Actuated By Position Or Movement Of Access Barrier Or Its Position Lock Patents (Class 187/308)
  • Patent number: 10544010
    Abstract: The disclosure provides for a locking system for an elevator car door that includes a locking apparatus mounted to the elevator car door. The locking apparatus includes an elevator door latch arm, a sensing vane, and a fixed vane. The elevator door latch arm has one end configured to be inserted into a catch to lock the elevator car door. The sensing and fixed vanes are generally parallel to one another. When the elevator car door is aligned with a hoistway door, an outer surface of the sensing vane is configured to engage with a roller on the hoistway door, and an outer surface of the fixed vane is configured to engage with another roller on the hoistway door. When both the first and second rollers are engaged by the sensing and fixed vanes, the locking apparatus is configured to remove the elevator door latch arm from the catch.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 21, 2017
    Date of Patent: January 28, 2020
    Assignee: G.A.L. Manufacturing Company, LLC
    Inventors: Stephen Bosshart, Andrew Goodwin
  • Publication number: 20150075918
    Abstract: The invention relates to an elevator comprising an elevator car comprising a cabin box provided with a floor, a roof, walls and preferably also door(s) each delimiting an interior space for receiving a load to be transported with the elevator car. The elevator further comprises at least two landings, a motor for moving the elevator car and a control system for controlling the motor, wherein the control system is provided with an automatic control mode and a manual control mode, in which automatic control mode the motor is arranged to be automatically controlled by the control system move the elevator car automatically from one landing to another, and in which manual control mode the motor is arranged to be manually controllable to move the elevator car a manually controllable distance upwards or downwards.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 31, 2014
    Publication date: March 19, 2015
    Inventor: Nithil Karimpanackal NATARAJAN
  • Patent number: 6851521
    Abstract: An emergency unlocking device includes an unlocking lever actuated by an unlocking slide that is guided in a guide fastened to the inner side of the shaft door. The guide covers a passage that is formed in the shaft door for insertion of a tool for actuation of the unlocking slide so that in the case of a fire the flame cannot pass through the passage to the elevator shaft.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 19, 2002
    Date of Patent: February 8, 2005
    Assignee: Inventio AG
    Inventor: Ernst Studhalter
  • Publication number: 20030094332
    Abstract: An improved hoistway access detection system including three safety chains, one for monitoring door position on the even numbered floors, one for monitoring door position on the odd numbered floors, and one for monitoring the position of the pit door, wherein an elevator car is slowly moved to the alternate floor upon detection and subsequent closure of an open pit door and any landing door.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 16, 2001
    Publication date: May 22, 2003
    Applicant: Otis Elevator Company
    Inventors: Helio Tinone, Frank W. Adams
  • Patent number: 6474448
    Abstract: A modular lock (10) for elevator doors, in particular for locking and unlocking the floor doors of elevators and hoists, comprises a first fixed plate (12) and a second plate (14) articulated on the same, cooperating with the blades of the car activator and provided with means (52, 62) for striking a contact (48, 56).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 17, 2000
    Date of Patent: November 5, 2002
    Assignee: Sematic Italia S.p.A.
    Inventor: Roberto Zappa
  • Patent number: 5377785
    Abstract: A door closing system for subsequent installation on an automatic sliding door of an elevator car is coupled, at floor stops, via cams and couplings with the hoistway door and is opened and closed together therewith, wherein the closing system prohibits opening of the elevator door from the inside of the car when the car is between two floors, i.e., outside the door opening zone of a floor, wherein a rocker mechanism is affixed to a fixed or movable cam of the clutch and coupling mechanism of the door, the rocker mechanism being tilted by coupler brackets of the hoistway door during normal operation of the door within the door opening zone and, via a transfer means, removes a locking pawl from a hook retainer and thus mechanically frees the door for opening, with the rocker mechanism not being actuatable outside of the door opening zone and blocking the car door via the locking pawl that is kept in a mechanically interlocked position via a compression spring.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 12, 1993
    Date of Patent: January 3, 1995
    Assignee: Inventio AG
    Inventor: David B. Pearson