Blow Molded Patents (Class 220/517)
  • Patent number: 6811050
    Abstract: A packing tray is provided for use in both cell pack and tray pack arrangements. The packing tray is unitarily formed from polystyrene foam to have a cellular structure. Cells are arranged in longitudinal rows of alternating odd and even numbers, and the cells are partially separated by cell dividers, which have at least major portions recessed within the tray.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 22, 2001
    Date of Patent: November 2, 2004
    Assignee: Tekni-Plex, Inc.
    Inventor: Mark A. Bergeron
  • Patent number: 6454120
    Abstract: A low depth bottle crate has a peripheral wall of uniform height, the peripheral wall including a pair of side walls and a pair of end walls. A longitudinal interior partition extends between the end walls and a plurality of transverse interior partitions extend between the side walls to thereby create a plurality of bottle receiving pockets within the peripheral wall. A crate bottom is connected to the peripheral wall, an upper surface of the crate bottom formed to include a bottle supporting platform for each bottle receiving pocket. The crate interior includes a plurality of columns located at intersections of the transverse partitions and the longitudinal partition, each interior column comprised of four discrete hollow posts, each having a convex surface facing radially into one of four of the bottle receiving pockets that surround each of the interior columns.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 17, 2001
    Date of Patent: September 24, 2002
    Assignee: Norseman Plastics Limited
    Inventor: Roy Hammett
  • Patent number: 6186328
    Abstract: A light weight low depth nestable tray for containers comprising an open lattice floor structure and a wall structure that is contoured to reduce the amount of material used for the tray. The wall structure comprises a plurality of columns interconnecting the floor to a band that is generally spaced above the floor and extends around the periphery. The band is contoured at a number of points along the periphery of the tray to reduce the number of columns as compared to the prior art trays which generally have columns at each of the corners and along the end walls and side walls. The reduction in the number of columns reduces the weight of the tray and therefore is more economical. The contour is V-shaped and the band actually connects directly to the floor at those points. The contoured wall structure provides a lighter tray that can be stacked, nested and handled in the same way as prior trays and while maintaining the structural integrity of the bulkier, heavier trays.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 19, 1999
    Date of Patent: February 13, 2001
    Assignee: Rehrig Pacific Company
    Inventor: William P. Apps
  • Patent number: 5501352
    Abstract: A height extension for use on top of a crate having a wall structure which extends the height of the wall structure of the crate to more stably retain containers. The extension of the present invention can be used with nestable and stackable crates to increase the heights of the crates without expensive replacement of the crates. It is particularly well suited for use with crates holding taller or differently shaped bottles. The extension also does not interfere with the nesting and stacking capabilities of the crates so that handling is not effected in any way since crates equipped with extensions are compatible with existing crates.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 1, 1993
    Date of Patent: March 26, 1996
    Assignee: Rehrig Pacific Company, Inc.
    Inventor: William P. Apps
  • Patent number: 4775065
    Abstract: Closure for selectively closing an opening in a wall, including a base element arranged to be affixed to the wall adjacent the opening therein. In one form, the closure includes an insert having a through opening and defining a recess adjacent the through opening. The insert is urged sealingly against the wall about the wall opening thereof, with the through opening of the insert being aligned with the wall opening. A control element is provided having a connecting portion swingably mounting the control element to the base element, a stopper portion adapted to be received in the insert opening when the control element is pivoted to a first, closed position, and a presser portion adapted to be engaged by a user's fingertip to pivot the control element to withdraw the stopper portion from the insert opening and dispose the presser portion within the recess in a second, open position of the control element.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 12, 1987
    Date of Patent: October 4, 1988
    Inventor: Eugene D. Shastal