respective coil and forming an impact arm for striking the back of a dart. The arms are maintained in a tensioned configuration by retention pistons which are connected to pyrotechnic devices. When an electrical voltage is applied to the pyrotechnic devices, the ignition forces each piston to move suddenly to release the arms.
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 24, 2002
    Publication date: January 16, 2003
    Inventor: James F. McNulty