Battery set structure and charge/ discharge control apparatus for lithium-ion battery

- Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

In a battery-driven portable computer, a battery pack is constituted by m battery sets connected in series each including n lithium-ion secondary battery cells connected in parallel. A voltage monitor for monitoring the voltage of the terminal electrode of each battery set and a charger for independently appropriately charging each battery set in accordance with a monitor result are arranged, thereby realizing battery driving by a lithium-ion secondary battery pack having a large capacity.

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1. An electronic apparatus, comprising:

a battery pack having:
m (m is an integer of two or more) battery sets connected in series each having n (n is an integer of two or more) rechargeable battery cells connected in parallel and charge/discharge terminals connected to nodes of the m battery sets;
charge/discharge current limiting resistors, each said charge/discharge current limiting resistor having at least a first and a second terminal, the first terminal connected to the nodes of the m battery sets and the second terminal connected to the charge/discharge terminals; and
power supply terminals;
voltage measuring circuits connected between the power-supply terminals and said charge/discharge terminals for measuring a voltage value of the m battery sets;
a power-supply microprocessor for outputting a voltage check signal of said battery pack;
amplifiers, connected to said charge/discharge terminals, for amplifying the voltage value of an integer multiple of 1/m of a total voltage value of the m battery sets;
switches connected between said amplifiers and terminals; and
a switch control circuit connected to said power-supply microprocessor and said switches and responding to the voltage check signal from said power-supply microprocessor, for turning off said switches when said voltage measuring circuits measure the voltage value of the m battery sets.

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Patent History

Patent number: 5825155
Type: Grant
Filed: May 9, 1997
Date of Patent: Oct 20, 1998
Assignee: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba (Kawasaki)
Inventors: Hironori Ito (Tokyo), Yuichiro Hino (Tokyo), Naoki Tashiro (Tokyo), Masahiko Hagiwara (Tokyo), Keiichi Mitsui (Tokyo), Akihiko Uchida (Tokyo)
Primary Examiner: Peter S. Wong
Assistant Examiner: K. Shin
Law Firm: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, L.L.P.
Application Number: 8/853,415


Current U.S. Class: 320/16; 320/15; 320/17; 320/39; 320/40; 320/48; To Determine Plural Cell Condition (324/434); Plural Cells (429/149); With Integral Switch Means (429/150); Having Intercell Connector (429/160)
International Classification: H02J 700;