With Step Adjustment Patents (Class 2/325)
  • Patent number: 10426203
    Abstract: Apparatus are described herein for providing a garment (e.g. a bra) that can be used by a wearer during extraction of breast milk using a breast pump. In some embodiments, a garment can include an inner panel that defines one or more openings and an outer panel that can cover the openings. Each of the openings can receive a portion of a breast pump, and the inner panel can provide support to the breast pump during milk extraction. The outer panel can be removably coupled to the inner panel with a clasp such that the outer panel can be at least partially removed from the inner panel to gain access to the opening(s). In some embodiments, the inner panel can be removably coupled to another portion of the garment such that the inner panel can be partially removed and/or fully removed from the remaining portions of the garment.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 17, 2018
    Date of Patent: October 1, 2019
    Assignee: Simple Wishes LLC
    Inventor: Joy Kosak
  • Patent number: 10357065
    Abstract: A post-surgery brassiere garment for a wearer comprising a connection means comprising strap means operable to secure the brassiere garment over shoulders of the wearer, and a band region to enclose a portion of the torso of the wearer to secure the brassiere garment to the wearer; a first adjustment means operable to adjustably close the band region of the brassiere garment, and a second adjustment means operable to adjustably connect the strap means to a front region of the band region of the brassiere garment, whereby, the first and second adjustment means are together operable to adjustably compress the torso of the wearer in region of the wearers chest.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 29, 2015
    Date of Patent: July 23, 2019
    Inventors: Ciara Donlon, Kelly Lakin
  • Patent number: 9565881
    Abstract: A device for altering the length of an undergarment band assembly includes an elongated body having a first band retaining loop arranged at a first end of the body, and a second band retaining loop arranged at a second end of the body. A first fastening element is arranged proximate the first end of the body and is configured to engage with a second band fastener of a second band of the undergarment band assembly. A second fastening element is arranged proximate the second end of the body and is configured to engage with a first band fastener of a first band of the undergarment band assembly.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 10, 2015
    Date of Patent: February 14, 2017
    Inventor: Bruce A. Lockyer
  • Patent number: 6425139
    Abstract: The present invention provides a waist adjusting device which allows reduction of the number of parts, an operating piece to exert its elastic performance accurately with respect to a slider body and a smooth engagement/disengagement operation. An adjusting belt has a plurality of adjusting protrusions provided on the surface thereof and a slider body has a through portion through which the adjusting belt is capable of being inserted to the right and left and further insertion holes in which an operating piece is inserted, provided on upper and lower portions of the slider body. Slope portions inclined outward are provided on both sides of the lower insertion hole. The operating piece has engaging protrusions on one face and elastic leg portions on both sides, provided integrally with a main body thereof.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 29, 2000
    Date of Patent: July 30, 2002
    Assignee: YKK Corporation
    Inventor: Kazuo Ida
  • Patent number: 6260210
    Abstract: The present invention relates to a waist band of a non-stretchable material intended as an aid to weight reduction and long-term maintenance of a weight reduction and as an aid to preventing fatness in persons of normal weight. The waist band (1) is characterized in that it is provided with a clasp (2) in the form of a one-way lock which only allows tightening of the band (1) around the waist but which does not allow for loosening thereof.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 29, 1999
    Date of Patent: July 17, 2001
    Assignee: Lenimen AB
    Inventors: Lars Sjostrom, Leni Sjostrom
  • Patent number: 5489260
    Abstract: An improved lumbar spine support including a posterior shell form-fitted around the corresponding torso area. This shell is connectable by flexible fabric support belt arrangement tightly against the torso. The posterior shell includes an elongated upright indentation having a laterally extending wider lower portion for centering and securing the posterior shell over the lumbosacral area of the spine. A tightening strap arrangement connected to the support belt provides increased independent right and left side tightening of the posterior shell against the torso.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 20, 1994
    Date of Patent: February 6, 1996
    Inventor: James S. Striano
  • Patent number: 5304162
    Abstract: A pleated, adjustable strap member is useful in securing a garment to a wearer. The strap member has first and second strap ends and can be attached to the garment adjacent the strap ends. The strap member also includes an elastic region and a pleated region, both located between the strap ends. The pleated region includes at least one Z-fold that is maintained with a releasable bond.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 30, 1992
    Date of Patent: April 19, 1994
    Assignee: Kimberly-Clark Corporation
    Inventor: David A. Kuen
  • Patent number: 5177813
    Abstract: A shirttail retaining harness (10) is disclosed comprising a pair of elongate straps (12, 14), a means for connecting the straps to a garment (18) and, a connecting member (16) which retains a portion of the straps in spaced relation. The connecting member (16) is located away from the crotch and genital area of a wearer. The shirttail retaining harness (10) is adapted so that, in use, the straps (12, 14) thereof pass along the inside of the thighs of the wearer in the crotch area and diverge at both ends for attachment to a shirttail. An optional clasp (19) is also provided wherein the shirttail cloth is gripped between a protruding member (18e) and a layer of resilient material (18f).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 5, 1991
    Date of Patent: January 12, 1993
    Assignee: Robert C. Bosack
    Inventors: Robert C. Bosack, Michael D. Lake
  • Patent number: 4937886
    Abstract: An accessory for and in combination with a small child's or infant's clothing. A hold-down device of elasticized fabric comprises a relatively wide, elongated central section. A pair of straps extend from each end of the central section, each strap being provided with a selectively operable fastener at the end and with individual length adjusting means. The child wears an upper garment, as a shirt, which it is desired to restrain from riding up. The hold-down is passed between the child's legs and the strap fasteners are fastened to the lower edges of the upper garment.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 30, 1988
    Date of Patent: July 3, 1990
    Inventor: Barbara S. Ellis
  • Patent number: 4850057
    Abstract: Adjustable firefighters' suspenders are described. The suspenders, which are designed for comfort and flexibility during normal fire fighting or other rigorous activities, are constructed of high quality, durable materials with a long life-expectancy and include a back pivot point adjustment and flex straps at the ends of leather straps. The suspenders eliminate the need for waist adjustment straps or belts to aid in the support of the bunker pants.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 4, 1988
    Date of Patent: July 25, 1989
    Inventor: Alan W. Schierenbeck
  • Patent number: 4686716
    Abstract: A necktie holder of the type adapted to join between a wearer's shirt button and the necktie, and which will tightly embrace the button threads and loosely embrace the narrow end of the necktie. A clip having strong movable jaws forms part of the necktie holder and is arranged to seize a rearward seam on the wide end of the necktie whereby the holder is not visable from the front of the wearer but will keep the necktie in neat and orderly state at all times.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 19, 1985
    Date of Patent: August 18, 1987
    Inventor: David R. Burns
  • Patent number: 4463455
    Abstract: An adjustable two part belt with locking means comprises elongated belt members which overlap each other and transverse members connected to the ends of the overlapping portions of the belt members and at least partially encircling the corresponding portions of the belt members. At least one of the transverse members includes a clamp means in the form of a metallic strip which encircles at least a portion of the overlapping belt members and which is bendable to clamp the overlapping portions of the belt members against each other to maintain the length adjustment of the belt. The metallic strip means is preferably in a C-shape.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 15, 1981
    Date of Patent: August 7, 1984
    Assignee: Somersett Moon Ltd.
    Inventor: Alexis V. Kirk