Apple tree named ‘PremA280’

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‘PremA280’ is a moderately vigorous ‘Gala’ type apple cultivar distinguished by its dark red fruit. The fruit of ‘PremA280’ matures a few days before ‘Royal Gala’ and is notable for its sweet flavor and crisp texture.

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Latin name of the genus and species of the plant claimed: Malus domestica.

Variety denomination: ‘PremA280’.


‘PremA280’ was selected from a population of seedlings derived from crossing ‘Braeburn’ (not patented)בRoyal Gala’ (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 4,121). The cross was made at Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. ‘PremA280’ has been asexually propagated, and has been shown to remain true to type over successive generations.


‘PremA280’ is distinguishable from its parents and from other known varieties by a number of characteristics, as set forth in Table 1 below.

TABLE 1 ‘PremA280’ ‘Royal Gala’ ‘Braeburn’ ‘Scifresh’ Bloom Mid to Late Late Mid-season Mid-season time season Fruit Conical Globose Globose Globose Shape conical conical Fruit Dark red Bright red Red Red Overcolor Harvest Early to mid- Early to mid- Late Late Maturity season season

In particular, ‘PremA280’ is distinguished by its dark red fruit, early maturity and sweet, crisp fruit.


The photograph shows the fruit, leaves, and branches of ‘PremA280’.


The following is a detailed botanical description of ‘PremA280,’ a new and distinct cultivar of Malus domestica. The description is based on observations of 2 year old trees planted at Parker, Wash., as well as observations of fruit harvested from trees planted at Hawkes Bay and Nelson, New Zealand. It should be understood that the botanical and analytical characteristics described will vary somewhat depending upon cultural practices and climatic conditions, and can vary with location and season. Quantified measurements are expressed as an average of measurements taken from a number of individual plants of the new variety. The measurements of any individual plant, or any group of plants, of the new variety may vary from the stated average.

  • Tree: Habit — spreading; branch angle — 60° to 90°, moderately vigorous (compare to ‘Royal Gala’); height — 1.8 m; spread — 1.2 m.
  • Trunk: Diameter 2.4 cm at 20 cm above the ground; bark smooth, grey 201D; Lenticels — approximately 16 per square inch, elongated, greyed yellow 160D.
  • Branches: (Primary lateral branch 90 cm above the ground) Length 76 cm; diameter 0.4 cm; crotch angle 80°, grey 201A; Lenticels — approximately 10 per square inch, elongated, greyed yellow 160D.
  • Winter hardiness: Hardy in area tested.
  • Flowering: Mid to late season; first bloom April 17, full bloom April 22 (2008 growing season, Parker, Wash.).
  • Bud: 5 per spur; compact; elongated; length 1 cm, diameter 0.7 cm; red-purple 63A.
  • Balloon stage: Length 2.5 cm, diameter 1.0 cm; red-purple 63C.
  • Flower: Size — diameter 4.6 cm, depth 1.4 cm; 5 per cluster; Petals — 5 per flower, not touching, length 1.8 cm, width 1.4 cm, apex rounded, base equilateral, margin smooth, upper surface white N155B, lower surface red-purple 62A when fully open; Sepals — 5 per flower, pointed length 1.0 cm, width 0.5 cm, yellow-green 144A; Pedicel — length 2.8 cm, diameter 0.1 cm, yellow-green 144A; Pistil — Length 1.3 cm, width 0.8 cm, yellow-green 144A; Anthers — 15 per flower, length 0.2 cm, pollen yellow 1C; Stigma — length 0.1 cm, yellow 1C; Style — length 0.5 cm, yellow 1C; Ovary — length 0.9 cm, width 0.1 cm, color yellow-green 144A.
  • Pollenization requirements: Cross pollenization required; any diploid apple tree blooming during the same period is a suitable pollenizer.
  • Leaf: Attitude in relation to shoot — 75°; Length 8.0 cm, width 4.5 cm; margin serrated; upper surface green 137A, lower surface green 146C; Petiole — length 2.0 cm, diameter 0.4 cm, green 153D.
  • Fruit: Shape — conical; Skin — thick, ground color yellow 154B, over color dark red 179A, percent over color 60 to 100%, over color pattern striped, lenticels inconspicuous; Russeting — none; Flesh — cream 155B, moderately firm, crisp, not gritty, very juicy, sweet, medium acidity, rich aroma, not bitter or astringent; Eating quality and appearance — very good.
  • Productivity: Similar to ‘Royal Gala’.
  • Disease/insect resistance/susceptibility: None noted.


1. A new and distinct apple tree, substantially as shown and described herein.

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