Patents Examined by Peter M. Cuomo
  • Patent number: 11647842
    Abstract: A wall bed is configured to allow a user to maximize a living space with a functional bed that can transform from daytime use to nighttime use. The wall bed is configured to function and serve a plurality of purposes as an entertainment center, a bedroom, or an office and is easily operable between these purposes with simple movements. The wall bed system comprises of a fireplace that has an embedded television which can function both as a television and be used to simulate an active fire via an external source connected to the television. Additionally, the fireplace feature may be removed with ease and transferred to another part of the room. The wall bed also comprises of an adjustable workstation where a height of the workstation may be adjusted to suit a user to work either standing up or sitting down. The wall bed also comprises of a bed and other fixtures such as and not limited to a mirror and an artwork.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 20, 2021
    Date of Patent: May 16, 2023
    Inventor: William Joseph Kelly
  • Patent number: 11642267
    Abstract: A system for supporting a patient on an inclined surface includes an inflatable device. The inflatable device includes a top sheet of material connected to a bottom sheet of material, the top sheet and the bottom sheet defining a cavity to be inflated, wherein the bottom sheet of material is configured to permit air to pass from the cavity to the exterior of the device and to flow between a bottom surface of the device and a support surface upon which the device is configured to rest, and an input configured for receiving air to inflate the device. The system further includes a high-friction pad configured to attach to the top sheet of material, and at least one attachment system configured to maintain the device on a support surface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 13, 2018
    Date of Patent: May 9, 2023
    Assignee: Sage Products, LLC
    Inventors: Alex D. Kea, Hester C. Fletcher, David P. Beck, Michael P. Flores
  • Patent number: 11638486
    Abstract: A furniture object, configured to store a foldable bed, may include a fixed panel and a foldable support platform including distal and proximate support panels. The fixed panel may include a bottom panel, an upper surface of the bottom panel at least partially defining a bottom inner surface of a compartment within an interior of the furniture object. The proximate support panel may be hingeably connected at opposite edges to the distal support panel and the one or more fixed panels via separate hingeable connections. The foldable support platform may between a folded position and a deployed position via a scissors-type motion. In the folded position, the foldable support platform may partially enclose the compartment. In the deployed position, the foldable support platform and bottom panel may collectively define a sleeping platform that structurally supports a bed resting on the proximate and distal support panels and the bottom panel.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 5, 2020
    Date of Patent: May 2, 2023
    Assignee: Night and Day Furniture LLC
    Inventors: An Ling Gwee, Howard Porter, Mohammad Arib Bin Zaine
  • Patent number: 11638485
    Abstract: The present invention relates to the field of bed frame structures, and in particular, to a novel detachable bed frame assembly mechanism. The novel detachable bed frame assembly mechanism includes a bed frame body. The bed frame body includes an outer frame, an inner frame, and two sets of wooden strips. The outer frame is a rectangular frame including two horizontal tubes, two lateral tubes, four L-shaped iron-plate connectors, bolts, and nuts. The inner frame includes at least one horizontal connecting tube, a plurality of lateral connecting tubes, iron sheets, bolts, and nuts. The two sets of wooden strips are symmetrically disposed on the horizontal connecting tube and the horizontal tubes on both sides of the horizontal connecting tube and are parallel to the lateral tubes, to connect the horizontal connecting tube to the horizontal tubes. The invention is easy to assemble and disassemble and is safe and reliable.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 11, 2021
    Date of Patent: May 2, 2023
    Inventors: Jiguan Chen, Bing Chen, Qiangqiang Wu, Baoli Zhang, Jianjun Nie
  • Patent number: 11639620
    Abstract: A vehicular door handle device includes: a main body portion being disposed on an outside surface of a door panel of a vehicle, extending in a predetermined direction, and including a hollow portion in an intermediate portion in the extending direction; a touch sensor being housed in the hollow portion for detecting a change in capacitance, and being connected to a control device that controls an opening mechanism for setting a closed vehicular door in an openable state; a frame portion including a shaft portion that extends in the predetermined direction and rotatably supports the main body portion; and a fixing mechanism for fixing the main body portion to the frame portion. Fixing of the main body portion to the frame portion by the fixing mechanism is temporarily released, and the opening mechanism is configured to be driven by rotating the main body portion.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 18, 2020
    Date of Patent: May 2, 2023
    Inventor: Masaki Yoshino
  • Patent number: 11627822
    Abstract: An anti-wrinkle anatomic pillow that allows that users rest on their backs, face down or on the side without this causing expression lines in their skins.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 28, 2019
    Date of Patent: April 18, 2023
    Inventor: Marcela Uribe
  • Patent number: 11627817
    Abstract: The present bassinet apparatus includes a receptacle having an open top, a closed bottom, and an endless sidewall between the open top and closed bottom. A floor portion in the closed bottom is rotatable onto itself for reduction in size of the receptacle for shipment and storage. A frame for the receptacle includes an oblong portion that is breakable down and legs that are breakable down to reduce the size of the frame for shipment and storage.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 11, 2021
    Date of Patent: April 18, 2023
    Assignee: Regalo International, LLC
    Inventors: Mark A. Flannery, William D. Butterfield, Shannon R. Bickel
  • Patent number: 11622896
    Abstract: A body support system, method and apparatus is described, for preventing and treating a disease or injury by optimization of sleep posture and assisted rollovers. A body support device comprises two or more extendable, retractable support walls, for supporting various parts of a user as a cradle of the body support device is rotated into various positions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 9, 2020
    Date of Patent: April 11, 2023
    Assignee: SYNCOTRANCE, INC.
    Inventor: Mikhail P. Malakhov
  • Patent number: 11622898
    Abstract: A person relocation device includes sheet which defines a person space for a person. The sheet includes a left lateral strap, a right lateral strap, a head end strap and a foot end strap. Each strap is attached to the sheet only at a perimeter thereof and does not extend into the person space. The straps are adapted to be connected to a hoist so that when all of the straps are so connected and tensioned by the weight of the person the sheet suspends the person in a seated posture.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 17, 2020
    Date of Patent: April 11, 2023
    Assignee: Liko Research & Development AB
    Inventors: Jessica Cushman, Christopher Yeckel
  • Patent number: 11617448
    Abstract: A bed frame has a left longitudinal support bar, a right longitudinal support bar and an intermediate longitudinal support bar, two sliding sleeves slidably disposed on the intermediate longitudinal support bar, wherein each of the sliding sleeve is provided with a bracket. The bed frame further comprises four connecting rods connected between the left longitudinal support bar or right longitudinal support bar and the intermediate longitudinal support rod, one end of each of the connecting rods is pivotally connected to the left or right longitudinal support bar, the other end is pivotally connected with the bracket so that the end of the connecting rod mounted on the bracket moves along with the sliding sleeve. The bed frame is simple and easy to fold and un-fold, while providing improved strength and stability.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 14, 2020
    Date of Patent: April 4, 2023
    Inventor: Luhao Leng
  • Patent number: 11612533
    Abstract: A positioning frame for supporting a patient to facilitate different surgical approaches to the spine includes a main support beam, first and second support structures, a torso-lift support, and a pelvic-tilt support. The main support beam has a first end, a second end, and a length extending between the first and second ends. The main support beam defines an axis of rotation relative to at least a first support structure and a second support structure, and the axis of rotation substantially corresponds to a cranial-caudal axis of the patient when the patient is supported on the positioning frame. The first and second support structures support the main support beam, and space the main support beam from the ground. The torso-lift support is attached to the main support beam, and is configured to pivot a chest support plate between at least a first position and a second position to move the torso of the patient between an unlifted position and a lifted position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 24, 2020
    Date of Patent: March 28, 2023
    Inventors: Roy Lim, Matthew Morrison, Richard Hynes
  • Patent number: 11608661
    Abstract: A motor vehicle door lock which is equipped with a locking mechanism substantially comprising a catch and pawl. Furthermore, a locking pin is provided for interaction with the locking mechanism. Furthermore, there is a damping element for a locking mechanism component and/or the locking pin. Finally, the configuration includes at least one spring which is assigned to the locking mechanism. According to the invention, the spring at least partially abuts the damping element.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 4, 2019
    Date of Patent: March 21, 2023
    Assignee: Kiekert AG
    Inventors: Bryan Bishop, James A. Svoboda
  • Patent number: 11607057
    Abstract: A child bassinet includes a support frame supporting an enclosure, the support frame and the enclosure delimiting at least partially an interior space for receiving a child, and a playpen coupling mechanism provided on the support frame. The playpen coupling mechanism includes an adjustable catching part connected with the support frame, the catching part being movable relative to the support frame between a first position and a second position of different elevations, the catching part in the first position being engageable with a playpen for installing the child bassinet on the playpen at a first height above a bottom of the playpen, and the catching part in the second position being engageable with the playpen for installing the child bassinet on the playpen at a second height above the bottom of the playpen that is different from the first height.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 16, 2020
    Date of Patent: March 21, 2023
    Assignee: Wonderland Switzerland AG
    Inventors: Andrew J. Horst, Curtis M. Hartenstine, Patrick J. Bowers
  • Patent number: 11596565
    Abstract: Devices for bringing a person that has fallen to the ground to an upright position comprise frames adapted to receive a person's body after a person has achieved a lying position, inflatable bladders attached to the frames on which the person's body rests when the bladders are in an uninflated state, the bladders being inflatable from a first position to a second position, and fittings attached to the inflatable bladders for receiving hoses to allow the inflatable bladders to be inflated from the first position to the second position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 13, 2020
    Date of Patent: March 7, 2023
    Inventor: Robert Allen Butterworth
  • Patent number: 11583116
    Abstract: A multi-position pillow for providing cervical area support during sleep, the multi-position pillow comprising: an outer cover adapted to be opened; a core support removably associated with the outer cover, the core support comprising a sloped body, wherein a downward slope of the sloped body extends from a first end to a second end, a head connected to the first end and having a hump, and a ledge disposed in the head along a top end of the hump; and a contouring material layer removably associated with the outer cover, the contouring material layer being compressible such that to compress over a top of the core support; wherein an association of the outer cover with the core support and the contouring material layer causes the core support and the contouring material layer to be positioned centrally within the outer cover, such that to provide cervical area support to a user.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 30, 2020
    Date of Patent: February 21, 2023
    Inventor: Johnathan Duong
  • Patent number: 11583097
    Abstract: A mattress assembly includes a cover, a spring pack positioned within the cover, and an inner core positioned within the cover. The inner core includes opposite first and second portions. The first portion has a firmness that is different than a firmness of the second portion. The inner core is configured to be moved between a first configuration in which the first portion directly engages the spring pack and a second configuration in which the second portion directly engages the spring pack to alter a firmness of a sleep surface of the mattress. Methods of use are disclosed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 1, 2018
    Date of Patent: February 21, 2023
    Assignee: BEDGEAR, LLC
    Inventor: Eugene Alletto, Jr.
  • Patent number: 11576508
    Abstract: A resting pillow is disclosed. The resting pillow incorporates headphones as part of the pillow body. The headphones are in communication with electronic communication device, which is configured to send and/or receive wireless signals from an external personal portable electronic device.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 28, 2018
    Date of Patent: February 14, 2023
    Assignee: Transpacific Technologies, LLC
    Inventor: Joseph Ruefiel
  • Patent number: 11571075
    Abstract: A three-layered topper fora bedding or seating product has a first piece of foam, a second piece of foam and a pocketed spring comfort layer therebetween. The pocketed spring comfort layer has individually pocketed mini coil springs. At least one of the foam pieces may be infused with metallic particles to improve thermal conductivity. Alternatively, at least one of the foam pieces may be infused with microencapsulated phase change materials to improve heat absorption. At least one of the foam pieces may have a coating to further improve thermal conductivity or heat absorption.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 30, 2021
    Date of Patent: February 7, 2023
    Assignee: L&P Property Management Company
    Inventors: Heidi Stojanovic, Bruce W. Peterson
  • Patent number: 11540641
    Abstract: A headboard provided by embodiments of the present disclosure is formed by detachably combining a first headboard, a second headboard, a third headboard, and a fourth headboard, and backs of the first headboard, the second headboard, the third headboard, and the fourth headboard are respectively provided with accommodating grooves. When the bed needs to be packaged and shipped, the headboard can be disassembled into the first headboard, the second headboard, the third headboard, and the fourth headboard, and other parts of the bed, including the left headboard and the right headboard, are placed into a space enclosed by the accommodating grooves of the lower headboard and the upper headboard.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 9, 2022
    Date of Patent: January 3, 2023
    Inventor: Bo Yang
  • Patent number: 11540964
    Abstract: A patient support apparatus may include a support surface configured to conduct air along a top face of the support surface so that heat and moisture from a patient lying on the support surface are drawn away from the top face of the support surface. An opening may be formed in a side of the support surface. A cavity may extend from the opening into the support surface. An inlet port may be positioned within the cavity and fluidly coupled to the top face. A blower assembly may be configured to position within the cavity. The blower assembly may have an outlet port that couples to the inlet port when the blower assembly is positioned within the cavity. The blower assembly may conduct air through the inlet port to the top face of the support surface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 26, 2019
    Date of Patent: January 3, 2023
    Assignee: Hill-Rom Services, Inc.
    Inventors: Darrell L. Borgman, Douglas E. Borgman, Arpit Shah, Wui Hsien Wong, Keith Moores, Jason M. Gilreath, Michael R. Montini, Charles A. Lachenbruch, Eric R. Meyer, Frank E. Sauser, Catherine M. Wagner, Rachel L. Williamson, Brandon P. Fisk, Jason B. Grace, Brian Guthrie, Nicole Johannigman, Gregory J. Shannon, David C. Newkirk, Michael Churilla, Jnanesha Ramegowda, Taylor Franklin, Kathryn R. Smith, John G. Byers, Frederick K. Schultz, Andrew R. Wager, Sridhar Karimpuzha Seshadri, Gary R. Gibbons, Scott M. Corbin, John Goewert, Thomas L. Simpson, Faron L. Blessing, James D. Voll, Kin Meng Choi, Stephen S. Amrhein, Herve Gautier, Jean-Francois Lellig, Philippe Kaikenger, Matthieu Guetta