Hook Or Loop Patents (Class 204/288.6)
  • Publication number: 20130105307
    Abstract: A hydrogen generator for producing hydrogen and oxygen gases comprising a housing having an electrolyte reservoir and an electrolysis cell, an electrical power source; a plurality of axially spaced-apart alternating positive and negative electrode plates mounted concentrically and separated from each other by a peripheral sealing ring in the electrolysis chamber; a pair of opposite tabs formed on the perimeter of the plates with openings for receiving an electrode support rod therein, positive electrode plates connected to a positive electrode support rod and negative electrode plates connected to a negative electrode support rod for electrically connecting the positive and the negative electrode plates to the power source, and fluid conduits for conveying liquid electrolyte from the reservoir to the electrolysis cell and for conveying hydrogen and oxygen gases from the electrolysis chamber; the electrode plates comprise a titanium plate having a 1-3 micron platinum coating, said plates preferably having a ci
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 31, 2012
    Publication date: May 2, 2013
    Inventors: Dejan Pavlovic, Nenad Pavlovic
  • Patent number: 8066856
    Abstract: A tending module for a series of electrolysis cells designed for the manufacture of aluminum by igneous electrolysis, each cell including a series of anodes provided with a metal rod designed to fix and electrically connect the anodes to a metal anode frame. The tending module includes a frame to be fixed to a mobile component, and at least one anode handling unit connected to the frame. The module also includes, integral with the anode handling unit, an activator that can exert at least one force or impulse on the anode rod, with a force such that, although the stem is firmly maintained in contact against the anode frame, the contact surfaces are moved in relation to each other by an amount sufficient for electrical contact to be improved. Advantageously, the activator is a jack or an impulse generator integral with the anode clamp.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 19, 2008
    Date of Patent: November 29, 2011
    Assignee: E.C.L.
    Inventor: Alain Van Acker
  • Patent number: 7922879
    Abstract: An ion exchange membrane electrolyzer is provided, which is characterized in that a current is passed through at least one electrode in contact with a plate spring member formed at a portion of an electrode retainer member parallel with a flat plate form of electrode chamber partition, wherein said electrode retainer member is joined at a belt junction to the flat plate form of electrode chamber partition with a space between them, said electrode is provided with a floating mount means at a portion thereof other than a portion of contact with the plate spring member, and said floating mount means is provided with an engaging portion that is engaged with a fixed engaging member to enable said electrode to move in a perpendicular direction to an electrode surface and in a range of displacement of said plate spring member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 9, 2007
    Date of Patent: April 12, 2011
    Assignees: Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd., Tosoh Corporation
    Inventors: Yoshiyuki Kodama, Shinichiro Yamamoto
  • Patent number: 7887680
    Abstract: An anode rod is placed between two hooks fixed to an anode beam and onto which a connector bears, including two levers, two coaxial lateral rods and a screw that can pivot levers between a clamping position of the anode rod in contact with the anode beam and a release position. The geometry of at least one hook, a lever and/or a lateral rod and the material from which they are formed are such that the elastic deformation of the holding device with respect to the anode beam when the screw is tightened is sufficient. Thus, this device can compensate for a change in the position of the anode rod by elastic return towards its unstressed position, and thus continues to keep the anode rod firmly in contact with the anode beam.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 18, 2006
    Date of Patent: February 15, 2011
    Assignee: E. C. L.
    Inventor: Xavier Delcorde
  • Patent number: 7850830
    Abstract: A process employing a rack having an article carrier that is movably supported on a frame and mechanically coupled for translating movement from a motor to the article carrier to effect movement of an article during processing to provide more uniform surface treatment, reducing or eliminating the need for shielding.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 11, 2007
    Date of Patent: December 14, 2010
    Assignee: Lacks Enterprises, Inc.
    Inventors: Trevor W. Richardson, John A. Piselli
  • Patent number: 7763152
    Abstract: There is provided an ion exchange membrane electrolyzer, wherein at least one electrode is energized by coming into contact with plate spring bodies formed on the electrode side of an electrode holding member forming a space with an electrode chamber partition bonded to a plate-like electrode chamber partition by a strip-like bonded portion, the electrode has a connected portion extending from a plane parallel to the ion exchange membrane toward the electrode holding member side in a direction perpendicular to the electrode plane, the connected portion is provided with an engaging opening extending in a direction perpendicular to the electrode plane, and the engaging opening engages with an engaging member, permitting the electrode to move in a direction perpendicular to the electrode plane within the displacement range of the plate spring bodies.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 5, 2007
    Date of Patent: July 27, 2010
    Assignees: Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd., Tosoh Corporation
    Inventors: Minoru Suzuki, Masakazu Kameda
  • Publication number: 20090050473
    Abstract: A conducting belt is used with an anode holder for supplying an electric current to an anode for plating a surface of a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer. The anode and the substrate are vertically disposed so as to face each other in a plating tank of a plating apparatus. The conducting belt includes a belt capable of contacting an outer circumferential edge of the anode and holding the anode.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 4, 2008
    Publication date: February 26, 2009
    Inventors: Mitsutoshi Yahagi, Kenichi Abe, Yuji Araki, Yoshio Minami, Tomoyasu Nagayumi
  • Patent number: 7384522
    Abstract: A loading apparatus for use in electroplating processes includes a container designed to sealingly receive a plurality of airfoil blades fitted with gaskets. Each fitted airfoil blade is disposed in contact with a plurality of electrical contact assemblies having a spring-like design which ensures an adequate connection is made and complete plating of the airfoil blades occurs.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 29, 2005
    Date of Patent: June 10, 2008
    Assignee: United Technologies Corporation
    Inventors: Dean N. Marszal, Kevin J. Castonguay
  • Patent number: 7374644
    Abstract: Embodiments of a ball assembly are provided. In one embodiment, a ball assembly includes a housing, a ball, a conductive adapter and a contact element. The housing has an annular seat extending into a first end of an interior passage. The conductive adapter is coupled to a second end of the housing. The contact element electrically couples the adapter and the ball with is retained in the housing between seat and the adapter.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 26, 2003
    Date of Patent: May 20, 2008
    Assignee: Applied Materials, Inc.
    Inventors: Paul D. Butterfield, Liang-Yuh Chen, Yongqi Hu, Antoine P. Manens, Rashid Mavliev, Stan D. Tsai, Feng Q. Liu, Ralph Wadensweiler
  • Patent number: 7344625
    Abstract: The present invention relates to a handling device for an anode connector provided with at least two side trunnions and a tightening screw. The connector is generally capable of cooperating with attachment hooks of an aluminum production cell used in fused bath electrolysis production operations so as to enable connection of anodes onto the cell. The handling device has a tightening device capable of tightening the connector screw and affecting the tightness of the connector. The present invention also has a locking system that can lock the connector in a desired position in the handling device, by loosening the connector using the tightening device. The handling device also has at least one mobile member which typically has a support to support the connector in a closed position. The support can also displace the mobile member from its closed position to an open position, and vice versa.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 15, 2005
    Date of Patent: March 18, 2008
    Assignee: E.C.L.
    Inventor: Patrick Delescluse
  • Patent number: 7169287
    Abstract: A decomposition apparatus that decomposes a decomposition target is provided. The decomposition apparatus includes a decomposition chamber having a decomposition section that continuously decomposes the decomposition target, an introducing device that continuously introduces the decomposition target into the decomposition chamber, a discharging device that discharges decomposition products produced in the decomposition chamber, and a selection section that selects a set of drive conditions from a plurality of sets of conditions for the decomposition section such that the concentration of the decomposition target within the decomposition chamber during decomposition of the decomposition target is at the predetermined concentration.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 26, 2002
    Date of Patent: January 30, 2007
    Assignee: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
    Inventors: Toshihiko Miura, Hiroshi Kubo, Kinya Kato, Masahiro Kawaguchi, Akira Kuriyama
  • Patent number: 7125477
    Abstract: Systems and methods for electrochemically processing. A contact element defines a substrate contact surface positionable in contact a substrate during processing. In one embodiment, the contact element comprises a wire element. In another embodiment the contact element is a rotating member. In one embodiment, the contact element comprises a noble metal.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 2, 2002
    Date of Patent: October 24, 2006
    Assignee: Applied Materials, Inc.
    Inventors: Paul Butterfield, Liang-Yuh Chen, Yongqi Hu, Antoine Manens, Rashid Mavliev, Stan Tsai
  • Patent number: 6833205
    Abstract: A method and apparatus is provided for an electrochemical cell system. The electrochemical cell system includes: an electrochemical cell; an energy source configured for providing a quantity of energy to the electrochemical cell; a sensing apparatus in operable communication with a gas output from the electrochemical cell, the sensing apparatus provides an output signal indicating a parameter of the gas output; and a computer in operable communication with the sensing apparatus. The computer includes a memory device configured to store a first operational parameter, and a processor configured to receive a digital representation of the output signal and the first operational parameter. The processor compares the digital representation of the output signal to the first operational parameter for regulating the quantity of energy provided to the electrochemical cell.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 20, 2001
    Date of Patent: December 21, 2004
    Assignee: Proton Energy Systems, Inc.
    Inventors: A. John Speranza, Lawrence C. Moulthrop, Jr.
  • Patent number: 6607600
    Abstract: The invention relates to an intermediate component for protecting hangers associated with electrostatic coating processes. The component is an electrically conductive, pliable, tubular member, and inexpensive relative to the hanger which it serves to protect. The component lessens the cost associated with traditional hanger cleaning and preserves hanger life and integrity. The tubular member may have a longitudinal slit for installing the member over a cross bar of a hanger.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 28, 2002
    Date of Patent: August 19, 2003
    Assignee: Action Caps LLC
    Inventor: Charles R. DeWent
  • Patent number: 6524453
    Abstract: The present invention is directed to an electrochemical apparatus comprising of an electrode assembly, an internal reservoir and an internal dryer. The internal dryer consists of a chamber filled with a multitude of balls to create mechanical obstacles removing moisture from gasses present inside, reducing the volume of accumulated gasses and acting as anti-splash for the electrolyte. The invention is also directed to an electrode assembly of monopolar electrodes for use in electrical apparatus. The bipolar electrode assembly comprises a pair of electrodes (12, 14), each of the electrodes having a plurality of electrode plates (16, 18) connected in series together. The electrode plates of each of the electrodes are connected to the next electrode plate in the series by a bridging member (20) contiguous with each of the interconnected electrode plates. The invention is also directed to an electrode for use in an electrode assembly.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 18, 2000
    Date of Patent: February 25, 2003
    Assignee: FatPower Inc.
    Inventors: Mario De Souza, Gabi Balan
  • Patent number: 6358388
    Abstract: A semiconductor workpiece holder used in electroplating systems for plating metal layers onto a semiconductor workpieces, and is of particular advantage in connection with plating copper onto semiconductor materials. The workpiece holder includes electrode assemblies which have a contact part which connects to a distal end of an electrode shaft and bears against the workpiece and conducts current therebetween. The contact part is preferably made from a corrosion resistant material, such as platinum. The electrode assembly also preferably includes a dielectric layer which covers the distal end of the electrode shaft and seals against the contact part to prevent plating liquid from corroding the joint between these parts.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 16, 1999
    Date of Patent: March 19, 2002
    Assignee: Semitool, Inc.
    Inventors: Martin C. Bleck, Lyndon W. Graham, Kyle M. Hanson
  • Patent number: 6231730
    Abstract: A cathode frame for receiving and retaining a cathode plate for electrowinning and/or electrorefining processes is constructed as an integrally-formed frame body having a base member and side members which provide a continuous channel therethrough for retaining the peripheral edge of a cathode plate, and is further structured with a cross frame extending between the side members for receiving a cathode plate therethrough. The cross frame is sized and positioned to extend proud of the frame body thereby providing contact surfaces for striking when recovering the cathode plate from the frame. In an alternative embodiment of the invention, the cross frame is integrally formed with the side members and base member and the cathode frame is configured to retain a filter media thereagainst.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 7, 1999
    Date of Patent: May 15, 2001
    Assignee: EpviroTech Pumpsystems, Inc.
    Inventors: Steven S. Davis, Forrest B. Day, Calvin C. Mills