Liquid Container Adjustable On Reference-surface Section Patents (Class 33/384)
  • Patent number: 10807406
    Abstract: An old work box device may be provided. The old work box device may include an adjustable device ring. Furthermore, the old work box device may have a measuring device affixed to the device ring, which may be capable of measuring a horizontal or vertical distance in relation to the device ring. A level may be provided on the device ring, which may be capable of leveling the device ring vertically or horizontally. A magnet or stud finder may be provided on the device ring, which may be capable of locating a stud for the installation of an old work box. The old work box may include a measurement scale along its perimeter and a marking device capable of marking desired locations a mounting surface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 24, 2018
    Date of Patent: October 20, 2020
    Inventor: Walter Francis
  • Patent number: 10527415
    Abstract: A level including a rotating level vial is provided. The level includes a locking mechanism that utilizes an actuator that engages a brake to lock the rotating vial into the desired position. The locking mechanism may include a spring element that is compressed by the actuator during locking, and the spring element in turn pushes against the brake facilitating control of the normal force that the brake applies to the vial surround of the rotating vial. The rotating level vial may engage the level body such that the rotating level vial is permitted to rotate 360 degrees in both the clockwise and counter clockwise directions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 30, 2016
    Date of Patent: January 7, 2020
    Assignee: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
    Inventors: Joseph Burge, Bryant Deakins, Michael Wyatt
  • Patent number: 8819985
    Abstract: Disclosed herein are several embodiments of a level indicator for a firearm that is configured to be repositioned from a home position, generally above the barrel of the firearm, to an extended position, generally above and to the side of the barrel of the firearm. Several different mounting apparatuses are also disclosed, as well as variations of adjustment mechanisms.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 20, 2010
    Date of Patent: September 2, 2014
    Inventors: Charles A. McCoy, James A. Tryon
  • Patent number: 7614662
    Abstract: A fitting is provided with an integral orientation indicator that can be permanently fixed to or detachable from the fitting. The orientation indicator allows the installer of the fitting to ensure that the fitting, as well as the upstream and downstream parts of the fluid conveying system associated with the fitting, are properly oriented so that liquid will flow in the desired direction. When the fitting is connected to the primary condensate outlet of the drain pan on a central air conditioning unit, the orientation indicator can be used to ensure that liquid will flow out of the drain pan.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 5, 2006
    Date of Patent: November 10, 2009
    Inventor: Gerald S. Spanger
  • Patent number: 7600324
    Abstract: A level having a mounting body provided with a bubble tube measuring portion disposed in a container case, the mounting body is adjusted by microrotation in relation to the container case to correct a position of the bubble tube, wherein a shaft insertion hole is provided in the container case and in the mounting body, the shaft member is disposed via the through-hole of the container case and the mounting body, whereby the mounting body can perform microrotations about the shaft member in the container case, the mounting body is provided with an elastic pressure contact portion for making elastic pressure contact with an inner surface of one side of the container case, and a tightening and pressing contact portion for making pressing contact via an adjustment screw for pressing and making contact in a sloped direction with the inner surface on an opposite side facing the container case.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 21, 2005
    Date of Patent: October 13, 2009
    Assignee: Ebisu Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Kiyoshi Maruyama
  • Patent number: 7555842
    Abstract: A leveling tool which can be attached quickly and simply to a utility service line, pipe, or cable and a method of use to check the line's, pipe's or cable's levelness and plumbness. In its preferred embodiment, the leveling tool comprises a base and two level vials attached to the base, to check a line's levelness and the line's plumbness. The leveling tool also comprises attaching means to attach the tools to the line or cable. The tool can be firmly attached to the line or cable and measure the line's levelness and plumbness via the appropriate level vial. The present invention, therefore, provides a more versatile and convenient leveling tool, one that can be quickly attached to a cable or line and left there indefinitely, while the user continues to work on the cable hands-free, and refer to the cable's levelness or plumbness at a glance.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 9, 2006
    Date of Patent: July 7, 2009
    Inventor: Steve R. Asay
  • Patent number: 7467475
    Abstract: A leveling device permitting adjustment to level of a table saw planar surface by a first bubble level and thereafter adjustment of the leveling device to a desired cutting angle, followed by setting the table saw blade to the point where a second perpendicular bubble level.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 11, 2007
    Date of Patent: December 23, 2008
    Inventor: Attila G. Cheek
  • Patent number: 7363719
    Abstract: A pocket level having a detachable line level whose bubble vial doubles as the pocket level's horizontal bubble vial, and an angle finder for enabling the determination of the angle of an inclined surface which includes a bubble vial housed in a wheel rim directly rotated by a user applying a rotation force to a portion of its exterior non-slip circumferential wheel rim surface preferably accessible via a throughgoing cutout formed in the pocket level's upper surface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 31, 2003
    Date of Patent: April 29, 2008
    Assignee: Kapro Industries, Ltd
    Inventors: Amy Levinson, Gabriel Kohner
  • Patent number: 7360317
    Abstract: A level having an adjustable mechanism for truing to acquire an exact reading which comprises an elongated rigid body being an I-shaped frame having a web with a first flange transversely extending across a first long end of the web and a second flange transversely extending across a second long end of the web. A first bubble vial is mounted in a parallel relationship within the center of a first elongated rectangular plate for taking horizontal measurements. A second bubble vial is mounted in a transverse relationship within the center of a second elongated rectangular plate for taking vertical measurements. A mechanism is for securing the first elongated rectangular plate in an adjustable manner to one face of the web and the second elongated rectangular plate in an adjustable manner to an opposite face of the web.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 23, 2006
    Date of Patent: April 22, 2008
    Inventor: Stephen T. Lavalle
  • Patent number: 6990742
    Abstract: A level having a frame with an edge rail and a web extending from the edge rail at right angles. A web opening is provided in the web. A capsule assembly is mounted on the web at the web opening. The capsule assembly has a transparent capsule having a liquid therein and outer cover plates mounted over the capsule on each side of the web. The volume of the liquid in the capsule is less then the volume of the interior of the capsule so that an upper surface of the liquid is formed in the entire surface of which is viewable through the transparent capsule.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 22, 2004
    Date of Patent: January 31, 2006
    Assignee: Great Neck Saw Manufacturers, Inc.
    Inventor: Sheldon Schmidt
  • Patent number: 6901671
    Abstract: The present invention relates to a level. More particularly, the present invention relates to a right/left and vertical level that is capable of right/left and verticality/horizontality measurement at the same time, and is capable of exactly measuring an inclined angle and a minute inclination angle. Therefore, the verticality and horizontality of the right and left can be measured through one work and their inclined directions and angles can be simply and exactly measured. Further, a fine inclined angle (1° unit) of an object can be measured. It is thus possible to improve the efficiency of a worker in construction fields, shorten working hours, and thus improve the efficiency of the work.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 17, 2003
    Date of Patent: June 7, 2005
    Inventor: Seung-Jin Lim
  • Patent number: 6782628
    Abstract: A level includes a plate secured to a casing and rotatable relative to the casing between a closed and an open positions. A bubble vial is attached to the plate. The plate has one or more catches for openably securing the plate to the casing. The casing includes one or more retainers for retaining the plate at the open position relative to the casing. A level housing has a chamber for receiving the casing, and the casing has one or more latched engageable with the level housing. The bubble vial preferably includes a cylindrical shape having a flat upper surface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 27, 2002
    Date of Patent: August 31, 2004
    Inventor: Vincent Liao
  • Publication number: 20040098874
    Abstract: A level includes a plate secured to a casing and rotatable relative to the casing between a closed and an open positions. A bubble vial is attached to the plate. The plate has one or more catches for openably securing the plate to the casing. The casing includes one or more retainers for retaining the plate at the open position relative to the casing. A level housing has a chamber for receiving the casing, and the casing has one or more latched engageable with the level housing. The bubble vial preferably includes a cylindrical shape having a flat upper surface.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 27, 2002
    Publication date: May 27, 2004
    Inventor: Vincent Liao
  • Patent number: 6591510
    Abstract: An apparatus and method for securing and aligning level indicators such as bubble vials includes the use of a spring structure with a screw adjuster. In some embodiments, multiple spring structures are positioned perpendicular to one another to allow precise adjustment in different planes. The spring structure is economical to manufacture, and allows accurate adjustment of levels placed in equipment having imprecisely bored holes.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 16, 2001
    Date of Patent: July 15, 2003
    Assignee: Toolz, Ltd.
    Inventor: Christopher Andrew Tacklind
  • Patent number: 6477781
    Abstract: There is shown a spirit level device having a basic body element and a bubble element which pivots around an axis in its inclination towards the basic body element. An adjusting bubble element is fixed at the basic body element so that the middle part thereof is aligned parallel to the axis. The basic body element has an essentially L-formed profile whereby the adjusting bubble element is on one side which is angled at 90° in respect of the angle side, and the pivotable bubble element is on the other side of the angle of the basic body element.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 9, 1999
    Date of Patent: November 12, 2002
    Inventor: Hans P Blatt
  • Publication number: 20010045020
    Abstract: An apparatus and method for securing and aligning level indicators such as bubble vials includes the use of a spring structure with a screw adjuster. In some embodiments, multiple spring structures are positioned perpendicular to one another to allow precise adjustment in different planes. The spring structure is economical to manufacture, and allows accurate adjustment of levels placed in equipment having imprecisely bored holes.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 16, 2001
    Publication date: November 29, 2001
    Inventor: Christopher Andrew Tacklind
  • Patent number: 6176020
    Abstract: A bubble vial is mounted in a carpenter's level by a pivot rod on one side of the vial and an eccentric cam rod on the other side of the vial. The vial housing is supported in the pivot rod so as to be able to move, due to thermal expansion differences between the box frame of the assembly and the bubble vial assembly, with simple linear translation toward and away from the pivot rod and yet is not subject to twisting, torquing or rotating motions. The cam rod is eccentric so that by its rotation the vial is caused to adjust its attitude relative to the carpenter's level and thus accommodate any out of calibration condition.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 6, 1999
    Date of Patent: January 23, 2001
    Inventor: Dane Scarborough
  • Patent number: 6158134
    Abstract: The present invention entails an equipment leveling device comprising a leveling head having a leveling instrument incorporated therein and a series of spaced apart support legs secured to the leveling head and projecting radially therefrom for engaging an object to be leveled and for supporting the leveling head adjacent the object during the leveling process. In the embodiment disclosed, each of the support legs is adjustable in length such that the leveling device can accommodate structures and objects of various size.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 1, 1998
    Date of Patent: December 12, 2000
    Assignee: Ericsson Inc.
    Inventors: Robert L. Warner, Jr., Jerome F. Bayer, Walt Evanyk
  • Patent number: 6148530
    Abstract: A spirit level having a sub-assembly on the body. The sub-assembly has a vial holder having two spaced pockets. A curved vial having two ends received in the pockets and resilient ribs having a curve matched to the vial and engaging the vial to hold the vial in an adjusted position. Each vial can be adjusted relative to a separate vial holder and each vial holder/vial sub-assembly can be independently adjusted and set relative to an appropriate edge of the level. The vial snaps into a fixed receptacle on either side of the vial holder. One side of the holder is curved to match the curve of the vial to insure that the vial is properly positioned. The underside of the vial holder may be relieved to increase flexibility to make it easier to snap the vial into place.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 16, 1998
    Date of Patent: November 21, 2000
    Assignee: Great Neck Saw Manufacturers, Inc.
    Inventors: Sydney Jacoff, Sheldon Schmidt
  • Patent number: 5992033
    Abstract: A carpenter's level provides a three point mounting for a vial housing within a level frame. The frame is a square cylinder, preferably an extruded part. The vial housing mounts within the frame on a pivot pin and is biased by a spring toward one side wall of the frame where the vial housing abuts the side wall on a pivot ridge extending from the housing. The pivot pin provides a camming surface so that the vial housing may be rocked slightly to a new position in order to re-align the vial housing within the frame.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 16, 1997
    Date of Patent: November 30, 1999
    Inventor: Dane Scarborough
  • Patent number: 5966826
    Abstract: A dual usage level marking instrument is provided that includes a leveling rod. This rod has a dotted-type laser device fixed at one end and a straight-type laser device fixed at the other end. Leveling elements are installed on this rod. The dotted-type or straight-type device installed on the both ends emit dotted or vertical/horizontal marking lines. The instrument is used on construction sites for marking measurement.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 10, 1997
    Date of Patent: October 19, 1999
    Inventor: Ko-Liang Ho
  • Patent number: 5755623
    Abstract: A golf green level determining removable accessory for temporary securement to a shaft of a golf putter, to in effect create a level tool having the length of the golf putter. With this accessory temporarily in place, the golfer lays his or her putter at selected places on the contour of the grass surface of a golf green to determine the respective slope in the selected locale. A housing of this accessory positions and holds an elongated sealed liquid and air level; receives and holds at least one magnet; temporarily receives, via a concave portion thereof, a portion of the shaft of a golf putter; receives some calibration shims or an adjustable set screw, to initially, when necessary, adjust the level air bubble at the zero position, when the golf putter is laid on a known level underlying surface with the accessory in the temporary position thereof. If a golf putter has a nonmetallic shaft, then a metal snap on partial sleeve is placed on this shaft.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 13, 1996
    Date of Patent: May 26, 1998
    Inventor: John M. Mizenko
  • Patent number: 5546670
    Abstract: A multi-purpose measuring instrument for wood working machines including a body having a horizontal side and a vertical side. The edge of the horizontal side is provided with magnets and the vertical side is provided with slide blocks capable of longitudinal sliding movement and being positioned. The slide blocks may be used in measuring the height of the blade of the wood working machine. A circular level set is movably and rotatably provided in the center of the body. The level set consists of inner rings, outer rings and a bubble tube. The outer rings may be turned to a desired degree and angle adjustment of workpieces is achieved by adjusting the rings and the position of the bubble in the bubble tube, providing multiple measuring functions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 5, 1994
    Date of Patent: August 20, 1996
    Inventor: Vance Chiang
  • Patent number: 5509657
    Abstract: A golf club positioning and position indicating device having a mounting base that is releasably attached to the shaft of a golf club below the handgrip of the club. A positioning head support for support and orientation of a positioning head which can be visually inspected by a golfer when addressing the golf ball in preparation for the intended golf stroke. The positioning head support is releasably received in specifically oriented relation by the mounting base to provide for simple and efficient assembly or disassembly of the positioning head relative to the mounting base. A spirit level support is connected in adjustable pivotal relation with the positioning head support and retains a circular spirit level of a dimension that can be easily visually inspected by a golfer holding the golf club at the ball addressing position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 13, 1995
    Date of Patent: April 23, 1996
    Inventor: Joe M. Guthry
  • Patent number: 5444918
    Abstract: An arrangement for aligning an apparatus unit with respect to the direction of gravity. The arrangement includes a first support device, a second support device and a third support device acting on a first support point, a second support point, and a third support point, respectively, of the apparatus unit. A measuring level serves to control the alignment of the apparatus unit. The first and second support devices are vertically adjustable. The three support points are arranged in the corners of a triangle. Two separate optically distinguishable partial areas are marked in the region of the measuring level, wherein the first partial area is intersected by a plane through the center of the measuring level extending perpendicularly to the line connecting the first support point and the third support point, and wherein the second partial area is intersected by a plane through the center of the measuring level extending perpendicularly to the line connecting the second support point and the third support point.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 7, 1993
    Date of Patent: August 29, 1995
    Assignee: Mettler-Toledo AG
    Inventor: Roger Leisinger
  • Patent number: 5421094
    Abstract: An adjustable level having an angled base with legs extending normal to one another from a common edge and with magnets spaced along and extending fully through each leg; an L-shaped bracket having at least one bubble housing fixed to a leg thereof; a post extending from the base and through a hole in the bracket; a spring on the post and between a head on the post and the bracket to bias the bracket towards the base and to thereby engage ribs on the bracket into grooves on the base; and a retainer for retaining the level to objects, including a flexible cord connected to a return spring and a loop and hook to secure the cord in a pulled out condition surrounding an object.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 1, 1993
    Date of Patent: June 6, 1995
    Inventors: David W. McCord, Steven A. Turner
  • Patent number: 5359499
    Abstract: The reflector of the headlamp is pivotally supported within a housing for vertical tilting about a horizontal axis and for horizontal pivoting about a vertical axis. A bubble level is carried by the reflector and may be adjusted relative thereto to a level position after the reflector has been tilted about the horizontal axis to establish proper vertical aiming of the headlamp beam. A horizontal indicator is located at the same inspection position as the bubble level and may be adjusted to a zero setting after the reflector has been pivoted about the vertical axis to establish proper horizontal aiming of the beam. Part of a mounting platform for the bubble level also serves as part of an indicating scale for the horizontal indicator.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 18, 1993
    Date of Patent: October 25, 1994
    Assignee: Elco Industries, Inc.
    Inventor: Ronald S. Denley
  • Patent number: 5174572
    Abstract: A golf club includes a shaft and a rubber mounting seat which is provided on the shaft. The mounting seat confines a blind bore with a hemispherical bottom and has an open top end and an annular flange which projects inwardly from the open top end. A position indicator is received in the blind bore and includes a cylinder body which has a hemispherical bottom, a top end that is formed with a fluid cavity and a window that covers the fluid cavity. The window has a position marker formed thereon. The fluid cavity contains a volume of liquid therein. The liquid forms a positioning bubble beneath the window. The hemispherical bottom of the cylinder body extends into and is in frictional contact with the hemispherical bottom of the blind bore to permit tilting and rotative adjustments of the cylinder body within the blind bore. The cylinder body is initially adjusted so as to move the position marker to a desired position which corresponds to an optimum golf club striking position of a golfer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 25, 1992
    Date of Patent: December 29, 1992
    Inventor: Chin L. Ho
  • Patent number: 5103569
    Abstract: Disclosed is a leveling tool that has three leveling indicators mounted thereon, one of which is removable and usable as a separate tool when bending electrical conduit. A calculator is integrated into the leveling tool for performing calculations during leveling or during the bending of conduit. A phosphorescent liquid is used in the bubble level indicators for low light use.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 16, 1991
    Date of Patent: April 14, 1992
    Assignee: The Level Corporation
    Inventor: Lester Leatherwood
  • Patent number: 5063679
    Abstract: The present invention relates to an improved leveling device for use with various tools or other objects during a construction or repair process. A bubble level is mounted along the straight edge of a semi-circular protractor. The protractor is movably connected to a base member and adapted to pivot thereon relative to a central axis extending through the base member. A detent mechanism is provided within the base member for maintaining the protractor at various angular settings. The base member is also adapted to rotate about the central axis and may be easily and quickly attached to or removed from the protractor bubble level as well as various types of work surfaces including wood and metal.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 10, 1990
    Date of Patent: November 12, 1991
    Inventor: Bruce E. Schwandt
  • Patent number: 5031081
    Abstract: A headlamp for a power vehicle comprises a reflector mountable in a chassis and turnable for adjusting its inclination, a water level provided on the reflector for controlling its inclination, the water level having adjusting marks and being displaceable relative to the reflector for reflector specific fine adjustment, a support insertable in the reflector and receiving the water level, the water level having an outer side and provided on the outer side with a cover glass forming a part of an outwardly curved spherical surface, the water level being turnable in the support for fine adjustment about a vertical axis.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 26, 1990
    Date of Patent: July 9, 1991
    Assignee: Robert Bosch GmbH
    Inventors: Hans Daumueller, Karl-Otto Dobler, Heinz Ruckwied, Friedrich Schauwecker
  • Patent number: 5025568
    Abstract: An improved photographic enlarger alignment tool is disclosed comprising a base plate and a circular level adjustably attached to the base plate by three or more screws adapted to permit calibration of the device in all axes of a plane and alignment of a second plane in all axes simultaneously. A method for using the tool to align the planes of a photographic enlarger is also disclosed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 17, 1989
    Date of Patent: June 25, 1991
    Assignee: E. Philip Levine, Inc.
    Inventor: Steven K. Grimes
  • Patent number: 5001838
    Abstract: The spirit level, for use by carpenters, bricklayers or the like has a body comprising an elongate extrusion with at least one flat supporting edge 3. An outer rotatable member 10 is rotatably mounted in a transverse circular aperture in the elongate extrusion, and an inner rotatable member 11 is rotatably mounted in a transverse circular aperture in the outer rotatable member and coaxial therewith. A bubble tube 14 is secured to the inner rotatable member in fixed orientation relative thereto, such that rotation of the inner rotatable member effects coarse rotation of the bubble tube and rotation of the outer rotatable member (together with the inner rotatable member) effects fine rotation of the bubble tube. The angle can be measured by placing edge 3 on a test surface, successively rotating inner member 11 and outer member 10, and reading off the resulting angles on coarse scale 19 and fine scale 24.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 28, 1989
    Date of Patent: March 26, 1991
    Inventors: Terrence Huxley, deceased, by Mary E. Huxley, heir, Garry I. Lewis
  • Patent number: 4996777
    Abstract: A snap-in vial cover for retaining a level-indicating vial on the web of a frame includes first and second vial cover members. The vial cover members are substantially identical in construction. A vial is adapted for placement within a pair of oppositely disposed notches formed in an opening provided in the web of the frame. The first and second members are securable to each other for retaining the vial on the web of the frame.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 28, 1990
    Date of Patent: March 5, 1991
    Assignee: Johnson Level & Tool Mfg. Co., Inc.
    Inventor: Imre Grosz
  • Patent number: 4989327
    Abstract: A transparent shape retentive and flexibly resilient tubular member is supported from a farm tractor in an upstanding plane disposed transverse to the tractor and is vertically bowed. The interior of the tubular member includes gravity responsive indicator structure disposed therein and movable therealong to a longitudinal center position within said tubular member responsive to gravity forces when the vehicle is laterally horizontally disposed and movable, proportionally along the tubular member from a central position therein toward opposite ends of the tubular member responsive to lateral tilting of the tractor in opposite directions and structure is provided to adjustably vary the radius of curvature of the arcuate tubular member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 13, 1987
    Date of Patent: February 5, 1991
    Inventor: John R. Morton
  • Patent number: 4964219
    Abstract: A combination plumb/level device for removable attachment to a try square of magnetizable material to enable the square to be used as a level or a plumb. The device comprises a spirit level, and a holder for the level. The holder has a magnet associated therewith for magnetically gripping one face of a standard, unaltered leg of the try square with the level oriented relative to the face. The magnet associated with the holder is engageable with an edge of the standard, unaltered leg and orients the level with respect to the edge, enabling flatwise application of the other face and edges of the try square to a surface whereby the try square may be used to ascertain level or plumb positions. Other embodiments, including those directed to a device adapted for removable attachment to a try square of non-magnetizable material, are also disclosed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 6, 1989
    Date of Patent: October 23, 1990
    Assignee: Wade Parker
    Inventor: Gary E. Clark
  • Patent number: 4932132
    Abstract: This invention relates to an electronic level apparatus wherein a hollow torus is rotatably mounted in the level. A body of ferromagnetic fluid creates a horizontal reference and is sensed to provide an audible signal when a predetermined angular orientation is detected by the sensor.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 1, 1989
    Date of Patent: June 12, 1990
    Assignee: Technical Research Associates, Inc.
    Inventors: Charles D. Baker, Owen D. Brimhall, James E. Messinger
  • Patent number: 4848003
    Abstract: Apparatus is described for positioning a tilt meter (12) in a horizontal plane (14) and maintaining it horizontal despite temperature changes, with greater precision than heretofore. Leveling screws 25-27 which hold the upper surface (18) of a base member (16) precisely horizontal, are engaged with nuts (21-23) attached to the base member, where the nuts are made of the same material as the screws, to eliminate tilting of the base member with temperature changes, due to different nuts engaging a screw at a different height. The nuts are attached to the upper surface (18) of the base member, to further avoid imprecision. The curved glass bubble tubes (60) are mounted in V-grooves (80) in four point contact therewith.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 28, 1984
    Date of Patent: July 18, 1989
    Assignee: California Institute of Technology
    Inventors: James A. Westphal, Michael A. Carr
  • Patent number: 4791731
    Abstract: A device for installing an article on a vertical surface is disclosed. The device includes a base and a first longitudinal member connected to the base. A second longitudinal member is slidable longitudinally relative the first member. The second longitudinal member is in a telescopic relationship with the first longitudinal member enabling the distal end of the second longitudinal member to be varied in vertical height relative to the base. A template frame is secured to the second member and a plurality of punches are disposed in the frame. The device also includes a lock for locking the relative position between the first and the second longitudinal members, enabling an operator to position the template frame a predetermined distance vertically above the base with the template frame being located in contact with the vertical surface to form an aperture in the vertical surface upon depression of at least one of the plurality of punches to install the article on the vertical surface thereby.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 30, 1987
    Date of Patent: December 20, 1988
    Inventors: John Dickinson, Peter Warhurst
  • Patent number: 4774767
    Abstract: A water level or spirit level having at least one water level member whose angular adjustment relative to the contact surface can be changed. The water level member is rotatably mounted on the level body or a structural part fixedly connected to the level body. The water level member is fixable in the desired angular position relative to the level body or the structural parts connected to the level body. The rotatable water level member has at least one circumferentially extending flange which engages under a clamping jaw. The clamping jaw can be pressed against the surface of the flange by means of a manually operated clamping member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 26, 1987
    Date of Patent: October 4, 1988
    Assignee: Firma Ing. Guido Scheyer
    Inventor: Dietmar Scheyer
  • Patent number: 4635376
    Abstract: Angle measuring apparatus, particularly for measuring doctor blade angle, comprises an elongate support (1); a horizontal level detecting device (4) pivotally connected to an upper surface of the support (1); and means (5, 8) for determining the angle between the support (1) and the horizontal level detecting device (4). An under surface of the support (1) includes a pair of projecting feet (13, 14), the arrangement being such that when the apparatus is placed on a cylinder, the upper surface of the support (1) is substantially parallel with a chord of the cylinder.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 23, 1985
    Date of Patent: January 13, 1987
    Assignee: Crosfield Electronics Limited
    Inventor: Andrew R. Fry
  • Patent number: 4571845
    Abstract: A specially contoured cavity or recess for the precise alignment and retention of a uniform cylindrical level vial in Polycast plastic level instruments or other hand tools. The recess is accurately oriented with respect to tool measuring surfaces during the Polycast molding process. The contoured cavity or recess is dimensioned to tightly receive the level vials thereby accurately indexing the vial in relation to the measuring surfaces. The retention recess has a semi-cylindrical contour and a vial receiving opening defined between a pair of opposed ridges. The ridges include a sloped vial receiving forward surface and extend inwardly into the receiving opening a selected dimension to permit entry and retention of the level vial.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 30, 1984
    Date of Patent: February 25, 1986
    Inventors: Randall J. Wright, Donald Wright
  • Patent number: 4564322
    Abstract: A drill scope comprising a calibrated protractor that can be read directly in terms of angle of tilt of the drill bit and a pivoting spirit level support means with tilt angle marker and bull's-eye bubble level that can be pivoted to a selected angle of tilt and then held in that position during use of the drill. In this manner, when the hand held drill is held such that the bubble reads level, the angle of tilt or inclination of the resulting hole can be readily maintained within one degree. The drill scope can be a U-shaped arm with level that swings over the entire drill housing, a circularly curved surface integrally mounted in the drill housing with a sliding element that holds the level or a calibrated protractor disc with radial support arm and level that attaches to the conventional side handle hole of the drill.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 6, 1983
    Date of Patent: January 14, 1986
    Inventor: Keith D. Stapley
  • Patent number: 4546549
    Abstract: A spirit leveling attachment for a power tool which is universally adjustable relative to the tool so as to enable the tool to be located in anyone of a number of selected positions of angularity and maintained in such position by visual reference to the spirit level. A magnetized support member having a partly spherical recess is mounted on the tool. The spirit level is formed with a partly spherical body member which is accommodated in the recess of the magnetized support member, enabling the body member to be magnetically retained in the recess in selected positions of adjustment relative to the support member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 5, 1984
    Date of Patent: October 15, 1985
    Inventor: Terry Duperon
  • Patent number: 4484393
    Abstract: An illuminated spirit level comprises a bubble tube mounted in a support body with light source shielded to define two light paths directed through the bubble tube to apertures on the outside of the support body so that with the bubble positioned centrally the light is communicated directly from the light source through the bubble tube to the apertures. On movement of the bubble relative to the bubble tube caused by inclination of the spirit level, the bubble intercepts one of the light paths so as to cause refraction directing the light away from the aperture. The different refraction is caused by the difference in shape between the lower surfaces of the bubble and the upper surface of the bubble tube. The curvature of the bubble causes the edge to totally reflect the light path to divert the light.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 29, 1983
    Date of Patent: November 27, 1984
    Inventor: Dennis M. LaFreniere
  • Patent number: 4435908
    Abstract: An apparatus for measuring the plumbness of vertical studs of building structure frames includes a vertical main body member with a horizontal vial therein and having first and second opposed, plane, parallel surfaces, first and second vertical extension members being connected to said main body member and slidably engaging said first and second plane, parallel surfaces, respectively, first and second quick-release mechanisms releasably locking said first and second vertical extension members to said main body member, a first offset member connected to the upper end of the first vertical extension member and extending to an imaginary plane that is parallel to the first surface, and a second offset member extending from the bottom of the second vertical extension member to the imaginary plane.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 20, 1982
    Date of Patent: March 13, 1984
    Inventor: Paul M. Semler, Jr.
  • Patent number: 4322890
    Abstract: A plurality of gauges are provided with each gauge including a horizontal arm, a vertical elongated measuring member guidingly supported from one end of the arm for adjusted vertical shifting relative thereto and first lock structure operatively associated with the arm and the measuring member for releasably locking the measuring member in adjusted shifted position relative to the arm. A vertical standard is provided including mounting structure supporting the arm from the standard for vertical shifting therealong with the arm disposed at right angles relative to the standard. Second locking structure is operatively associated with the arm and the standard for releasably locking the arm in adjusted shifted position relative to the standard and levelling structure is carried by the arm for indicating when the arm is precisely horizontally disposed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 17, 1980
    Date of Patent: April 6, 1982
    Inventors: Davis R. Jarman, Virgil H. Hinson
  • Patent number: 4161299
    Abstract: A method and apparatus to obtain performance data for maximum cruise economy on any particular aircraft by means of a device comprising three thin round flat disc concentrically mounted to one another. Various aircraft performance scales are imprinted upon the rotatable discs and there is provided an indicating pointer which may be set in a level position based upon the readings of the calibrated scales and based upon the throttle setting of the aircraft while in flight to give maximum cruise economy.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 20, 1978
    Date of Patent: July 17, 1979
    Inventor: Leonard F. Smisson
  • Patent number: 4079520
    Abstract: A position indicator to properly incline and set a golf club. The indicator includes a positioning head mounted upon a clamp which is secured to the shaft of a golf club. The positioning head includes a cup carrying a spherical level, a bubble in fluid beneath a spherical glass. The glass is marked to center the level bubble and to indicate direction alignment. The connection between the positioning head and the clamp is essentially a ball and socket joint. A lock screw ties the two components together whenever the position indicator is properly set.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 20, 1976
    Date of Patent: March 21, 1978
    Inventor: Carl B. Davis
  • Patent number: D257671
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 12, 1979
    Date of Patent: December 23, 1980
    Inventor: Clayton A. Elliott