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A new Calibrachoa plant particularly distinguished by having very large white flowers with yellow centers and a semi-upright and mounding habit, is disclosed.

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Genus and species: Calibrachoa sp.

Variety denomination: ‘KLECA16314’.


This application claims priority to and the benefit of European Community Plant Variety Rights application filed on Mar. 6, 2017, File No. 2017/0698, the entire contents of which are incorporated herein by reference for all purposes.


The present invention comprises a new and distinct variety of Calibrachoa, botanically known as Calibrachoa sp., and hereinafter referred to by the variety name ‘KLECA16314’. ‘KLECA16314’ originated from a controlled-cross performed in summer 2012 between two unpatented Calibrachoa plants, the proprietary female Calibrachoa parent ‘CA-2012-0042’ and the proprietary male Calibrachoa parent ‘CA-2011-0378’, in Stuttgart, Germany.

The seeds from the cross were sown and plants were grown in a greenhouse for evaluation, where an individual plant designated ‘KLECA16314’ was selected from the group of plants in May 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany. In May 2013, ‘KLECA16314’ was first vegetatively propagated by terminal tip cuttings. ‘KLECA16314’ was found to reproduce true to type in successive generations of asexual propagation via tissue culture and terminal tip cuttings.


The following are the most outstanding and distinguishing characteristics of this new variety when grown under normal horticultural practices in Stuttgart, Germany.

    • 1. Very large white flowers with yellow centers; and
    • 2. A semi-upright and mounding habit.


This new Calibrachoa plant is illustrated by the accompanying photograph which shows the whole plant, including the habit, the foliage, the flowers, and the buds. The photograph is of a 7-week-old plant grown in a pot outdoors in Stuttgart, Germany in April 2015. The colors shown are as true as can be reasonably obtained by conventional photographic procedures.


The following detailed descriptions set forth the distinctive characteristics of ‘KLECA16314’. The data which define these characteristics were collected from asexual reproductions carried out in Stuttgart, Germany. Data was collected on 20-week-old plants grown in a glass greenhouse in Stuttgart, Germany. Color references are to The R.H.S. Colour Chart of The Royal Horticultural Society of London (R.H.S.) (2007).

  • Classification:
      • Family.—Solanaceae.
      • Botanical.—Calibrachoa sp.
      • Common.—Calibrachoa.
      • Designation.—‘KLECA16314’.
  • Parentage:
      • Female parent.—Proprietary Calibrachoa line ‘CA-2012-0042’ (unpatented).
      • Male parent.—Proprietary Calibrachoa line ‘CA-2011-0378’ (unpatented).
  • Plant:
      • Life cycle.—Annual.
      • Habit.—Semi-upright and mounding.
      • Height (from soil line to top of foliage).—13.0 cm.
      • Spread.—40.0 cm.
      • Propagation.—Vegetatively propagated by tip cuttings and tissue culture.
      • Time to produce a rooted cutting.—3 weeks.
  • Stems:
      • Stem color.—RHS 145A.
      • Pubescence.—Absent.
      • Diameter.—0.1 cm to 0.25 cm.
      • Length.—22.0 cm. From soil line to first node: 1.5 cm. Total length: 22.0 cm.
      • Internode length.—0.8 cm to 2.0 cm.
  • Leaves:
      • Arrangement.—Opposite.
      • Shape.—Lanceolate.
      • Apex.—Obtuse.
      • Base.—Attenuate.
      • Margin.—Ciliate.
      • Surface texture.—Smooth.
      • Surface pubescence.—Absent.
      • Pubescence color.—Absent.
      • Venation pattern and color.—Not visible.
      • Length.—2.0 cm to 3.5 cm.
      • Width.—0.6 cm to 1.4 cm.
      • Color.—Upper surface: RHS 137A. Lower surface: RHS 137B.
      • Fragrance.—Absent.
  • Flowers:
      • Flower type.—Determinate inflorescence with single flowers.
      • Flowering requirements.—A minimum of light sun is required.
      • Duration of flowers on the plant.—6 days.
      • Shape.—Funnel-form.
      • Fragrance.—Absent.
      • Flower depth.—2.2 cm.
      • Flower tube length.—1.8 cm to 2.0 cm.
      • Flower tube diameter.—1.0 cm.
      • Flower diameter.—2.6 cm to 3.4 cm.
      • Pedicel color.—RHS 145A.
      • Pedicel length.—0.7 cm.
      • Pedicel diameter.—0.1 cm.
  • Flower buds:
      • Surface texture.—Hirtellous.
      • Length.—1.7 cm to 2.0 cm.
      • Diameter.—0.4 cm to 0.6 cm.
      • Shape.—Oblong.
      • Color.—RHS 2D.
  • Peduncle:
      • Length.—1.0 cm to 1.5 cm.
      • Diameter.—0.1 cm.
      • Color.—RHS 145A.
      • Surface texture.—Smooth but with fine hairs.
      • Anthocyanin color.—Absent.
  • Petals:
      • Shape.—Obcordate.
      • Length.—1.6 cm.
      • Apex.—Truncate.
      • Margin.—Entire, with strong undulation.
      • Base.—Open and fused in the tube.
      • Pubescence.—Absent.
      • Lobe length.—1.4 cm to 1.7 cm.
      • Lobe width.—1.5 cm.
      • Color.—Lobe color: Upper surface: RHS NN155C with RHS 3B centers. Lower surface: RHS NN155C. Corolla tube color: Inner surface: RHS 13C. Outer surface: RHS 13D.
      • Fragrance.—Absent.
  • Sepals:
      • Calyx.—Funnel-shaped, salverform.
      • Shape.—Lanceolate.
      • Apex.—Acute.
      • Margin.—Entire.
      • Length.—1.0 cm to 1.4 cm.
      • Diameter.—0.2 cm to 0.3 cm.
      • Color.—Upper surface: RHS 137B. Lower surface: RHS 145A.
  • Reproductive organs:
      • Stamen.—Quantity per flower: 5. Anther color: RHS 7A. Filament color: RHS 145C. Filament length: 0.8 cm. Pollen color: RHS 7A. Pollen amount: Medium.
      • Pistil.—Ovary, placenta arrangement: Ovate. Pistil number per flower: 1. Pistil length: 1.0 cm. Stigma color: RHS 143B. Style length: 0.9 cm. Style color: RHS 150C.
  • Fruit and seed set: None observed.


‘KLECA16314’ is distinguished from the female and male parental lines as described in Table 1.

TABLE 1 Comparison with Parental Lines Female parent Male Parent ‘CA-2012- ‘CA-2011- Characteristic ‘KLECA16314’ 0042’ 0378’ Flower color White with Red with a Pink yellow centers yellow star pattern

‘KLECA16314’ is most similar to the commercial Calibrachoa plant named MINIFAMOUS NEO ‘White 12’ (unpatented). Differences between the two varieties are described in Table 2.

TABLE 2 Comparison with Similar Variety MINIFAMOUS Characteristic ‘KLECA16314’ NEO ‘White 12’ Growth habit Semi-upright Trailing Size of center color at Very large Absent transition to corolla tube Color at transition to Yellow Absent/White corolla tube


1. A new and distinct variety of Calibrachoa plant named ‘KLECA16314’ as illustrated and described herein.

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