Pivoting Or Nutating Rod Patents (Class 74/18.1)
  • Patent number: 9803753
    Abstract: A sealing device for a vessel to achieve a fluid-tight seal in an aperture made in the lateral wall of said vessel, into which aperture a shaft is inserted. The sealing device comprises first sealing means disposed in contact with the shaft in the zone of said aperture, and second sealing means, comprising a containing body and a flexible connection element. The first sealing means comprise a plurality of sealing rings, disposed coaxial to the shaft and in contact with the latter, and a containing tube to contain the sealing rings. The lateral wall of the vessel comprises an interface flange. A closing flange is connected to the interface flange and to a flanged end of the containing body by means of attachment means and is positioned in contact with the containing tube and with the flexible connection element to keep the first sealing means in a determinate axial position with respect to the shaft.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 19, 2013
    Date of Patent: October 31, 2017
    Inventors: Angelico Della Negra, Massimiliano Zampa, Riccardo Antonini
  • Patent number: 9216504
    Abstract: A power tool that includes a housing, a motor, a pair of motor bearings, a transmission, an output spindle and front and rear spindle bearings. The motor is received in the housing and includes a stator and an output shaft that extends through the stator. The motor bearings support the output shaft for rotation relative to the housing and are disposed on opposite ends of the stator. The transmission is driven by the motor and includes an input pinion that is mounted to the output shaft for rotation therewith. The output spindle is driven by the transmission. The front spindle bearing is mounted to a front end of the output shaft radially between the housing and the output shaft. The rear spindle bearing is mounted to a rear end of the output spindle and a portion of the rear spindle bearing rotates with the output shaft.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 15, 2013
    Date of Patent: December 22, 2015
    Assignee: BLACK & DECKER INC.
    Inventors: Qiang Zhang, David C. Tomayko, Sankarshan Murthy, James T. Rill
  • Publication number: 20140238159
    Abstract: A sealed dual coaxial rotary shaft feedthrough device is provide. The device includes an inner shaft and a hollow outer shaft that is coaxial to encompass the inner shaft. The shafts include coupled drive and driven shafts. The coupling, which may be referred to as an eccentric coupling, causes the driven shaft to rotate with the drive shaft. The rotation is transmitted without breaking the seal by an eccentric portion of either the drive or driven shaft being nutatingly coupled to either a transition cap or transition cup. Nutatingly coupled means rotation of the shaft causes the transition cap or cup to orbit, but not spin, about the longitudinal axis. The nutation is transmitted by the transition cap or cup to the other of the shafts, which rotates.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 6, 2013
    Publication date: August 28, 2014
    Inventors: Bradley DiMarco, Aaron Glafenhein
  • Patent number: 8590097
    Abstract: The invention relates to a windshield wiper drive (1), particularly a motor vehicle rear window wiper drive, comprising a housing (2) having an output dome (3) penetrated by a wiper shaft (5) and penetrating a contact disk (15), said dome having an external thread (19) in the region of the free end (18) thereof, onto which a nut (20) is screwed for tightening the contact disk (15), the nut being disposed inside a protective cap (21) penetrated by the wiper shaft (15). The invention provides that the protective cap (21) comprises an elastomer material. The invention further relates to a motor vehicle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 6, 2009
    Date of Patent: November 26, 2013
    Assignee: Robert Bosch GmbH
    Inventors: Roland Bohn, Mario Huesges, Orlando Sterns
  • Patent number: 8573350
    Abstract: A console assembly having a seal, such as a bead, operable to prevent water seeping though the opening from coming into contact with the electrical component is provided. A top panel of the console assembly includes an opening, and a stick shift disposed within the opening. The shifter housing is disposed within the center console is configured to hold an electrical component. An elongated member extends outwardly from the first shifter housing side wall towards the first cover wall. The seal is disposed above the electrical component. The seal is engaged between the first cover wall and the elongated member. A bead biases a portion of carpet against the side wall to retain the carpet in an upright position and prevent moisture from entering the shifter housing.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 13, 2012
    Date of Patent: November 5, 2013
    Assignee: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
    Inventors: Lauren M. Abro, Jeffrey John Pehler
  • Patent number: 8448289
    Abstract: The invention relates to a windscreen wiper drive arrangement (1) having a drive shaft (4), extending out of a gear mechanism housing (3), for a windscreen wiper, in which the drive shaft (4) is guided axially through a protective sleeve (15) which is sealed with respect to the drive shaft (4) by means of at least one inner sealing element (18) and with respect to a vehicle component (11) by means of at least one outer sealing element. The invention provides for the protective sleeve (15) to be secured to the gear mechanism housing in order to protect said protective sleeve against axial movement in the direction of the vehicle component (11) and/or against rotational movement relative to the gear mechanism housing (3) by frictional engagement and/or by means of at least one separate securing element (25).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 23, 2007
    Date of Patent: May 28, 2013
    Assignee: Robert Bosch GmbH
    Inventors: Michael Reith, Gerard Albrecht, Verena Lipps, Roland Bohn, Mario Huesges, Guenther Friderichs, Paul Geubel
  • Patent number: 7270024
    Abstract: A drive crank shaft and a load shaft with an eccentrically placed center shaft coupler form a mechanical torque transferring structure. Two convoluted rubber seals mounted on a center shaft coupler, a drive shaft support an a load shaft support enclose the working fluid to form double hermetic sealing. The rubber seals exert enough force against twisting to hold the center shaft coupler and prevent the center shaft coupler from rotating around its center. Two balance weights are mounted on both crank shafts symmetrically to eliminate vibration due to eccentric configuration. An enclosed housing prevents fluid from leaking into the environment. A sensor is used to detect the leakage and control the operation. This rotary shaft sealing device provides dynamically hermetic sealing by eliminating a leaking path for the pressurized working fluid.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 18, 2004
    Date of Patent: September 18, 2007
    Inventor: Wei Fu
  • Patent number: 7017436
    Abstract: A boot assembly for a vehicle includes a retainer adapted to be connected to vehicle structure of a vehicle and a boot for surrounding either one of a shifter and parkbrake of the vehicle. The boot assembly also includes a seal connected to the boot and to the retainer to prevent the boot from exiting the retainer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 10, 2002
    Date of Patent: March 28, 2006
    Assignee: General Motors Corporation
    Inventor: Stephen K. Winchell
  • Patent number: 6926034
    Abstract: A hydraulic spool lock with a hydraulic spool housing, first and second hydraulic spools mounted within the hydraulic spool housing for independent selective movement with respect to the hydraulic spool housing, and a lock plunger movable mounted to the hydraulic spool housing. The present invention allows independent movement of the spools with respect to the hydraulic spool housing when the hydraulic spool lock is in the unlocked position. The present inventions prevents movement of the spools with respect to the hydraulic spool housing when the hydraulic spool lock is in a locked position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 24, 2003
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2005
    Assignee: Prince Manufacturing Corporation
    Inventor: Michael A. Otterby
  • Publication number: 20040069079
    Abstract: A fastenerless boot assembly for a vehicle includes a retainer adapted to be connected to vehicle structure of a vehicle and a boot for surrounding either one of a shifter and parkbrake of the vehicle. The fastenerless boot assembly also includes a seal connected to the boot and to the retainer to prevent the boot from exiting the retainer.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 10, 2002
    Publication date: April 15, 2004
    Inventor: Stephen K. Winchell
  • Patent number: 6597163
    Abstract: A contamination resistant probe attachment device attaches over an opening in a top cover of a disc drive to couple a testing probe to the interior of the disc drive. The attachment device has a base for surrounding and attaching around the opening in the top cover in the disc drive and a centrally located aperture for communicating with an upwardly extending flexible tube. The flexible tube having a first and second end, the first end attaching to the base and a second end defining an engagement opening throughwhich a disc drive testing probe is inserted.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 20, 2001
    Date of Patent: July 22, 2003
    Assignee: Seagate Technology LLC
    Inventor: Louis John Fioravanti
  • Patent number: 6581485
    Abstract: A control lever for a control console of a work vehicle comprises an arm and a knob. One end of the arm is coupled to the control valve linkage for positioning the control valve. The other end of the arm is mounted to the knob. The knob is provided with a cylindrical shaft having a first groove and a second groove. The first and second grooves adjoin one another. The first groove is deeper than the second groove. A rubber boot extends between the knob and the control console. The rubber boot has a circular control lever opening through which the control lever extends. The circular control lever opening is provided with an inwardly extending flange. The inwardly extending flange is received in the first groove. A downwardly extending foot extends from the inwardly extending flange and is received in the second groove. The inwardly extending flange and the foot are separated from one another by a step that corresponds to the radial differences between the first and second grooves.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 9, 2000
    Date of Patent: June 24, 2003
    Assignee: Deere & Company
    Inventors: David Andrew Branscomb, David Joseph Klas
  • Patent number: 6523428
    Abstract: A shift lever boot includes a top face having a shift lever hole face and including a plurality of crests and a plurality of valleys, and a bellow-like skirt continuously connected to edges of the top face. All ridgelines of the crests and the valleys are parallel with respect to the cross direction of a motor vehicle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 25, 2000
    Date of Patent: February 25, 2003
    Assignee: Kinugawa Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Yasuhisa Kaji
  • Patent number: 6264010
    Abstract: The present invention relates to a disc brake with hydraulically operable brake pads and a mechanical actuating which includes an actuating shaft that is rotatably and sealedly mounted in a bore of a brake housing and acts upon at least one of the brake pads. The present invention focuses on that at least in the area of a shaft duct, a sealing element is provided which is fixed to the actuating shaft so as to rotate along with it and cooperates with at least one associated sealing element and/or mating sealing surfaces in a radial direction. The sealing element bridges a portion of the actuating shaft which is different from the shape of a circle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 19, 1999
    Date of Patent: July 24, 2001
    Assignee: Continential Teves AG & Co., OHG
    Inventors: Andreas Döll, Hans-Georg Keferstein, Holger Kranlich, Rudolf Thiel, Jürgen Bauer
  • Patent number: 6203459
    Abstract: A combination includes a derailleur having a chain cage engaging a bicycle chain, a clamping head clamping the derailleur to a bicycle frame and including an opening therethrough, a controller actuating the chain cage and including link arms pivotally connected at one end to the clamping head, with the cable extending through the opening in the clamping head and to the upper link arm, and a cage securing member connected with the chain cage, with opposite ends of the link arms pivotally connected to the cage securing member; and a one-piece protective cover including an endless sleeve of a rubber material, having a hollow interior, a first open end, having a first axis, in communication with the hollow interior and of sufficient size to permit the first open end to be pulled over the clamping head and the controller, the first open end being secured to the cage securing member, a second opposite open end, having a second central axis perpendicular to the first central axis, and in communication with the hollo
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 3, 1999
    Date of Patent: March 20, 2001
    Inventor: John L. Calendrille, Jr.