By Means To Misalign Aligned Apertured Tools Patents (Class 83/196)
  • Patent number: 9586332
    Abstract: A curtain cutting machine contains: a base, a first cutting mechanism, and a movable platform. The base includes a fixed platform having a front segment and a rear segment. The first cutting mechanism includes a lower cutting assembly with plural first orifices and has an upper cutting assembly with at least one second orifice. The movable platform includes two support racks, two slidable adjusting devices, and a holding plate. The two support racks are arranged on a rear side of the fixed platform of the base and extend upwardly, each of the two slidable adjusting devices is mounted on each of the two support racks and moves forward and backward on each of the two support racks, the holding plate is connected with each slidable adjusting device to hold a curtain, and the holding plate moves forward and backward on the two support racks with the two slidable adjusting devices.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 21, 2015
    Date of Patent: March 7, 2017
    Inventor: Chin-Fa Lin
  • Patent number: 8839703
    Abstract: A window covering cutting device is disclosed that has a support table, a slot, and a blade. The support table has a support surface on which at least a portion of a window covering can be placed. The clamp has a slot and is positioned near the support surface so there is a plane that passes through the slot. The clamp is moveable from a first open position to at least one clamping position. The blade is positioned for movement from a first position to a second position so that a portion of the blade will be within the slot of the clamp when the blade is in the second position and the clamp is in one of its clamping positions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 19, 2007
    Date of Patent: September 23, 2014
    Assignee: Lumino, Inc.
    Inventor: Michael Kollman
  • Patent number: 8720313
    Abstract: A window covering cutting machine is disclosed that has a support table, a cutting mechanism adjacent the support table and a plurality of moveable stops moveably connected to at least one of the cutting mechanism and the support table. The support table has a surface on which at least a portion of a window covering work piece can be placed. The cutting mechanism has a housing with a plurality of openings sized to receive at least a portion of a window covering work piece. The cutting mechanism also has at least one cutting device configured to cut portions of a window covering that extend through any of the openings. One stop is aligned with each opening and is independently moveable relative to the housing and the other stops.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 18, 2007
    Date of Patent: May 13, 2014
    Assignee: Lumino, Inc
    Inventor: Michael Kollman
  • Patent number: 8601923
    Abstract: A rod cutter having two cutters that are exchangeable and with one thereof being operatively stationary and the other being pivotally and with cutting edges therebetween. A cover extends over the cutters so that access to the cutters is available, and they can be interchanged in their installed positions to reposition the cutting edges exposed to the rod. A ball bearing supports the pivotal cutter and it has an axial restriction for rendering axial support to the pivotal cutter. The method of cutting with both radial and axial cutter support is described.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 29, 2010
    Date of Patent: December 10, 2013
    Assignee: Bradshaw Medical, Inc.
    Inventor: Hua Gao
  • Patent number: 8499670
    Abstract: A blind cutting apparatus includes a support surface adapted to support a window covering, a frame disposed at the end of the support surface and a rack movable within the frame. A plurality of die assemblies are fastened to the rack, in which each die assembly includes a fixed die that has openings sized to receive the ends of the window covering and a movable die that is movable relative to the fixed die. The fixed dies and the movable dies are adapted to cut the ends of the window covering. The rack is adapted to move relative to the support surface such that a selected die assembly is adjacent the support surface and the moveable die of the selected die assembly is independently moveable of the moveable dies of the other die assemblies.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 1, 2003
    Date of Patent: August 6, 2013
    Assignee: Newell Window Furnishings, Inc.
    Inventor: Thomas A. Caputo
  • Patent number: 8127454
    Abstract: A rod cutter and method of measuring rod length and then cutting, and including two telescoping handles operable with only longitudinal force on the handles. The cutting precision is effective by a gauge that aligns with the cutting line on the rod and then positions the rod in the cutter according to that alignment. Storage for the gauge is provided on the cutter.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 28, 2008
    Date of Patent: March 6, 2012
    Assignee: Bradshaw Medical, Inc.
    Inventor: Hua Gao
  • Patent number: 7971765
    Abstract: A method for splitting tablets includes positioning a plurality of tablets onto a supporting structure. Each of the plurality of tablets are then substantially simultaneously split into at least two parts. Finally, if desired, the at least two parts of each tablet are dispensed into a compartment of a corresponding one of a plurality of first capsule portions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 2, 2007
    Date of Patent: July 5, 2011
    Assignee: Fisher Clinical Services, Inc.
    Inventor: David A. Engle
  • Patent number: 7895928
    Abstract: A shear device is disclosed. The shear device includes a material guiding mechanism, a shear head including a shear blade disposed proximate the material guiding mechanism, and a linkage for translating a first movement of one of the shear head and the material guiding mechanism into a second movement of the other of the shear head and the material guiding mechanism. A method is also disclosed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 1, 2008
    Date of Patent: March 1, 2011
    Assignee: Flat Rock Metal Inc.
    Inventors: Michael Maloney, Donald Nash
  • Patent number: 7634859
    Abstract: A press device to be modified such that profile rods can also be removed by a shearing movement. The tool is configured so that a cutting plate can be fixed to each pivoting arm and is displaceably mounted in the opposite pivoting arm. The clamping arms of the pivoting arms have a fork-shaped slit and the cutting plates are maintained in the clamping arms with fixing bolts.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 24, 2003
    Date of Patent: December 22, 2009
    Assignee: Von Arx AG
    Inventor: René Amherd
  • Patent number: 7506567
    Abstract: A universal window blind trimmer is provided with an interchangeable die assembly. Each die assembly has a window blind head rail receiving opening and window blind bottom rail receiving opening of a different size and shape such that it may be used for trimming a wide variety of window blinds. A double action cam pivotable by a handle is operative for trimming the head rail and bottom rail when the handle is pivoted in one direction and cutting a bundled of window blind slats when the handle is pivoted in another direction.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 20, 2006
    Date of Patent: March 24, 2009
    Inventor: Zlatan Simokovic
  • Patent number: 7073420
    Abstract: A hydraulic cutting device for a raw aluminum material includes an input tract for transporting the raw aluminum material to a cutting seat to be cut by the incorporation of a movable cutting block and a fixed cutting block. A measuring device is provided to measure the length of the raw aluminum material being cut. After the raw aluminum material is cut, an output cylinder is activated to transport the cut raw aluminum material to an output tract which is driven by a motor via a chain.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 29, 2003
    Date of Patent: July 11, 2006
    Assignee: Hsung Huei Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Chu-Hsiung Kuo
  • Publication number: 20040173078
    Abstract: A method and apparatus for sizing window coverings slidably extendable from a bay into an aisle of a retail outlet. The method includes the steps of locating the center of the window covering relative to a cutting station utilizing a half scale for removing a portion of the window covering from each of its ends.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 3, 2003
    Publication date: September 9, 2004
    Inventors: Sean Gilboy, Joshua Abdollahzadeh
  • Patent number: 6688200
    Abstract: A bladeless shear for bar stock and tubing comprising axially adjacent stationary and moving dies which receive the stock and produce a shearing action by relative lateral displacement. A linear actuator or an electric motor produces the mechanical movement to rotate the drive wheel in alternatingly opposite directions. A mandrel for insertion into the tube is disclosed as well as an hydraulic tube clamp and an adjustable in-feed table.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 7, 2000
    Date of Patent: February 10, 2004
    Inventor: John J. Borzym
  • Patent number: 6655249
    Abstract: In order to avoid the recoil of the striker in a hammer device (tool machine) with a striker (18) that can be accelerated to strike velocity, and a tool carrier (14) receiving the impact of said striker, the invention proposes to arrange the striker (18) between the tool carrier (14) and a corresponding mass carrier (16) which moves together with the striker (18) until the striker (18) strikes the tool carrier (14), imparting its own momentum via the striker to the tool carrier, with a supplementary mass (56) on the mass carrier (16) providing the necessary striking energy.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 31, 2000
    Date of Patent: December 2, 2003
    Assignee: WAFIOS Aktiengesellschaft
    Inventor: Werner Gödtner
  • Publication number: 20030200849
    Abstract: A reinforcing steel bar cutter includes a base, a pair of bearing plates erected on the base, a handle shaft pivotally attached to one of the pair of bearing plates, a stationary blade and a movable blade provided with depressed parts and interposed between the pair of bearing plates, and a posture-retaining wall formed on at least one of the pair of bearing plates for preventing the reinforcing steel bar inserted into the depressed parts from warping while the reinforcing steel bar is being cut. The stationary and movable blades have opposed cutting blade parts to each of which a relief angle is imparted. The movable blade is connected to the handle shaft and rotated relative to the stationary blade by rocking motion of the handle shaft to cut the reinforcing bar.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 11, 2002
    Publication date: October 30, 2003
    Inventor: Minoru Kochi
  • Publication number: 20030070515
    Abstract: A cutting machine for a Venetian blind comprising a head rail, a bottom rail, and a plurality of blind slats. The cutting machine comprises a body defining a head rail opening, a bottom rail opening, and at least one blind slat opening, a plate for cutting the head rail, a blade assembly for cutting the bottom rail the blind slats, and a drive mechanism. The drive mechanism is operatively connected to the plate and the blade assembly causing the plate to cut the head rail while, at the same time, causing the blade assembly to cut the bottom rail and the blind slats.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 12, 2001
    Publication date: April 17, 2003
    Inventors: Chin-Tien Huang, Fu-Lai Yu
  • Publication number: 20030051591
    Abstract: The target apparatus for positioning a drilling tool with respect to a drilling channel to be created in a bone consists of a target hook and a guide arm which is releasably connected to this and on which there is arranged a receiver for the drilling tool, and a guide path in the form of a laterally through-going open groove for the guide arm. The guide arm may be displaced and fixed in the guide path. A simple assembly and disassembly of the apparatus is achieved in that the guide arm on the side of the apparatus is applied into the guide path through the groove opening and reversely, by lifting away out of the groove, may be separated from the target hook.
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 20, 2002
    Publication date: March 20, 2003
    Applicant: Richard Wolf GmbH
    Inventors: Jurgen Gobel, Eberhard Korner, Helmut Heckele
  • Publication number: 20030015074
    Abstract: A method and apparatus for sizing window coverings slidably extendable from a bay into an isle of a retail outlet. The method includes the steps of locating the center of the window covering relative to a cutting station utilizing a half scale for removing a portion of the window covering from each of its ends.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 23, 2001
    Publication date: January 23, 2003
    Applicant: Newell Window Furnishings, Inc.
    Inventors: David C. Roberts, Thomas A. Caputo, Richard D. Coulcher, David A. Schwartz
  • Patent number: 6352012
    Abstract: A bladeless shear for bar stock and tubing comprising axially adjacent stationary and moving dies which receive the stock and produce a shearing action by relative lateral displacement. A linear actuator or an electric motor produces the mechanical movement to rotate the drive wheel in alternatingly opposite directions. A mandrel for insertion into the tube is disclosed as well as an hydraulic tube clamp and an adjustable in-feed table.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 30, 1997
    Date of Patent: March 5, 2002
    Inventors: John J. Borzym, Alexander Borzym
  • Patent number: 5156073
    Abstract: A method and apparatus achieve the intermittent feeding of raw material into a shearing station by exerting a drive torque on draw-in rollers in order to effect their rotation in one arcuate direction and hence the movement of the raw material toward the shearing station. A counteracting torque, which is less than the drive torque, is continuously exerted on the draw-in rollers. Thus, during intervals following a shearing operation when the drive torque is terminated, the counteracting torque functions to reverse the rotation of the draw-in rollers and hence retract the sheared end of the raw material away from the shearing station.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 26, 1990
    Date of Patent: October 20, 1992
    Assignee: Hatebur Umformmaschinen AG
    Inventors: Hermann Zanzerl, Heinz Dettwiler
  • Patent number: 4635514
    Abstract: A shearing apparatus for bar stock comprising a fixed die and a movable die wherein the movable die comprises a shearing ring carried by an arm at a location intermediate the ends of the arm, an eccentric fixed on a driven shaft is journalled in one end of the arm, and the other end of the arm includes a slot which receives a rotationally mounted slide block so that the slot and slide block coact to accommodate combined rotary and translatory movement of that end of the arm. The described arrangement produces an elliptical loop movement of the movable die relative to the fixed die to cleanly shear the stock. Also disclosed is a novel mandrel assembly including a pair of plug members adapted to be positioned within tubular stock to be cut wherein one of the plug members is mounted for selective radial excursion during the shearing operation to accommodate the eccentric movement of the movable die.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 3, 1985
    Date of Patent: January 13, 1987
    Inventor: Alexander Borzym
  • Patent number: 4548111
    Abstract: During the assembly of electronic components on circuit boards, the problems of ductile smear cusps produced on wire ends by traditional scissor-type shearing are addressed by a spiral orbital shear apparatus. This apparatus includes a first fixed plate having an array of apertures and a second plate also having the array of apertures. The first and second plates have abutting surfaces. A first eccentric drive member is connected to rotate at a first rate in a first direction. A second eccentric drive member is connected to the second plate and rotates with the first eccentric drive member. The second drive member is also rotated at a second rate in the first direction independently of the rotation of the first drive member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 2, 1984
    Date of Patent: October 22, 1985
    Assignee: Sperry Corporation
    Inventor: Robert R. Tarbuck
  • Patent number: 4475423
    Abstract: In shears for rod-form material, especially in connection to roll trains, the problem exists of a space-saving construction, especially in the sidewise direction, in view of the multiple arrangements, as well as increased safety (reliability) of operation for the high-pressure hydraulic system of the cutting drive.The shear provided with two knife holders (MT1, MT2) and a fluid drive element (ZK) as well as a respective pressure feeding device (DS), is so designed, for this purpose, that the pressure work chambers (DA1, DA2) of the drive element, such as a double-acting cylinder-piston arrangement, and the elements carrying pressure fluid (high-pressure pumps, etc.) of the pressure feeding device (DS) are designed to be movable in common with a knife holder (MT1) which is movable in relation to the machine frame or a conduction (SF) of material to be cut, and preferably fixed in space with this latter (MT1).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 12, 1982
    Date of Patent: October 9, 1984
    Assignee: Mecapec S.A.
    Inventors: Ernst Fuchs, Karl Rimmele, Hans Bieri
  • Patent number: 4385538
    Abstract: A shear for cutting bar stock includes upper and lower cutting blade supports each having a cutting blade, and a hold-down member, all pivotally connected about a working bearing. This assembly is pivotally mounted about a second bearing or pivot axis on one end of a frame of the shear, and is height-adjustable by a lockable hydraulic actuator attached to the upper cutting blade support at the opposite end of the shear, to provide vertical adjustability of the cutting point with minimal horizontal or angular displacement thereof. Preferably, the two pivot axes and the cutting point are coplanar. The upper cutting blade support is pivoted relative to the lower one by a hydraulic actuator engaging the upper support at one upper part thereof which is not so coplanar, to provide both a relatively long lever arm and a relatively long cutting arm for minimizing arcuation of the cutting movement. One cutting blade is adjustable within its support for optimum positioning taking into account the shape of the stock.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 24, 1981
    Date of Patent: May 31, 1983
    Assignee: Mecapec S.A.
    Inventors: Hans Bieri, Karl Rimmele
  • Patent number: 4343208
    Abstract: A method of shearing a workpiece, for example a metal billet or bar, and apparatus for carrying out that method. Before being subjected to linear shear, the billet is first subjected to substantial torque about an axis perpendicular to the plane of shear. The billet is held by two pivoting arms, the predominant torque of the first stage of the method is achieved by allowing the pivot points of the arms to slide as the arms turn, and the predominant shear of the second stage is then achieved by arresting that sliding movement by stops. The parts of the arms which grip the workpiece may bear against a fixed surface during the whole operation, so holding the axis of the workpiece to a constant location.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 8, 1980
    Date of Patent: August 10, 1982
    Assignee: National Research Development Corporation
    Inventors: Basily B. Basily, Mihir K. Das, Clifford G. Price, Stephen A. Tobias
  • Patent number: 4020727
    Abstract: An automatic capacitor winding machine has a retractable bifurcated arbor and vertically movable clamps to grasp the ends of the capacitor dielectric layers and carry those ends to a point below the retracted arbor. The bifurcated arbor is registered in its retracted state with its slot parallel to the dielectric layers. The arbor is then extended and grasps the dielectric layers between its tangs. The pressure grasping the dielectric layers is partially removed to allow the arbor to rotate and pull the dielectric layers from between the clamps. A stripper washer is provided to freely rotate on the arbor with limited movement parallel to the axis of the arbor and with a relatively small clearance between the washer's inside surface and the arbor's outside surface. Photoelectric means are provided to accurately detect the location of the first tab (terminal) to time the insertion of the other tabs. A reciprocating blade severs the dielectric layers after the capacitor is wound.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 25, 1975
    Date of Patent: May 3, 1977
    Assignee: Universal Manufacturing Corporation
    Inventor: Fredric S. Miller