grass plant named ‘Blonde Ambition’

This invention relates to a new and distinct variety of Bouteloua grass plant named ‘Blonde Ambition’, which is primarily characterized by flower heads that emerge with a distinctive chartreuse color and age to a blonde color as the spikelets mature and a tall plant habit at maturity, is disclosed.

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Genus and species: Bouteloua gracilis.

Variety denomination: ‘Blonde Ambition’.


The present invention relates to a new and distinct blue grama grass plant designated ‘Blonde Ambition’ and botanically known as Bouteloua gracilis. This new blue grama grass originated from a whole plant mutation from a ‘Hatchite’ blue grama grass (unpatented) found in a residential yard in July 2007 in Santa Fe, N. Mex. ‘Blonde Ambition’ was first propagated asexually by crown divisions in August of 2007 in Santa Fe, N. Mex. and has been asexually propagated over six generations. The present invention has been found to be stable and reproduce true to type through successive asexual propagations via crown divisions.

Plant Breeder's Rights for this variety have not been applied for. ‘Blonde Ambition’ has not been made publicly available or sold more than one year prior to filing of this application.


The following are the most outstanding and distinguishing characteristics of this new cultivar when grown under normal horticultural practices in Santa Fe, N. Mex.

    • 1. The flower head emerges with a distinctive chartreuse color and ages to blonde as the seeds mature; and
    • 2. A tall plant habit at maturity.


This new blue grama grass plant is illustrated by the accompanying photographs, which were taken in Santa Fe, N. Mex. on an approximately two-year-old plant in August and September of 2009.

FIG. 1 shows an overall view of a mature grass plant of the present invention taken in September of 2009.

FIG. 2 shows a close-up view of the flower heads of the present invention taken in August of 2009.


The following description of ‘Blonde Ambition’ is based on observations of live and dried specimens taken in March 2010 in Fort Collins, Colo. The descriptions are of plants approximately two and a half years old. Color references are primarily to the R.H.S. Colour Chart of The Royal Horticultural Society of London (R.H.S.), Fifth Edition (2007).


  • Classification:
      • Family.—Poaceae.
      • Botanical.—Bouteloua gracilis.
      • Denomination.—‘Blonde Ambition’.
      • Common name.—Blue grama grass.
  • Adaptation: Intermountain west of the United States
  • Growth:
      • Form.—Densely tufted, perennial grass.
      • Height.—30.0 cm to 45.0 cm.
      • Width.—6.0 cm to 7.0 cm.
      • Habit.—Erect to decumbent with age.
      • Plant spread (cm).—5.0 cm to 10.0 cm.
      • Root description.—Fibrous root system; dense and shallow growth, mat-forming.
  • Stems:
      • Number of branches per plant.—10 or more.
      • Length.—30.0 cm to 45.0 cm.
      • Diameter (measured from the midpoint).—5.0 cm.
      • Internode length.—0.5 cm to 2.0 cm.
      • Color.—RHS 145A.
      • Texture.—Smooth, glabrous.
  • Leaf blade:
      • Color.—RHS 145A on proximal portion and RHS 146A on distal portion or RHS 146A throughout.
      • Length.—4.0 cm to 45.0 cm.
      • Width.—0.1 cm to 0.3 cm.
      • Shape.—Linear.
      • Apex.—Acute.
      • Base.—Truncate.
      • Margin.—Entire, flat.
      • Arrangement.—Alternate, basal.
      • Culm (not sheath).—Surface: Glabrous.
      • Leaf hairiness.—Absent.
      • Sheath.—Length (measured from top of node): 1.5 cm to 4.0 cm. Color: RHS 145A. Hairs: Absent. Keel: Absent.
      • Ligules.—Texture: Ciliate. Length: 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm.
  • Inflorescence:
      • Spike.—More than one (2 to 3).
      • Spikelet.—Perfect. Color: RHS 161C. Length: 2.5 cm to 5.0 cm. Arrangement: To one side of rachis. Ligule: Hairy.
      • Panicle.—(of 1 to 3 spicate branches). Length (cm): 2.0 cm to 10.0 cm. Color: RHS 161C. Rachis length: 2.5 cm to 5.0 cm.
      • Palea.—Awned.
      • Lemma.—3-awned. Keel: Present. Pubescence: Present (pubescent below on the nerve and the callus densely pubescent).
    • Glumes.—Unequal in size. Shape: Linear to linear and lanceolate. Pubescence: Small hairs present on the nerve, otherwise glabrous. Length: 1.5 mm to 6.0 mm.
  • Seed: No seeds were observed
  • Disease and Insect resistance: No special observations made


‘Blonde Ambition’ differs from the commercial comparison Bouteloua variety ‘Hachita’ (unpatented) in that ‘Blonde Ambition’ has flower heads that emerge with a distinctive chartreuse color and ages to blonde as the seeds mature while ‘Hachita’ has flower heads that emerge with a blue-green color and ages to a brown color.


1. A new and distinct Bouteloua grass plant as described and illustrated herein.

Patent History

Patent number: PP22048
Type: Grant
Filed: May 12, 2010
Date of Patent: Jul 26, 2011
Inventor: David Salman (Santa Fe, NM)
Primary Examiner: Annette Para
Attorney: Holme Roberts & Owen LLP
Application Number: 12/800,261


Current U.S. Class: Grass (e.g., Pampas, Elephant, Etc.) (PLT/384)
International Classification: A01H 5/00 (20060101);