Cutting elements for drill bits

- Smith International, Inc.

a cutting element for mounting in a rolling cone cutter of a rock drill bit has a notch in the periphery of its base for improved retention of the cutting element in the rolling cone cutter. The longitudinal axis of the notch is essentially transverse to the direction of insertion of the cutting element into the rolling cone cutter. To maximize the effectiveness of the notch in improving retention of the cutting element, preferably the notch is sharp lipped.

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Patent History
Patent number: T970002
Type: Grant
Filed: Sep 15, 1977
Date of Patent: May 2, 1978
Assignee: Smith International, Inc. (Newport Beach, CA)
Inventors: Harry E. Kidder (Rolling Hills, CA), Robert F. Evans (La Habra, CA)
Application Number: 5/833,480
Current U.S. Class: Specific Or Diverse Material (175/374); With Bearing Or Seal Details (175/371); 175/410
International Classification: B23P 326; E21B 936; E21C 1301; E21C 1302;