Patents Examined by Henry Tsai
  • Patent number: 11416821
    Abstract: Aspects relate to apparatuses and methods for determining and processing dormant data records on an immutable sequential listing. An exemplary apparatus includes a processor configured to monitor a plurality of timestamps associated with a plurality of data records stored on the immutable sequential listing, wherein the data record includes a job resume, detect inactivity in a first data record of the plurality of data records over a predetermined time period as a function of a first timestamp of the first data record, wherein the predetermined time period may be set by the user, tag, as a function of the inactivity, the first data record as an inactive first data record, and process, as a function inactivity, the first data record, wherein processing may include adding additional data or archiving inactive data records from the immutable sequential listing.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 24, 2022
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Assignee: MY JOB MATCHER, INC.
    Inventors: Arran Stewart, Steve O'Brien
  • Patent number: 11418359
    Abstract: In a packaging machine, a work station has an interior, which is surrounded by a wall and which has arranged therein a tool with at least one heating element or actor. The invention is characterized by a bus node assembly that is attached to the outside of the wall facing away from the interior and which comprises a housing cap, a circuit board and an interface connected to the circuit board and used for connection to a communication bus.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 4, 2017
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Inventors: Elmar Ehrmann, Christian Lau, Thomas Pfalzer, Florian Felch, Claus Botzenhardt, Andreas Kurz, Michael R├Ądler, Thorsten Remmele
  • Patent number: 11416432
    Abstract: A high speed intelligent network recorder for recording a plurality of flows of network data packets into and out of a computer network over a relevant data time window is disclosed. The high speed intelligent network recorder includes a printed circuit board; a high speed network switching device mounted to the printed circuit board; and an X column by Y row array of a plurality of intelligent hard drives with micro-computers mounted to the printed circuit board and coupled in parallel with the high speed network switching device.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 28, 2017
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Assignee: Endace Technology Limited
    Inventors: Anthony Coddington, Stephen Frank Donnelly, David William Earl, Maxwell John Allen, Stuart Wilson
  • Patent number: 11416430
    Abstract: A port multiplier for extending ports of a radio communication test instrument comprises an input for receiving at least one input signal, a power supply unit, a control logic, and at least one output for outputting a processed signal. The port multiplier is configured to split the at least one input signal into its different components such that a radio signal component of the input signal is forwarded to the at least one output. A power signal component of the input signal is forwarded to the power supply unit. Further, a control signal component of the input signal is forwarded to the control logic. Moreover, a radio communication test system for testing a device under test is described.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 3, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Assignee: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
    Inventors: Gottfried Holzmann, Martin Oetjen, Matthias Jelen, Albert Moser
  • Patent number: 11416423
    Abstract: A peripheral device is tracked between connections to host devices. A peripheral driver is dynamically configured and associated with a peripheral of a host device. A current association between the peripheral device and a current host device is maintained for purposes of providing the peripheral driver of the peripheral device on the current host device to remotely executing applications. The association is dynamically changed/updated based on a connection between the peripheral device and a given host device.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 16, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Assignee: NCR Corporation
    Inventors: Olufisayo Adebanke Ekpenyong, Rhonda Lee Henderson, Nazmu M. Nazarali, Darryl Scott O'Neill
  • Patent number: 11416429
    Abstract: A configurable PCI card for connecting to a PCI interface is disclosed. The configurable PCI card comprises a bus interface disposed on a base card for communicatively connecting to a bus of a computing device. The configurable PCI card further comprises a bracket for physically securing the base card to the computing device. The configurable PCI card also comprises a wire layout disposed on the base card for replicating a plurality of different power and heat generation profiles that correspond to a plurality of different chipsets.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 5, 2016
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Assignee: ZT Group Int'l, Inc.
    Inventors: Ting Yu Lin, Jinfeng Meng
  • Patent number: 11416424
    Abstract: An expander I/O module discovery/management system includes a secondary system chassis housing an expander I/O module coupled to a server device. The server device identifies the secondary system chassis and an expander I/O module port utilized by that server device, and then generates and transmits an expander I/O module reporting communication identifying the secondary system chassis and the expander I/O module port. A primary system chassis houses a switching I/O module coupled to the expander I/O module. The switching I/O module receives the expander I/O module reporting communication and determines that the secondary system chassis identified in the expander I/O module reporting communication is different than the primary system chassis. In response, the switching I/O module assigns a virtual slot to the expander I/O module, and assigns a virtual port associated with the virtual slot to the expander I/O module port identified in the expander I/O module reporting communication.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 30, 2019
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Assignee: Dell Products L.P.
    Inventors: Eric Kuzmack, Pawan Kumar Singal, Balaji Rajagopalan, Ning Zhuang, Joseph LaSalle White, Sudhir Vittal Shetty, Babu Krishna Chandrasekhar, Zoheb Khan
  • Patent number: 11416435
    Abstract: Described are platforms, systems, and methods for processing a chain of operations through an input output (IO) subsystem without central processing unit (CPU) involvement. In one aspect, a computer-implemented method comprises: providing, via the CPU, the chain of operations to the IO subsystem, wherein the IO subsystem is coupled to the one or more processors over Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe); processing, with the IO subsystem, the chain of operations by: retrieving, from a memory, data associated with the chain of operations; executing each of the operations in the chain to determine an output based on the data and output determined for any prior executed operation in the chain; and providing the output of each the executed operations for execution of the respective next operation in the chain; and providing, via the IO subsystem, an output for the chain of operations to the CPU.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 3, 2019
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Inventors: Pirabhu Raman, Tuyen Van Quoc, Paul Mathison, Mohankumar R. Tiruvayapadi
  • Patent number: 11416425
    Abstract: A memory includes: a first data bus; a second data bus; and a plurality of bank groups. The bank groups output read data by alternately using the first data bus and the second data bus during read operations of the bank groups. One of the plurality of bank groups transfer read data to the first data bus during a read operation based on an odd-numbered read command. Further, one of the plurality of bank groups transfer transfer one of the plurality of bank groups read data to the second data bus during a read operation based on an even-numbered read command.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 6, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Assignee: SK hynix Inc.
    Inventor: Dong-Uk Lee
  • Patent number: 11416428
    Abstract: A computer system includes a BMC and a host of the BMC. The BMC receives a first message from a first remote device on a management network. The BMC determines whether the first message is directed to a storage service or fabric service executed on a main processor of a storage controller of the host. The host is a storage device. The storage controller includes an RDMA controller in communication with the main processor through an internal communication channel of the storage controller. The RDMA controller is managed by the storage service. The BMC extracts a service management command from the first message, when the first message is directed to the storage service or fabric service. The BMC sends, through a BMC communication channel established for communicating baseboard management commands between the BMC and the host, a second message containing the service management command to the host.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 4, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2022
    Inventors: Anurag Bhatia, Jason Messer, Sanjoy Maity
  • Patent number: 11409682
    Abstract: A memory module comprises a data interface including a plurality of data lines and a plurality of configurable switches coupled between the data interface and a data path to one or more memories. The effective width of the memory module can be configured by enabling or disabling different subsets of the configurable switches. The configurable switches may be controlled by manual switches, by a buffer on the memory module, by an external memory controller, or by the memories on the memory module.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 17, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2022
    Assignee: Rambus Inc.
    Inventors: Amir Amirkhany, Suresh Rajan, Ravindranath Kollipara, Ian Shaeffer, David A. Secker
  • Patent number: 11409685
    Abstract: In one example, a method comprises: receiving, by a hardware data processor and from a network adapter, a transfer complete message indicating that the network adapter has initiated a transfer of data received from a network to the hardware data processor, the transfer being performed over an interconnect coupled between the hardware data processor and the network adapter; based on receiving the transfer complete message, performing, by the hardware data processor, a flush operation to fetch any remaining portion of the data buffered in the interconnect to a local memory of the hardware data processor; based on determining that flush operation is complete, storing, by the data hardware processor, the transfer complete message at the local memory; and based on determining that the transfer complete message is stored at the local memory, starting the computation operation of the data at the hardware data processor or preforming an error handling operation.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 24, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2022
    Assignee: Amazon Technologies, Inc.
    Inventors: Patricio Kaplan, Ron Diamant
  • Patent number: 11409684
    Abstract: A processing element/unit can include a plurality of networks, a plurality of cores, crossbar interconnects, a plurality of memory controllers and local memory on an integrated circuit (IC) chip. The plurality of cores can be coupled together by the plurality of networks on chip. The crossbar interconnects can couple the networks of cores to the plurality of memory controllers. The plurality of memory controllers can be configured to access data stored in off-chip memory. The local memory can be configured to cache portions of the accessed data. The local memory can be directly accessible by the network of processing cores, or can be distributed across the plurality of memory controllers. The memory controllers can be narrow channel (NC) memory controllers having widths of 4, 8, 12, 16 or a multiple of 4 bits.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 31, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2022
    Assignee: Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    Inventors: Jilan Lin, Dimin Niu, Shuangchen Li, Hongzhong Zheng, Yuan Xie
  • Patent number: 11409688
    Abstract: A system and method checks packetized data retrieved from a bus that is ordinarily considered reliable that was already error checked and/or corrected before being placed on the bus by applying a hash or checksum or other function to each packet to produce a packet checksum and then applying another function to the ordered packet checksums and comparing the result to one sent by the device that checked and/or corrected, and sent, the data packets.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 1, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2022
    Assignee: Yellowbrick Data, Inc.
    Inventor: Jim Peterson
  • Patent number: 11411766
    Abstract: An example operation includes one or more of generating a data frame for transmission via a controller area network (CAN) bus of a transport, the data frame comprising data stored in a plurality of fields, encoding at least one authentication bit into a value within a data field of the generated data frame, wherein the at least one authentication bit comprises a digital signature based on a predefined key for the at least one authentication bit, and transmitting the generated data frame with the at least one authentication bit that comprises the digital signature via the CAN bus.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 8, 2021
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2022
    Inventors: Satyajit P. Patne, Edward Allen Cain, Jr., Adam Loyd Parker, Jonathan Burnham, Stephen Paul McFarland, Jr.
  • Patent number: 11410064
    Abstract: A determination is made of an explanatory variable with respect to an objective variable. A subset of data from data to be analyzed is created, in response to setting the objective variable to be analyzed to perform analysis. Association analysis is applied to analysis results, in response to a number of analysis runs exceeding a predetermined number. An association rule is derived for the explanatory variable from a result of the association analysis. An explanatory variable having a relevance value greater than a threshold value with the objective variable in the data to be analyzed is selected. The selected explanatory variable is scored as an input using the association rule to determine whether the explanatory variable is to be added or removed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 14, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2022
    Inventors: Hiromi Kobayashi, Masaharu Sakamoto, Yasue Makino, Hirokazu Kobayashi
  • Patent number: 11405234
    Abstract: In general, techniques are described for extensible mappings for vehicle system busses. A device configured to interact with a vehicle may perform the techniques. The device may comprise a memory that stores an extensible mapping between a local control message and a standard control message. The device may also include a processor configured to execute an operating system to control a system of the vehicle. The operating system may generate the standard control message, where the standard control message includes a first representation of a command set. The processor may translate, based on the extensible mapping, the standard control message to obtain the local control message, the local control message including a second representation of the command set. The processor may transmit, via a control bus coupled to the processor and the system, the local control message to initiate an operational state change of the system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 17, 2019
    Date of Patent: August 2, 2022
    Assignee: Google LLC
    Inventors: Tomasz Pawel Wasilczyk, Yevgeniy Ruvinovich Karshenboym, Steve Paik, Scott Randolph
  • Patent number: 11402939
    Abstract: An electronic device includes a device housing and at least two grip sensors disposed along the device housing. One or more processors are operable with the at least two grip sensors. At least one electronic latch is operable with the one or more processors. The one or more processors transition the at least one electronic latch from a latched state to an unlatched state when the at least two grip sensors detect a grip applied to the at least two grip sensors.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 29, 2019
    Date of Patent: August 2, 2022
    Inventors: Hong Zhao, Nathaniel Mitchell, Nigil Valikodath
  • Patent number: 11403246
    Abstract: An upstream facing port device (UFP device) and a downstream facing port device (DFP device) allow a host device and a USB device to conduct SuperSpeed communication via a non-USB compliant extension medium. In some embodiments, the UFP device helps overcome increased latency by generating synthetic packets to be transmitted to the DFP device in order to pre-fetch more data packets from the USB device than requested by the host device. In some embodiments, the DFP device adjusts service interval timing or caches data packets from the host device in order to compensate for the increased latency. In some embodiments, the DFP device transmits a synthetic acknowledgement packet to the UFP device to indicate a larger amount of free buffer space than is present on the USB device to help overcome the increased latency.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 22, 2021
    Date of Patent: August 2, 2022
    Assignee: Icron Technologies Corporation
    Inventors: Sukhdeep Singh Hundal, Mohsen Nahvi, Remco van Steeden
  • Patent number: 11406036
    Abstract: A flexible input/output (I/O) expansion card connection and communication technique are provided. The flexible I/O expansion card is, in some examples, a mezzanine expansion card that may be a single width mezzanine expansion card, a double width expansion card, or a quad width expansion card. Multiple connectors on a mainboard provide a slot to receive plug in (insertion) of an expansion card. A slot is associated with a communication bus (e.g., Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)) established between the expansion card and an associated processor. The expansion card (or more than one expansion card) may be inserted in multiple orientations with respect to the multiple connectors. Automatic adjustment of communication on the communication bus may be implemented via one or more hardware level and/or software assisted translations to allow the mezzanine expansion card to function in a normal or a reverse (180 degrees relative to normal) orientation.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 13, 2019
    Date of Patent: August 2, 2022
    Assignee: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
    Inventors: Brian T. Purcell, Steven Dean, Harvey J. Lunsman, Jonathan Daniel Befort