Patents Examined by James Cranson, Jr.
  • Patent number: 9067531
    Abstract: An ambient lighting jig assembly generally includes a support assembly, a trim panel, an insert panel, and a light source. The support assembly defines an inner support cavity. The trim panel is configured to be coupled to the support assembly and at least partly defines a jig opening. The insert panel is configured to be rotatably coupled to the support assembly within the jig opening and has a reflective surface. The light source is configured to emit a light stream. Further, the light source is configured to be rotatably coupled to the support assembly within the inner support cavity at a plurality of angular positions so that the light stream is projected onto the reflective surface for use in determining an optimal angle for the insert panel and the light source.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 26, 2013
    Date of Patent: June 30, 2015
    Assignee: GM Global Technology Operations LLC
    Inventors: Luis Miguel Del Pozo Gonzalez, Aurelien Doisy, David B. Wong
  • Patent number: 8992033
    Abstract: The invention relates to a display element for the display unit of a vehicle. The display element can be backlit by means of at least one light source. The display element contains a film with identifying elements, and further contains a polarizing film. The films are arranged one above the other and are pressed against each other in the edge regions of the films via elastic elements.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 9, 2010
    Date of Patent: March 31, 2015
    Inventor: Manfred Suess
  • Patent number: 8952396
    Abstract: A light emitting diode (LED) module having a structure capable of effectively dissipating heat generated from an LED chip thereof, and a backlight unit including the same are disclosed. The LED module includes a base made of a metal material, an insulating layer provided on the base, a circuit layer provided on the insulating layer, an LED package provided on the circuit layer, and a bonding layer extending through the insulating layer and the circuit layer, to connect the LED package to the base.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 18, 2012
    Date of Patent: February 10, 2015
    Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Jee Hoon Sung, Jin Hyun Cho, Jung Kyun Kim
  • Patent number: 8950917
    Abstract: In a vehicular lamp in which a light source unit that includes an LED as a light source and an optical element is attached to a heat sink, and an LED module in which the LED is mounted to a power supply substrate is pressed against and fixed to a substrate mounting surface of the heat sink via an attachment, a plurality of positioning protrusions that abut an outside edge of the power supply substrate are provided around the substrate mounting surface, and a groove that extends along an outer peripheral surface of each protrusion is provided on at least a side of a base of the protrusion, the side of the base facing the substrate mounting surface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 22, 2012
    Date of Patent: February 10, 2015
    Assignee: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Yuji Yasuda
  • Patent number: 8911135
    Abstract: A light guide plate includes a light incident surface, a bottom plate, a light emitting surface opposite to the bottom plate, and a side surface opposite to the light incident surface. The light incident surface is perpendicular to the light emitting surface. The bottom surface is imaginarily divided into rectangular sub-portions which are equal in area and shape. A portion of the sub-portions close to the side surface constitutes a main portion. Each sub-portion uniformly distributes micro protrusions. Along a direction from the light incident surface to the side surface, the micro protrusion densities of the sub-portions of the main portion gradually ascend, and the difference values of the micro protrusion densities of any two adjacent sub-portions of the main portion gradually ascend.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 24, 2012
    Date of Patent: December 16, 2014
    Assignee: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Li-Ying Wang He
  • Patent number: 8905617
    Abstract: A display apparatus includes a display panel, a backlight unit, a mold frame, a bottom bracket, a top mold, and first and second coupling members. The display panel includes a display surface on which an image is displayed. The backlight unit generates and provides a light to the display panel. The mold frame supports the display panel and the backlight unit. The bottom bracket accommodates the display panel, the backlight unit and the mold frame. The top mold faces the bottom bracket and overlaps a portion of the display panel, and the display panel is between the top mold and the bottom bracket. The first coupling member couples the mold frame with the top mold, and the second coupling member couples the top mold with the bottom bracket.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 15, 2012
    Date of Patent: December 9, 2014
    Assignee: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Wee Joon Jeong, Byung Jin Kim
  • Patent number: 8894248
    Abstract: A stage lighting fixture includes a casing; a light source, which is housed inside the casing and is adapted-to emit a light beam along an optical axis; a reflector coupled to the light source; light beam processing means housed inside the casing and adapted to selectively intercept the light beam; at least one heat-shield assembly located inside the casing, between the light source and the light beam processing means, to substantially divide the casing into a first area comprising the light source and the reflector, and a second area comprising the light beam processing means; the heat-shield assembly comprising a heat-shield filter, and a detector for detecting a parameter indicative of the temperature of the heat-shield filter; a cooling assembly for cooling the inside of the casing; a control device configured for regulating the cooling assembly on the basis of the parameter detected by the detector.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 14, 2013
    Date of Patent: November 25, 2014
    Assignee: Clay Paky S.p.A.
    Inventors: Pasquale Quadri, Angelo Cavenati
  • Patent number: 8894264
    Abstract: A spread illuminating apparatus includes: a light guide plate with an emitting surface, a plurality of optical sheets laminated on the emitting surface, a light-blocking member that defines an effective area of the emitting surface, a light source, and a frame for accommodating the above constituents. The plurality of optical sheets are formed such that a position of an edge of each optical sheet on the incident light surface side of the light guide plate is spaced farther apart from the incident light surface of the light guide plate as moving toward a top layer of the optical sheets counted from the emitting surface, and the light-blocking member is fixed to each optical sheet and extends from the incident light surface side of the light guide plate so as to cover a vicinity of the edges of the plurality of optical sheets.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 19, 2013
    Date of Patent: November 25, 2014
    Assignee: Minebea Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Shohei Takada, Tomotaka Horikawa
  • Patent number: 8888312
    Abstract: A power generating lamp capable of effectively use electrical energy of lighting to generate high electromotive force comprising a linear or annular lamp tube that is supplied with power and emits light and one or a plurality of solar panels that have an arc shape in a cross-sectional view or a linear shape a cross-sectional view.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 15, 2011
    Date of Patent: November 18, 2014
    Assignee: Nihon Energy Institute Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Yoshiko Ono
  • Patent number: 8888316
    Abstract: A light source replacement for a fluorescent troffer light fixture utilizing light emitting diode and lens combination with the existing diffuser to produce lower contrast and evenly distributed illumination.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 17, 2012
    Date of Patent: November 18, 2014
    Assignee: Innovative Lighting, Inc.
    Inventor: Jerry Handsaker
  • Patent number: 8888320
    Abstract: An LED module for a luminaire has a downwardly directed heat sink comprising cooling fins that extend rearward from the module's front end and downward from its top wall, which has a top face that abuts the underside of a luminaire carrier plate. A circuit board carrying at least one LED is mounted on the front face, and a prism is mounted to the heat sink over the LED(s). The front (light-emitting) face of the catadioptric prism has several prominent side-by-side sections which emit beam patterns that diverge laterally and overlap in a central region. A prominent full-width upper section on the front face emits a primarily downwardly directed beam pattern to help fill in dark spots.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 22, 2013
    Date of Patent: November 18, 2014
    Assignee: Hubbell Incorporated
    Inventors: Thomas Carl Lueken, Michael Scott Neuer, Zhijie Chen, Jamey Butteris, Ezekial Thomas Hill
  • Patent number: 8876342
    Abstract: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to an adaptable vehicle cabin light, with which in all seating positions of a vehicle seat, reading conditions are optimal. The vehicle seat is adjustable. Each position of the vehicle seat has a corresponding reading area. The vehicle cabin light includes one or more light sources that align with the different reading areas. As the vehicle seat moves, the illumination moves with it. In some embodiments, the one or more light sources are controlled by a control unit which selectively turns on a group of the one or more light sources to illuminate the corresponding reading area of the position of the vehicle seat. In some embodiments, the one or more light sources are enclosed in an adjustable optics, wherein movements of the adjustable optics are controlled by the control unit.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 31, 2012
    Date of Patent: November 4, 2014
    Assignee: Flextronics AP, LLC
    Inventors: Frank Wimbert, Philip Hupfer
  • Patent number: 8864337
    Abstract: A portable lighting system including a housing having an elongated slot formed in a surface of the housing. The slot being sized to receive a rod therein via an opening in the slot. The system further including a retention member movable between a closed position and an opened position, wherein the closed position provides at least a portion of the retention member blocking at least a portion of the upper opening of the slot and the opened position includes the retention member not blocking the upper opening of the slot. The system also having a light source including a plurality of lights oriented in different directions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 8, 2013
    Date of Patent: October 21, 2014
    Assignee: Light Muse, LLC
    Inventor: Russell E. Rains
  • Patent number: 8858048
    Abstract: A vehicle lighting unit that utilizes a semiconductor laser light source can suppress color unevenness of a light distribution pattern while ensuring the usefulness of the semiconductor laser light source. The vehicle lighting unit can include a semiconductor laser light source, a phosphor configured to receive blue light emitted from the semiconductor laser light source and emit white light by excitation, and a reflector configured to reflect the light emitted from the phosphor so that the light can be diffused wider in a right-to-left direction than in a vertical direction on the basis of a posture when the lighting unit is mounted on a vehicle body. Part of the blue light that is emitted from the semiconductor laser light source and reflected off a surface of the phosphor can be incident on the reflector with an elongated area in the right-to-left direction.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 21, 2012
    Date of Patent: October 14, 2014
    Assignee: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Yoshiaki Nakazato
  • Patent number: 8858018
    Abstract: A light fixture including first and second raceways, and at least one support structure extending between and coupled to the raceways. A plurality of LEDs are coupled to the structure and spaced apart along at least a portion of a length of the structure between the first and second ends of the light fixture. A power pack extends between the raceways, and the power pack includes at least one driver configured to be electrically coupled to the plurality of LEDs, power input wiring that is configured to receive power for the light fixture, and a detachable cover provided substantially over the at least one driver and the power input wiring. A modular power input connector is coupled to the power pack, and is configured to allow a power cord to supply power to the light fixture without removing the cover.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 20, 2012
    Date of Patent: October 14, 2014
    Assignee: Orion Energy Systems, Inc.
    Inventors: Neal R. Verfuerth, Ronald E. Ernst, Kenneth J. Wetenkamp
  • Patent number: 8851705
    Abstract: A laser light source apparatus comprises a laser light source that emits laser light; a prism with one optical flat face, through which the laser light from the laser light source passes, that is perpendicular to an optical path of the laser light; and a vibration driving device that vibrates the prism to move the prism parallel to a direction in which an optical path length of the laser light in the prism changes, along a flat face located in the other optical flat face that does not intersect perpendicularly with the optical path of the laser light in the prism.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 16, 2011
    Date of Patent: October 7, 2014
    Assignee: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha
    Inventor: Yuichi Miura
  • Patent number: 8851718
    Abstract: An integrated aircraft landing and taxi light includes upper and lower reflector regions in the shape of substantially circular segments and a central longitudinal third reflector region extending between the upper and lower reflector regions. Landing light LEDs are arranged within the upper and lower reflector regions and the outer portions of the central longitudinal reflector region with the diagonals of the LED dies oriented substantially along radial lines extending outward from the center of the light. Taxi light LEDs are arranged within the central and outer portions of the central longitudinal reflector region such that the sides of the LED dies are oriented substantially horizontally and vertically with respect to the aircraft.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 12, 2012
    Date of Patent: October 7, 2014
    Assignee: Goodrich Lighting Systems GmbH
    Inventors: Anil Kumar Jha, Andre Hessling, Christian Schön
  • Patent number: 8847921
    Abstract: An electronic device with an invisible light touch panel is disclosed in the present invention. The electronic device includes a circuit board, a visible light source, a light guiding plate, a panel and a cover. The circuit board includes a plurality of invisible light emitters and receivers. The light guiding plate includes an active area and an inactive area. The invisible light outputted from the invisible light emitter transmits to the invisible light receiver via the active area, and the visible light outputted from the visible light source can transmit to the inactive area. The cover is disposed above the light guiding plate. A hole is formed on a surface of the cover, and a position of the hole corresponds to the inactive area on the light guiding plate, so the visible light outputted from the visible light source passes through the cover via the inactive area and the hole.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 14, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 30, 2014
    Assignee: Wistron Corporation
    Inventors: Sheng-Shan Huang, Shih-Wang Kao
  • Patent number: 8845155
    Abstract: A trailer adapter to connect a master electrical system of a towing vehicle with a subservient electrical system of a towed vehicle having a light connectable thereto is disclosed. In particular, the trailer adapter may include a body having at least one electrical interface, where the at least one electrical interface is capable of electrically engaging the electrical system of the towing vehicle. The trailer adapter may also include a light source operatively coupled to the body, where the light source is selectively changeable between at least two operative modes capable of providing illumination.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 18, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 30, 2014
    Assignee: Cequent Consumer Products, Inc.
    Inventors: Gregory Rotenberg, Jerry Corless
  • Patent number: 8840260
    Abstract: Disclosed is an instrument illumination device enabling homogeneous illumination light in a broad area, without increasing the number of light sources, and thereby enhancing the freedom degree of the ornamental designing process. An instrument housing includes a bottom face having LEDs disposed thereon and an illumination area including a main illumination area having a main dial for displaying a revolution on the dial plate covering a front opening and an auxiliary illumination area having an auxiliary dial for displaying water temperature. The main illumination area is in the shape of a ring having a cut-out at a lower part thereof, and the auxiliary illumination area fills the cut-out connecting the main illumination area. Illumination light from the LEDs illuminates an entire face of the illumination area in the ring shape from a rear side thereof as backlight.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 31, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 23, 2014
    Assignee: Calsonic Kansei Corporation
    Inventor: Tsuyoshi Nirei