Support Surface Revolves Or Rotates About Vertical Axis Patents (Class 248/415)
  • Patent number: 10960839
    Abstract: An occupant protection apparatus includes a seat arrangement determination unit that determines the arrangement of seats and a collision determination unit that determines information about collision occurring to a vehicle. A deployment control unit deploys an airbag when the direction of the seat and the direction of the seat determined by the scat arrangement determination unit (94) are opposed to each other, and the direction of the collision determined by the collision determination unit is on the front side of the seat, or on the front side of the seat.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 16, 2017
    Date of Patent: March 30, 2021
    Assignee: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Kazuo Imura, Naotoshi Takemura, Yoshihisa Sugamata, Yusuke Nakamura
  • Patent number: 10959525
    Abstract: A chair including a swivel assembly. The chair can include three or more arms pivotally connected to the swivel assembly and selectively moveable between an open position and closed position. The chair can also an arm lock disposed on top of the swivel assembly, where the arm lock is selectively moveable between a locked position and unlocked position. The chair can also include a seat removably connected to a distal end of each arm.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 11, 2019
    Date of Patent: March 30, 2021
    Assignee: Chama Chairs Holdings, LLC
    Inventors: Reagan Browning, Alex Cammack, Cory Emerson
  • Patent number: 10869794
    Abstract: A reversible seating mechanism includes a frame and a cross member pivotally supported on the frame for rotational movement in a plane generally parallel to the frame to define a tilt angle. A mounting plate is pivotally supported on the cross member for rotational movement in a plane generally parallel to the cross member to define one of a forward and rearward facing orientation. The mounting plate is moveable on the cross member to be oriented to the tilt angle. A tilt limiter restricts movement of the mounting plate between the forward and rearward facing orientations until the tilt angle is adjusted to a preset angle. The tilt limiter limits a forward facing tilt angle to an angle less than a rearward tilt angle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 19, 2017
    Date of Patent: December 22, 2020
    Assignee: Sunrise Medical (US) LLC
    Inventors: Steven L. Lindquist, Vasily G. Tsuber
  • Patent number: 10836279
    Abstract: A swivel plate assembly is provided that comprises a first swivel plate coupled to a second swivel plate. Each of the first and second swivel plates includes a first portion and a second portion. A channel is defined by the first swivel plate and the second swivel plate. A ball bearing assembly is positioned within the channel. A ball bearing of the ball bearing assembly is positioned substantially flush with the first and second swivel plates.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 13, 2018
    Date of Patent: November 17, 2020
    Assignee: Ford Global Technologies, LLC
    Inventors: Macit Aktas, Cung K. Chieu
  • Patent number: 9967936
    Abstract: An examination light apparatus including a touch-less control component that enables a user to control the apparatus without requiring physical contact between the user and the apparatus. The apparatus employs an LED control component that is configured to adapt its electrical interface to a variable quantity of light emitting diodes in order to interface with each of a plurality of lamp heads that each can include a unique arrangement and quantity of light emitting diodes. The light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide a high level of light quality, quantity and intensity (luminosity) while requiring low power consumption and low space and weight requirements and are employed without requiring a cooling fan. Uniform mechanical and electrical interfaces between the control component and other portions of the examination lamp provide for efficient and simple manufacturing of various examination light configurations.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 13, 2014
    Date of Patent: May 8, 2018
    Assignee: WELCH ALLYN, INC.
    Inventors: Robert J. Wood, Jon R. Salvati, Michael Curry, Christopher Dickens, Ervin Goldfain
  • Patent number: 9661929
    Abstract: A topple-proof buffering structure for the chair comprises an elastic supporting plate having two deforming buffering portions protruded from an outer side of a fixing substrate, a seat fixing plate assembled to a bottom side of a seat of the chair, and at least two flexible pillars respectively having a bolt member, a screw hole member, and a limit screw. The bolt member has an embedding end and an outer threading section. An inner screw hole is arranged at a surface of the embedding end. One end of the screw hole member opposite to the screw hole has a small diameter hole and a retaining lip. The limit screw is passed through the small diameter hole of the screw hole member and screwed in the inner screw hole of the bolt member so as to support the flexible pillars not to be damaged and broken.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 25, 2016
    Date of Patent: May 30, 2017
    Assignee: Harvest-Excel International Pte. Ltd.
    Inventor: Tuang-Hock Koh
  • Patent number: 9347494
    Abstract: Provided is a washdown bearing for an actuator, comprising: a housing having an annular wall surface extending in a longitudinal direction; a bore extending through an interior of the housing in the longitudinal direction; a plurality of irrigation channels in the housing extending through the annular wall surface of the housing to the bore that provide a fluid path between the wall surface to the bore; first and second cylindrical plane bearings positioned at ends of the housing, each having a low-friction surface permitting the absence of an externally applied lubricant; and an opening extending along a longitudinal axis through the plane bearings and the housing for receiving a rotatable or translatable shaft element.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 14, 2015
    Date of Patent: May 24, 2016
    Assignee: Boss Tool Corporation
    Inventor: Steven P. Muise
  • Patent number: 9328486
    Abstract: A faucet that permits an installer to select any of a plurality of desired spout rotational ranges of the spout with respect to the faucet base. The faucet can include adjustable components that allow the installer to select a degree of rotation of the spout with respect to the base. The degree of rotation can be any suitable range between 0° and 360°, inclusive, in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. When the degree of rotation is 360°, the spout may rotate through multiple rotations of 360°. In some embodiments, the installer can choose between a preselected number of rotational ranges. In other embodiments, the selectable range of rotation is variable and the installer can select between a desired suitable range.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 14, 2013
    Date of Patent: May 3, 2016
    Assignee: Elkay Manufacturing Company
    Inventors: Jonathan Chee Yeen Chong, René G. Laude, Raymond T. Hecker
  • Patent number: 8967578
    Abstract: A swivel device on which a chair can be secured, and which is configured to allow the easy elimination or reduction of accumulated dirt and/or sand. The swivel device may include a mounting device, and a base, wherein the mounting device is connected to the base so that the mounting device can rotate with respect to the base. The swivel device may further include a device for keeping a chair stationary on the mounting device, a first cavity located between the mounting device and the base, and a device for aiding rotation of the mounting device with respect to the base located in the first cavity. There may be a first opening of the mounting device leading to the first cavity, leading to a first opening of the base, which leads to an area outside of the swivel device. The swivel device accommodates all straight and lounge chairs.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 27, 2013
    Date of Patent: March 3, 2015
    Inventor: Joseph N. Laurita
  • Publication number: 20140263919
    Abstract: An improved slat is disclosed with enhanced functionality and versatility. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, each slat provides multiple vertical positions for receiving brackets. In addition, such slats may include an optional decorative characteristic that can be incorporated into other display devices, such as tables and shelves to increase the functionality and versatility of those devices while providing a decorative flair. The slats in accordance with the present invention can be incorporated into non-linear display devices, for example, cylindrical display devices that can be used for displaying various items, such as earring cards, headbands and other items. Heretofore, such slats have only been used in linear applications. Such slats can also be used in freestanding displays both floor displays and counter-top displays which provide multiple sided functionality.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 13, 2013
    Publication date: September 18, 2014
    Applicant: Tripar Intemational Inc.
    Inventor: Tripar Intemational Inc.
  • Publication number: 20140166841
    Abstract: Mounting systems and apparatus are provided for attaching a mast to a structure at a desired orientation. The mounting apparatus includes a base support and a ball mount. The base support can be rigidly attached to a portion of the structure. The ball mount receives a ball associated with the mast to thereby allow the mast to be positioned and maintained at the desired orientation. The mounting apparatus may be used, for example, for attaching a digital broadcast satellite (DBS) antenna to a fascia or other portion of a home or other structure.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 18, 2013
    Publication date: June 19, 2014
    Inventor: Glen Singer
  • Patent number: 8641144
    Abstract: A bi-plate ball bearing is configured for horizontally mounting between a base and a chair. The ball bearing has an upper plate and a lower plate defining a ball bearing race and a tension member holding the plates together disposed through a central rotational axis of the bi-plate ball bearing. The tension member may be configured as a threaded metal tube fixed to a first one of the upper plate and the lower plate and held to a second one of the upper plate and the lower plate by a nut. The threaded metal tube defines a passage through the central rotational axis of the bi-plate ball bearing through which power and control wiring may pass. The bearing may provide a cost-effective swivel bearing for chair that includes powered electronics, for which it is desired to pass wiring from the swiveling chair into a chair base.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 12, 2010
    Date of Patent: February 4, 2014
    Inventors: Wendell R. Davis, Jr., Dale Robert Lundeen, Kay Daniel Vetter
  • Patent number: 8602375
    Abstract: A portable and foldable support bracket for supporting and holding a portable electronic device includes a first support member, a pivot mechanism, a second support member and a support arm. The second support member is rotatably and adjustably assembled with the first support member via the pivot mechanism, and is positioned coplanar with the first support member. The support arm is rotatably and adjustably assembled to the pivot mechanism and foldable upon the first and second support members.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 23, 2011
    Date of Patent: December 10, 2013
    Assignees: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd., Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Ben-Xiang Zhao, Wu-Zhu Hu, Wu-Qi Li, Tang Li
  • Patent number: 8490859
    Abstract: The rotating mailbox device is provided in varying degrees of complexity, with each embodiment thereof focused on as basic a design as is possible while still retaining the important features of the device. Even the most basic design provides illuminated address, illumination strips within the mailbox assembly, and exterior indicators for indicating mail received via sensing of door opening. Of importance is that the basic design of the device dictates that the dished tray is rotateably affixed directly atop the post and may also be affixed off-center regarding the tray. The direct post-to-tray attachment negates the need for further attachment devices such as horizontal arms, for example. Lateral attachment of the mailbox assembly to the platform elevated section provides for easiest disassembly of part of the device and also for the elevated section to be a floor for the mailbox assembly.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 24, 2012
    Date of Patent: July 23, 2013
    Inventors: Brett A. Master, Donald A. Bland, Theresa K. Master
  • Patent number: 8424822
    Abstract: An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus having a display supported by an arm mechanism is provided. The arm mechanism has a first arm member and a second arm member. A turning mechanism is provided at a base end portion of the first arm member and a turning mechanism is provided at a working end portion of the second arm member. An upper end portion of the first arm member and a lower end portion of the second arm member form a connection section, and an intermediate turning mechanism is provided inside the connection section. Because the arm mechanism is gently curved over its entire structure, no excessive load is applied to the cable passing inside the arm mechanism. The cable extends in the connection section along an outer route having a gentle radius of curvature.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 13, 2007
    Date of Patent: April 23, 2013
    Assignee: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.
    Inventors: Masahiko Suda, Takayoshi Saito
  • Publication number: 20130068911
    Abstract: Disclosed herein is a screen base capable of allowing at least one base to be rotatably coupled to a vertical bar which extends to a lower end of a screen, and of adjusting an installation angle of the base. The screen base, which is coupled to the vertical bar extending to the lower end of the screen and supports the screen, includes a base including a body which has a hollow shape and is rotatably coupled to the vertical bar, and an extension portion which is formed to extend outward of the vertical bar from the body; and a fixing unit to fix the body with respect to the vertical bar.
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 20, 2012
    Publication date: March 21, 2013
    Applicant: FURSYS, INC.
    Inventor: FURSYS, INC.
  • Patent number: 8322598
    Abstract: A mailbox mounting bracket is configured for attachment to a post, rail, fence, or the like, to allow a mailbox to be mounted in multiple orientations. The bracket has a top plate with a plurality of holes for mounting to the bottom of a mailbox, a downwardly-extending peripheral ridge with a plurality of holes for mounting to the sides of the mailbox, and first and second downwardly-extending flanges at opposite sides of the bracket each with a plurality of holes for mounting to opposite sides of the post, fence, rail or the like. In another embodiment, the bracket includes two pieces each having a top plate, the top plates being rotatably connected to each other for extra support and versatility.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 21, 2011
    Date of Patent: December 4, 2012
    Assignee: Architectural Mailboxes, LLC.
    Inventor: Christopher A. Farentinos
  • Publication number: 20120199706
    Abstract: A display stand has a base, a vertical pole having a lower end fixed to the base. The pole includes two sections having a stem projecting upward from each section. A bearing is coupled each stem of the pole. A pair of racks, each having a central tube with a bearing race fixed within a lower end contacts an outer surface of the bearings for rotation around the tube. Each rack has a generally square perimeter with rounded corners formed of wire, with a plurality of radial support members coupled between the central tube and the rounded corners. Each side of the square perimeter portion includes a pair of hooks adjacent the rounded corners to engage products to be displayed on the stand, the hooks projecting a limited distance outward below the plane of the rack square perimeter.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 3, 2011
    Publication date: August 9, 2012
    Inventors: Edward S. Robbins, III, Susan R. Kavanaugh, Bailey J. Black, Bryan F. Magee, Ronald R. White
  • Publication number: 20120176752
    Abstract: An assembly apparatus is provided. The assembly apparatus includes a fixed apparatus that includes a body element, a first fixed element protruding from an outer curved surface of the body element in a radial direction of the body element, and a second fixed element extending in a first direction that is vertical to the radial direction of the body element, and a support apparatus that includes a first receiving element in which the first fixed element is inserted, rotated, and fixed, and a second receiving element in which the second fixed element is inserted, rotated, and fixed. An end of the second fixed element is connected to the body element. Another end of the second fixed element protrudes from a lower surface of the body element.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 6, 2011
    Publication date: July 12, 2012
    Inventor: Soo Yong Yoon
  • Patent number: 8186639
    Abstract: The present invention is to provide a bracket, which comprises a main body having a first end with two sides horizontally pivoted to a first end of a horizontal support element respectively and a second end vertically pivoted to a first end of a vertical support element, so that a second end of each of the horizontal support elements can be opened away from each other and a second end of the vertical support element can be extended to an inclined angle away from the horizontal support elements. Thus, when lower surfaces of the two horizontal support elements are placed on a plane (such as a desk surface), a user can place a table electronic device stably on a virtual inclined support plane formed between the vertical and horizontal support elements.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 4, 2010
    Date of Patent: May 29, 2012
    Inventor: Chin-Yang Wang
  • Patent number: 8162271
    Abstract: A support frame with an adjustable mechanism includes a fasten base, a displacement cylinder and an air pressure bar. The fasten base has a guiding cylinder. The displacement cylinder is sleeved with the guiding cylinder and has a relative motion relative to the guiding cylinder. One end of the air pressure bar is fastened with the fasten base and is located in the guiding cylinder. The displacement cylinder is fastened with another end of the air pressure bar and moves as the length of the air pressure bar changes.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 7, 2009
    Date of Patent: April 24, 2012
    Inventor: Chin-Chu Li
  • Patent number: 8128053
    Abstract: A vertically adjustable item of furniture with a vertical pipe, a supporting base arranged at a first end of the vertical pipe, a guide bush fastened to a second end of the vertical pipe opposite to the supporting base, a cylinder which is arranged coaxially in the vertical pipe a piston which divides the cylinder into a first work chamber and a second work chamber, a piston rod fastened by its first end to the piston extends through the second work chamber and a connection between the first work chamber and the second work chamber which can be blocked by a valve actuatable by an actuating device. The valve is controllable electromagnetically. The furniture item comprises a sensor or switch which generates a signal causing the valve to close when the piston reaches a position in the cylinder near the valve.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 17, 2009
    Date of Patent: March 6, 2012
    Assignee: Stabilus GmbH
    Inventor: Matthias Etzkorn
  • Patent number: 8121666
    Abstract: An image observation apparatus comprising an image display unit for displaying an observation image and a supporting mechanism for supporting the image display unit movably and adjustably in the directions of three, substantially perpendicular axes. Since the supporting mechanism of this image observation apparatus can move and adjust the image display unit in three orthogonal axial directions, an operator need not select a plurality of articulates for operating them when he/she wants to move the image display unit to a desired axial direction. Further, one of the three axes can be a rotational axis for turnably supporting the image display unit around the operator. According to this configuration, the image display unit can be independently moved and adjusted in three axial directions, while the observation angle of the observer with respect to the display face of the image display unit is kept constant.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 27, 2005
    Date of Patent: February 21, 2012
    Assignee: Olympus Corporation
    Inventors: Satoshi Otsuka, Takashi Fukaya, Junichi Nozawa, Tomonori Ishikawa
  • Patent number: 8120715
    Abstract: This torque limiter includes a first rotating member integrally provided with a plurality of fragment portions in a concentric manner and having a spring storage portion enclosed with the plurality of fragment portions, a second rotating member having a lid portion arranged to cover the spring storage portion of the first rotating member and a fit portion fitted with the outer peripheral surfaces of the plurality of fragment portions of the first rotating member and a spring member press-fitted into the spring storage portion enclosed with the inner peripheral surfaces of the plurality of fragment portions of the first rotating member thereby bringing the plurality of fragment portions into pressure contact with the fit portion of the second rotating member, for transmitting driving torque in response to pressure contact force applied by the spring member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 23, 2009
    Date of Patent: February 21, 2012
    Assignee: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Daisuke Shimizu
  • Patent number: 8061675
    Abstract: A rotatable seat mount apparatus is disclosed. A disclosed apparatus includes a seat mount having a locking arm pivotally mounted within the seat mount. A lever is rotatably coupled to the locking arm so that rotation of the lever causes the locking arm to pivot from a first position in which the seat mount is prevented from rotating and to a second position in which the seat mount is enabled to rotate.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 10, 2007
    Date of Patent: November 22, 2011
    Assignee: Brunswick Corporation
    Inventor: Kevin Downey
  • Patent number: 8052101
    Abstract: The invention provides a rotating table for a display device which can rotate around the horizontal shaft by a manual operation in addition to a small motor drive. A rotating table for a display device includes a rotating member arranged so as to be rotatable around a horizontal shaft, and in which the display device is arranged, a balancing device balancing with a gravity moment around the horizontal shaft in the display device, and a first motor-driven rotating mechanism rotating the rotating member around the horizontal shaft, and the first motor-driven rotating mechanism includes gear trains converting a rotation of an electric motor into a rotation of the rotating member, and a rotation allowing device allowing a rotation of the gear trains only in a case of a rotation having a torque not less than a predetermined torque with respect to the rotation from the rotating member side.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 17, 2009
    Date of Patent: November 8, 2011
    Assignee: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    Inventors: Naoki Asakura, Katsutoshi Okada, Yoshiki Nagaoka, Norio Yamashita
  • Patent number: 7950610
    Abstract: A display base including a torque limiter capable of inhibiting the number of components from increase and the torque limiter are obtained. This display base includes a driving source turning a display screen portion and a transmission gear portion for transmitting driving force of the driving source to a turning portion. The transmission gear portion includes a torque limiter having a driven gear member integrally provided with a plurality of support sections formed concentrically with rotational axis, a drive gear member fitted onto an outer peripheral surface of each of the support sections of the driven gear member, and a spring member pressing the support sections against the drive gear member by being press-fitted into an inner peripheral surface of each of the support sections of the driven gear member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 9, 2007
    Date of Patent: May 31, 2011
    Assignee: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Kunio Sawai
  • Patent number: 7946542
    Abstract: A laptop stand for a vehicle is rotatably secured to a post on or near the floor of the vehicle. It is usually mounted between a driver and a passenger seat on a custom bracket. Two handles can be loosened to quickly rotate both a base support rod and a cradle support rod to desired positions, either for the driver's use or the passenger's use. A tilt and a forward/backward adjustment is located under the cradle. A height adjustment is located on the base support rod.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 28, 2007
    Date of Patent: May 24, 2011
    Inventor: Robert J. Chapman
  • Patent number: 7946543
    Abstract: Closet carrousel having a motorized vertical support tube that attaches to the floor and ceiling of a standard closet. horizontal support tube arms radiate from the vertical support tube. Three arms extend out from the out from the upper region of the vertical tube and three arms extend out from the lower region of the support tube. The support tubes are slidably mounted on inner support rods. Each support rod is made of a first rod and a second rod that are hinged together to form one long rod. The support tubes hold standard hangers for hanging garments. The user can slide a horizontal support tube out past the hinged portion of the inner support rod so that the inner rod may be bent by the user thereby exposing and giving access to an inner core of shelving members.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 9, 2008
    Date of Patent: May 24, 2011
    Inventors: Donna M. Cotter, Laurie L. Anderson
  • Publication number: 20110073553
    Abstract: A display is disclosed that employs one or more support elements affixed to a central support or to other support elements. The support elements are configured to contain specific items, such as cosmetics. The number of support elements is user-configurable, and may be determined by a central support capacity by adjusting the size of the central support to allow for varying number of support elements. The central support may have attachment points to which support elements affix. Cover elements can be used to further secure support elements to a central support or to other support elements.
    Type: Application
    Filed: June 5, 2009
    Publication date: March 31, 2011
    Inventor: Laura Davis Buege
  • Patent number: 7905464
    Abstract: The invention relates to a longitudinally adjustable intermediate piece with a first and second longitudinal element. A spindle nut is placed inside the second longitudinal element and rests via one of its two faces on a friction surface of the second longitudinal element while covering a large area or can be brought into contact therewith. However, a friction-reducing axial bearing is provided between the other face of the spindle nut and the second longitudinal element so that the spindle nut can be set in rotation over the thread when applying an axial tractive force to the longitudinal elements and the longitudinal elements can be continuously pulled out of one another. However, the rotation of the spindle nut is blocked when applying an axial compressive force to the longitudinal elements by means of the frictional resistance between the spindle nut and the friction surface thereby preventing the longitudinal elements from being pushed together.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 12, 2006
    Date of Patent: March 15, 2011
    Inventor: Flaviano Fabbri
  • Patent number: 7882795
    Abstract: An adjustable fisherman seat assembly includes an elongated base member and a seat section. A mechanism for linearly displacing the seat includes: a linear shaft; a pair of linear slots; a bore; first and second linear arms; a bracket; and first and second pairs of spring members. A mechanism for adjustably pivoting the seat includes: a bar; a support plate; a rod; a toothed wheel; an elbow lever; an actuating arm; and a pawl. A fishing rod holder is statically coupled to the adjustably pivoting mechanism. A mechanism for supporting user feet includes a platform and a support stand. Such a platform has a finger extending downwardly and a locking pin. A plurality of independently compressible spring members is nested within the seat section.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 6, 2007
    Date of Patent: February 8, 2011
    Inventor: Carl Snyder
  • Publication number: 20110017730
    Abstract: A stand for an electrical box is provided to maintain an electrical box having at least one hub a predetermined distance from a concrete form prior to and during the concrete being poured. The stand has extensions with ribs thereon at different longitudinal positions from the base permitting the electrical box to be supported by the stand at different heights with respect to the concrete form to permit access to the hubs of the electrical box with electrical tubing and to accommodate concrete slabs of different thicknesses using the same height of electrical box. The electrical box and stand assembly have a locking mechanism to lock the electrical box to the stand at the selected predetermined distance from the form. The locking mechanism has hooks which engage indentations on mounting tabs of the electrical box. The mounting tabs have grooves which guide the hooks to the indentations.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 24, 2009
    Publication date: January 27, 2011
    Inventor: Guillaume Hugo Marquis-Martin
  • Patent number: 7865985
    Abstract: An operating table is shown, which comprises a table column with a column foot (10) and with a column head and also a bed connectable or connected to the column head, the column foot (10) having a floor-side baseplate (12) and a column-side footplate (14), the footplate (14) being mounted rotatably on the baseplate (12) and being secured, with a vertical play, by means of an abutment (24) against being lifted off from the baseplate (12), and at least one clamping cylinder (42) actuated by pressure medium being provided in order to tension the footplate (14) against the abutment (24).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 9, 2006
    Date of Patent: January 11, 2011
    Assignee: Maquet GmbH & Co. KG.
    Inventor: Rolf Revenus
  • Patent number: 7758007
    Abstract: A commercial vehicle seating and operating unit fastened to a support (1) comprises a rotatably supported base plate (2), by means of which the seating and operating unit is supported rotatably about a vertical axis of rotation. The bearing arrangement comprises two cylindrical sleeves, which are disposed one coaxially in the other, a first inner sleeve (19) that is rigidly connected to the commercial vehicle and a second outer sleeve (21) that is rigidly connected to the seating and operating unit, the inner sleeve (19) forming a passage for the penetration of cables, pipes or hosepipes that connect the seating and operating unit to a unit of the vehicle. The bearing arrangement has a limiting device, which limits the rotation of the seating and operating unit about the vertical axis to a preset maximum angle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 24, 2005
    Date of Patent: July 20, 2010
    Assignee: Dipl.-Ing. agr. Andreas Reichhardt
    Inventor: Alfred Link
  • Patent number: 7712711
    Abstract: A display apparatus including a display main body to display a picture thereon, a base to support the display main body on an installation surface, and a lifting unit provided between the display main body and the base to move the display main body up and down relative to the base, the lifting unit having a guide frame vertically disposed relative to the base, a lifting member slideably provided in the guide frame and coupled to the display main body, and an oil groove formed in at least one of the guide frame and the lifting member. With this configuration, the present general inventive concept provides a display apparatus in which a display main body can lift up and down relative to a base. The present general inventive concept also provides a display apparatus in which a display main body can rotate in various directions relative to a base.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 6, 2005
    Date of Patent: May 11, 2010
    Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Se-ki Jang
  • Publication number: 20100096517
    Abstract: A computer retail display stand includes a base with an adjustable rear locking bracket assembly that can be engaged with an in-store locking bar, adjusted as necessary for the particular configuration of the in-store locking bar. A support platen on which a computer can be disposed for display is rotatingly coupled to the base. Informational material can be supported on a brochure tray that slides into and out of the base at the front of the stand.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 21, 2008
    Publication date: April 22, 2010
    Inventors: Linda Lampman, Anthony Ian Lynas
  • Patent number: 7694930
    Abstract: Apparatus for operation of a vehicle seat swivel or rotation mechanism are disclosed. A disclosed apparatus includes a cable assembly having a first end and a second end. The first end of the cable assembly is configured to be operatively coupled to a rotation mechanism of a vehicle seat. A release member is operatively coupled to the second end of the cable assembly so that the rotation mechanism is urged toward a locked condition in the absence of a force being applied to the release member by a person.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 6, 2008
    Date of Patent: April 13, 2010
    Assignee: Brunswick Corporation
    Inventors: Michael Allen Ritter, Bobby Leo Woodward
  • Publication number: 20100030371
    Abstract: A pharmacy will-call and prescription order article management system and method for managing articles selected to fulfill patient prescription orders awaiting patient pick-up from the pharmacy. An exemplary system includes a storage module including a plurality of separate spaced-apart storage locations for storing containers containing the articles. The containers may be stored at any of the storage locations, thereby maximizing storage density. A visual indicator is provided to indicate each storage location and each storage location has a unique machine-readable identification code identifying that storage location. A code reader is provided to read a unique identification code associated with each container and the unique code at each storage location. Control apparatus controls system operation by locating each container at a storage location and operating the indicator to indicate the relevant storage location when a pick-up request for the prescription order articles is made.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 30, 2008
    Publication date: February 4, 2010
    Applicant: The Chudy Group, LLC
    Inventors: Duane S. Chudy, Michael B. Bishop
  • Patent number: 7641257
    Abstract: A seating arrangement is provided in a vehicle to enable a wheelchair occupier to be carried safely in the vehicle, whilst having only a minimal effect on the total number of passengers that can be carried. The seating arrangement includes two adjacent seats, one adjacent the side of the vehicle and the other adjacent the aisle of the vehicle. The seat adjacent the side of the vehicle can be moved from a first position to a second position in which a clear space exists on the side of the second seat which is remote from the aisle. The second seat has a seat squab which is moveable to a position in which the seat squab does not obstruct the space in front of the back-rest of the seat, and the second seat is moveable laterally towards the side of the vehicle and axially of the vehicle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 26, 2006
    Date of Patent: January 5, 2010
    Assignee: NMI Safety Systems Ltd.
    Inventor: Michael Sawdy
  • Patent number: 7614692
    Abstract: A child car seat is provided, which comprises a swivel seating part assembled on a fixed base so that the seat can be orientated according to two positions, one forward facing and the other facing the side door, and disengaging return means which, when engaged, act on a plate connected to said seat so as to return the latter to said forward facing position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 13, 2004
    Date of Patent: November 10, 2009
    Assignee: Cosco Management, Inc.
    Inventor: Richard M. Biaud
  • Patent number: 7584973
    Abstract: A system for the storage and convenient presentation of tools or other items is disclosed. Specifically, the invention disclosed is a multilevel tool lift which consists of a base assembly, a substantially vertical tube assembly and shelf assemblies attached to the substantially vertical tube assembly. The substantially vertical tube assembly can be extended or contracted, thereby raising and lowering the shelf assemblies attached thereto.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 7, 2006
    Date of Patent: September 8, 2009
    Inventor: Steve Brager
  • Publication number: 20090126112
    Abstract: An operating table column is disclosed which includes a column shaft, on which an operating table top can be fixed, and a column foot which can be secured in place on a floor. The column shaft is mounted on the column foot so as to be rotatable about its vertical axis. Electrical transmission elements which interact with one another are arranged on the column shaft and on the column foot for transferring electrical energy, and the column shaft is freely rotatable in relation to the column foot while a transfer of electricity via the transmission elements is maintained.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 12, 2008
    Publication date: May 21, 2009
    Applicant: TRUMPF Medizin Systeme GmbH
    Inventors: Arnd Kuchenbecker, Sven Steffens, Steffen Loeser
  • Patent number: 7523912
    Abstract: A pivot assembly that can be retrofitted to existing traffic poles. The pivot assembly comprises a bearing assembly disposed between a top plate and a bottom plate. The bottom plate connects to the existing pole foundation with the standard anchor bolt arrangement. Similarly, the top plate connects to the base plate of the traffic pole using additional bolts. Bearings in the pivot assembly allow the pole to rotate relative to the foundation. Preferably, roller bearings are utilized, as these can be contained substantially within the pivot assembly without extending down into the foundation or up into the pole. This means the pivot assembly can be installed in existing, standard traffic poles and foundations without modifying either. The pivot assembly does not interfere with existing wiring or access openings.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 17, 2004
    Date of Patent: April 28, 2009
    Assignee: Pelco Products, Inc.
    Inventor: Raymond M. Woods
  • Patent number: 7522047
    Abstract: A display assembly for a retail product has a base and a platform adjustably mounted on an upper end of the base. The platform includes a lower housing which is pivotally supported in a cradle attached to the upper end of the base. The platform is pivotally mounted on the cradle by a pair of pivot pins, at least one of which is threaded to secure the platform in an adjusted titled position on the cradle. A plurality of notches are formed on the platform housing and selectively engage a detent formed on the cradle to retain the platform in an adjusted position. A sensor may be removably mounted on the platform and connected to the product and to the base by an expandable cord to actuate an alarm if the product is removed in an unauthorized manner from the sensor or base.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 19, 2006
    Date of Patent: April 21, 2009
    Assignee: InVue Security Products Inc.
    Inventors: Dennis D. Belden, Jr., Ronald M. Marsilio
  • Publication number: 20090057519
    Abstract: A furniture member swivel base includes a hollow first ring having L-shaped walls, including an outer wall vertically oriented and a ball contact wall horizontally oriented in an operating position. A hollow second ring includes ball bearing cavities proximate a second ring outer perimeter. The second ring is positioned below the first ring in the operating position. A ball bearing is rotatably received in each of the ball bearing support cavities and extends partially above the second ring to rotatably support the ball contact wall and permit the first ring to rotate with respect to the second ring. The first ring is fixed to the furniture member so the furniture member is supported on the first ring. The furniture member and the first ring are rotatable about an axis oriented transverse to the second ring with the second ring non-rotatably in contact with a floor surface.
    Type: Application
    Filed: August 31, 2007
    Publication date: March 5, 2009
    Applicant: La-Z-Boy Incorporated
    Inventor: Larry R. LaPointe
  • Publication number: 20090032669
    Abstract: Apparatus for operation of a vehicle seat swivel or rotation mechanism are disclosed. A disclosed apparatus includes a cable assembly having a first end and a second end. The first end of the cable assembly is configured to be operatively coupled to a rotation mechanism of a vehicle seat. A release member is operatively coupled to the second end of the cable assembly so that the rotation mechanism is urged toward a locked condition in the absence of a force being applied to the release member by a person.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 6, 2008
    Publication date: February 5, 2009
    Inventors: Michael Allen Ritter, Bobby Leo Woodward
  • Patent number: 7451958
    Abstract: Apparatus for operation of a vehicle seat swivel or rotation mechanism are disclosed. A disclosed apparatus includes a cable assembly having a first end and a second end. The first end of the cable assembly is configured to be operatively coupled to a rotation mechanism of a vehicle seat. A release member is operatively coupled to the second end of the cable assembly so that the rotation mechanism is urged toward a locked condition in the absence of a force being applied to the release member by a person.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 28, 2005
    Date of Patent: November 18, 2008
    Assignee: Brunswick Corporation
    Inventors: Michael Allen Ritter, Bobby Leo Woodward
  • Patent number: 7445189
    Abstract: An apparatus and method is disclosed for automatically maintaining the viewing angle of a first display, mounted to a second display, regardless of the viewing angle of the second display. In one embodiment, such an apparatus includes a first display and a pivot mechanism to connect the first display to a second display. The pivot mechanism enables the first display to pivot relative to the second display. An angle retention mechanism is provided to automatically maintain the viewing angle of the first display regardless of the viewing angle of the second display.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 25, 2006
    Date of Patent: November 4, 2008
    Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation
    Inventors: Aaron Roger Cox, Thomas John Sluchak, Robert Paul Tennant
  • Patent number: 7399090
    Abstract: A projector includes a main body, a lens unit and a lens cover. The main body includes a housing and a groove formed on a bottom face of the housing. The lens unit is provided to the main body. The lens cover is configured to cover the lens unit. The lens cover is further configured to be fitted to the groove so that the lens cover rotatably supports the main body.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 14, 2007
    Date of Patent: July 15, 2008
    Assignee: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Akihiro Oda