Recovery of high viscosity native crude samples

- Continental Oil Company

native bottomhole samples of very viscous crude oil (bitumen, tar) are obtained by injecting water plus a suitable surfactant mixture down a hollow sucker rod whereby mixing occurs downhole, producing a resultant oil-in-water emulsion, and recovering the crude oil from the emulsion. Contamination of the crude oil sample with light hydrocarbons is avoided.

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Patent History
Patent number: T984003
Type: Grant
Filed: Sep 25, 1978
Date of Patent: Jul 3, 1979
Assignee: Continental Oil Company (Ponca City, OK)
Inventors: Thomas R. Sifferman (Ponca City, OK), Michael W. Britton (Ponca City, OK)
Application Number: 5/945,675
Current U.S. Class: Sampling Well Fluid (166/264)
International Classification: E21B 4700;