Glutaryl 7-ACA derivatives and processes for obtaining them

- Antibioticos S.p.A.

There are disclosed new compounds of formula (I), wherein R is: a hydrogen atom: a linear or branched C1-C4 alkyl group, unsubstituted or substituted by at least a phenyl group or at least a hydrogen atom: a benzyl group substituted by at least a linear or branched C1-C4 alkyl or alkoxy group or a nitro group; a silyl substituted by at least a linear or branched, unsubstituted or substituted C1-C4 alkyl group; n is 0 or 1; and Y is a radical of formula (II), wherein A is H, OH, Cl, CH2, CH2X, where X is F, Cl, Br, I, OH or OR' and R' is COCH3 or a linear or branched, unsubstituted or substituted C1-C4 alkyl group and . . . represents a single or a double bond, with the proviso that when n=0 and R is H, R' is not a methyl group; and processes for obtaining them.

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1. The compound of formula: ##STR9##

2. The compound of formula: ##STR10##

3. The compound of formula: ##STR11##

4. The compound of formula: ##STR12##

5. The compound of formula: ##STR13##

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Patent History
Patent number: 5750682
Type: Grant
Filed: Mar 13, 1996
Date of Patent: May 12, 1998
Assignee: Antibioticos S.p.A. (Milan)
Inventors: Loris Sogli (Novara), Davide Longoni (Gorgonzola), Giovanni Pozzi (Besana Brianza), Enrico Siviero (Pavia), Daniele Mario Terrassan (Concorezzo), Ermanno Bernasconi (Caronno Varesino), Francisco Salto (Madrid)
Primary Examiner: Mukund J. Shah
Assistant Examiner: King Lit Wong
Law Firm: Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, P.C.
Application Number: 8/605,135