With Simultaneous Movement Of Head And Record Carrier, E.g. Rotation Of Head (g9b/5.204 Takes Precedence) {g11b 5/52} Patents (Class G9B/5.173)
  • Publication number: 20130222945
    Abstract: There are provided a rotating member assembly and a spindle motor including the same. The rotating member assembly includes: a rotating member including a shaft and a hub fixed to an upper portion of the shaft, wherein perpendicularity of the hub with regard to the shaft at a position spaced apart from the center of rotation of the shaft in an outer diameter direction by an axial length or more for which the shaft is fitted into the sleeve is less than double a distance of a gap of a bearing clearance formed by fitting the shaft into the sleeve.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 18, 2012
    Publication date: August 29, 2013
    Inventor: Ho Kyung JANG
  • Publication number: 20120206834
    Abstract: A production method of a magnetic recording medium of the present invention includes: a step of forming a magnetic layer (2) on a non-magnetic substrate (1); a step of forming a dissoluble layer (3) on the magnetic layer (2); a step of forming a mask layer (4) on the dissoluble layer (3); a step of patterning the dissoluble layer (3) and the mask layer (4) to a shape corresponding to a magnetic recording pattern (2a); a step of performing a partial modification or removal of the magnetic layer (2) by use of the patterned mask layer (4); and a step of dissolving the dissoluble layer (3) with a chemical agent so as to remove the dissoluble layer (3) together with the mask layer (4) formed thereon from the top of the magnetic layer (2), wherein the magnetic recording medium has the magnetically-separated magnetic recording pattern (2a).
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 20, 2010
    Publication date: August 16, 2012
    Applicant: SHOWA DENKO K.K.
    Inventors: Manabu Ueda, Yuji Murakami, Akira Sakawaki, Zhipeng Wang
  • Publication number: 20120200956
    Abstract: A method for producing a magnetic recording medium which includes: forming a magnetic layer on a non-magnetic substrate; forming a dissolution layer on the magnetic layer; forming a mask layer on the dissolution layer; patterning the dissolution layer and the mask layer so as to have a pattern corresponding to a magnetic recording pattern; partially modifying or removing a part of the magnetic layer and the mask layer not covered with the dissolution layer; and dissolving the dissolution layer and removing the dissolution layer together with the mask layer which is on the dissolution layer from the surface of the magnetic layer. The dissolution layer is formed by coating a solution containing an organic silicon compound dissolved in an organic solvent on the magnetic layer, and solidifying the coated chemical solution in the step in which the dissolution layer is formed on the magnetic layer.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 31, 2012
    Publication date: August 9, 2012
    Applicant: SHOWA DENKO K.K.
    Inventors: Shinichi ISHIBASHI, Tsubasa OKADA, Akira YAMANE, Tomoo SHIGE, Manabu UEDA, Zhipeng WANG, Yuji MURAKAMI
  • Publication number: 20120162827
    Abstract: A voice-coil motor (VCM) with voice coils configured to reduce vibrations of a head when data is accessed on a disk in a disk drive. The VCM includes at least one VCM magnet and a voice-coil assembly. The voice-coil assembly includes a first voice coil and at least a second voice coil. The first voice coil is disposed in proximity to a magnetic pole of the at least one voice-coil-motor magnet. The second voice coil is disposed in close proximity to the first voice coil such that the first voice coil substantially overlays the second voice coil. The first voice coil and the second voice coil are configured to reduce vibrations of the head when data is accessed on a disk in the disk drive. A rotary actuator including the voice coils and a disk drive including the VCM are also provided.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 23, 2010
    Publication date: June 28, 2012
    Inventors: Kenji Suzuki, Hiromitsu Masuda, Eiji Soga, Mutsuro Ohta, Takaaki Deguchi
  • Publication number: 20120087038
    Abstract: A hard disk drive and a disk base are disclosed with the disk base including a first face configured to form a disk cavity for the spindle motor, disk(s) and a voice coil motor and a second face configured to couple with a controller Printed Circuit Board (PCB) including at least one integrated circuit. Both faces are include a hub for mounting the spindle motor and surrounded by an outer wall. The first face and/or the second face include at least one partial rib extending from the hub or the outer wall partway to the other. The partial ribs are configured to position the integrated circuit and stiffen the disk base and hard disk drive from mechanical shocks, such as dropping the unit including the hard disk drive. A handheld device is disclosed including at least one of the disclosed hard disk drives with improved reliability to mechanical shocks.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 12, 2010
    Publication date: April 12, 2012
    Inventor: Haesung Kwon
  • Publication number: 20110310508
    Abstract: A method for moving magnetic heads in a magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus, which comprises the steps of writing high-frequency signals in the magnetic recording/reproducing tracks; and then, either (i) conducting DC erasing or AC erasing to inspect extra pulse signals reproduced from the erased tracks, or (ii) inspecting concurrently occurring signals of missing pulse and spike pulse, which are reproduced from the written signals, whereby minute protrusions on a surface of the tracks were detected. Reading and writing of information are conducted while the magnetic heads are moved in a manner controlled so that reading and writing of information in specific tracks having defects is avoided. This method enhances reliability and life of the magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus.
    Type: Application
    Filed: June 8, 2011
    Publication date: December 22, 2011
    Applicant: SHOWA DENKO K.K.
    Inventors: Jun Fujii, Shintaro Tamura
  • Publication number: 20110069416
    Abstract: A spindle motor according to an aspect of the invention may include: a base on which a sleeve is mounted; a rotor bound together with a shaft rotatably mounted on the sleeve and rotating by electromagnetic interaction with the stator; a pulling plate mounted on the base to generate a magnetic force in a rotary axis direction of the rotor; and an escape portion provided on the base at a position corresponding to the pulling plate and providing a space into which an adhesive may escape when bonding the pulling plate.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 29, 2009
    Publication date: March 24, 2011
    Inventor: Sang Sun Kang
  • Publication number: 20100321820
    Abstract: The preferred embodiments of the present invention are devices and processes for producing high resolution lithography or pattern formation on the nanometer scale, using a voltage-biased probe that is slider-mounted along with, or separate from but linked to, a magnetic read head within a HDD mechanism. The probe is guided and positioned over a target layer by the motion of the read head which is, itself, guided by signals from servo tracks on a magnetic layer that activate an electromechanical servomechanism within the HDD. An electric field produced by the probe is capable of modifying the surface of the target layer over which the probe flies either directly, or by current induced or thermally induced effects. Targets such as amorphous or crystalline silicon can be hydrogen passivated and the electric field will produce oxidized or anodized lines with nanometer resolution.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 2, 2008
    Publication date: December 23, 2010
    Inventors: Yuchen Zhou, Erhard Schreck, David Hu
  • Publication number: 20100188781
    Abstract: According to one embodiment, a storage device includes at least one disk rotated by a spindle motor on a base formed of a magnetic material, a head actuator configured to access the disk, and a VCM configured to drive the actuator. A magnetic circuit of the VCM includes a top yoke with a flat plate-shape, a top magnet attached to a surface of the top yoke on the base side, and support portions formed on the base, and configured to support the top yoke, the top yoke being magnetically coupled to the support portions.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 2, 2010
    Publication date: July 29, 2010
    Inventors: Takahiro ONO, Hideki NISHIMOTO
  • Publication number: 20090185313
    Abstract: A hard disk drive includes a magnetic retractor situated at and integrated with the pivot holder of a head stack assembly. An actuator arm of the head stack assembly supports a read/write head, a bobbin supports a voice coil of a voice coil motor, and the actuator arm and bobbin extend in generally opposite directions from pivot holder. The pivot holder receives a pivot such that the actuator arm can be rotated about an axis of the pivot. The voice coil motor also includes a pair of magnets (permanent magnet). The retractor interacts with the magnets of the voice coil motor to generate a retract force which urges the actuator arm to a position at which the read/write head is parked. By providing the retractor on the pivot holder, the retract force will always be close to that specified according to the design of the drive.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 22, 2009
    Publication date: July 23, 2009
    Inventors: Byoung Gyou Choi, Jeong Il Chun
  • Publication number: 20090002878
    Abstract: The present invention is characterized by the fact that a non-magnetic substrate 11, target members 12, and magnetic plates 21 are placed in parallel in a film-forming apparatus 10, a high frequency voltage is applied to the target members, the opposite polarities alternately occur at equal intervals on the surfaces of the magnetic plates, and plasma is produced near the target members to deposit a thin film on the non-magnetic substrate by sputtering. The present invention can greatly increase the track density and, accordingly, the surface recording density while maintaining the recording/reproduction properties equal to or better than that of the prior art.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 25, 2005
    Publication date: January 1, 2009
    Applicant: Showa Denko K.K.
    Inventor: Masahiro Oka
  • Publication number: 20080304176
    Abstract: A magnetic recording head includes a recording magnetic pole, and a spin oscillation device including a first magnetic layer having at least one magnetic material layer, a second magnetic layer having at least one magnetic material layer, and a first nonmagnetic layer provided between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer. The first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer are antiferromagnetically coupled and/or magnetostatically coupled to each other. The first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer are laminated in a direction generally parallel to a medium facing surface and generally parallel to a side surface of the recording magnetic pole intersecting with the medium facing surface.
    Type: Application
    Filed: June 4, 2008
    Publication date: December 11, 2008
    Inventors: Masayuki Takagishi, Kenichiro Yamada, Hitoshi Iwasaki, Junichi Akiyama, Tomomi Funayama, Masahiro Takashita, Mariko Shimizu