T.T.B. plow (truck, trailer & bus roof plow)

Suspended scraper used to remove snow from the top of reasonably flat Truck, Trailer & Bus roofs. Concrete footing—18″ in diameter, 4′ deep with 2 anchor bolts per footing. Installed on top of the footing (one) 1 per footing, 8″×8″×½″ steel beams 16″½″ tall with 8″×8″ steel plate welded to base of steel beam. Top support 8″×8″×½″ steel beam 15′4″ length with 8″×16″ steel plate welded to both ends. Top steel beam will be bolted to top end of steel uprights to form support for scraper. One overhead door track to be welded on inside edge of both uprights. Scraper frame is to be made of 3″×3″ Angle iron, one (1) piece 14′ long and two (2) pieces 7′ long and one (1) piece 5′ long, welded together to form a 30 degree angle with 4″ rubber sweep, bolted to the face of the scraper, extending 1″ below angle iron. Two (2) pieces of 3″ angle iron 4′ long welded to each end of 14′ angle iron to form right angle that will be used to attach two (2) wheels to each angle, which will fit into above track. This will form device for moving scraper up and down. Two (2) plastic single pieces bolted to top of the scraper frame will form Scoop to improve snow removal. Torsion bar and torsion spring as one unit shall be bolted to upright steel beam under top support steel beam. An 8″×8″×4′ steel beam to be bolted at right angles in the center of top steel beam to support scraper. Eighth (⅛″) inch cables are attached to pulleys at the center and outside edge of torsion bar and run down to scraper that will lift and lower scraper to desired height. Scraper apparatus will be operate manually with chain and sprocket attached to torsion bar, by pulling down on the chain in each direction to lift and lower the scraper.

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[0001] Truck, trailer & bus roof plow is an apparatus designed to effectively remove snow from the roof of truck type vehicles. The device used to remove the snow is a plow built of three (3″) inch angle iron set at a 30-degree angle with rubber bottom edge and plastic top. The plow is set in an 8″×8″ steel beam with proper height to clear a truck roof (approx. 17.6′) from the ground. The plow is raised and lowered with overhead door like equipment to accommodate various height vehicles.


1. A snow removing device comprising:

(a) A steel I beam support frame
(b) A V-blade incorporating a hard rubber edge, to be affixed to cables.
(c) A pulley system with torsion springs and bar fixedly connected to pulleys, forming a connection between pulleys, cables and V-blade.
(d) A track and wheel assemble set in a vertical position along I beam supports, thru forming a supporting and movable system.
(e) A chain and sprocket is interlocked with torsion bar to create a means of raising or lowering the V-blade.

Patent History

Publication number: 20020166265
Type: Application
Filed: Jan 15, 2002
Publication Date: Nov 14, 2002
Inventor: Robert Douglas Shaw (Wilton, NY)
Application Number: 09909083


Current U.S. Class: Snow Or Ice Removing Or Grooming By Portable Device (037/196)
International Classification: E01H004/00;