Power System Patents (Class 703/18)
  • Patent number: 11656297
    Abstract: An apparatus monitoring system stability of a DC power system includes a switching power converter with a control loop. The converter is connected to a DC bus of the system. A monitoring loop injected into the control loop includes a sensor circuit monitoring voltage and current of the DC bus and a small signal injector producing a periodic signal with variable amplitude and frequency and injects the periodic signal on a reference signal of the control loop. The monitoring loop includes a stability measurement circuit that varies a frequency input to the small signal injector until the periodic signal has a frequency equal to a system minor loop gain crossover frequency of an impedance ratio of a converter closed loop output impedance and an impedance of the DC power system. The monitoring loop includes a measurement output circuit that outputs a DC power system stability margin at the crossover frequency.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 17, 2021
    Date of Patent: May 23, 2023
    Assignee: Utah State University
    Inventors: Rohail Hassan, Hongjie Wang, Regan A. Zane
  • Patent number: 11649804
    Abstract: A system and method are provided for controlling a wind turbine of a wind farm. Accordingly, a controller implements a first model to determine a modeled performance parameter for the first wind turbine. The modeled performance parameter is based, at least in part, on an operation of a designated grouping of wind turbines of the plurality of wind turbines, which is exclusive of the first wind turbine. The controller then determines a performance parameter differential for the first wind turbine at multiple sampling intervals. The performance parameter differential is indicative of a difference between the modeled performance parameter and a monitored performance parameter for the first wind turbine. A second model is implemented to determine a predicted performance parameter of the first wind turbine at each of a plurality of setpoint combinations based, at least in part, on the performance parameter differential the first wind turbine.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 7, 2021
    Date of Patent: May 16, 2023
    Assignee: General Electric Renovables Espana, S.L.
    Inventors: Samuel Bryan Shartzer, Scott Charles Evans, Arunvenkataraman Subramanian, Dhiraj Arora, Samuel Davoust
  • Patent number: 11604447
    Abstract: A condition monitoring system which collects operation data from a machine and monitors a condition of the machine includes: a storage unit that stores information indicating components of a first machine for which a model for a sensor data analysis has been created and components of a second machine for which the model is newly created, information indicating a correspondence relationship between the components of the first machine and the components of the second machine, and information relating to the model; a model creation unit that creates model candidates of the second machine from the model similar to the second machine by using the information stored in the storage unit, and creating information relating to a model candidate selected via an input unit out of the model candidates as the model of the second machine; and a display unit that displays the model candidates.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 23, 2018
    Date of Patent: March 14, 2023
    Assignee: HITACHI, LTD.
    Inventors: Tomoaki Hiruta, Hideaki Suzuki, Takayuki Uchida, Akihiro Komasu
  • Patent number: 11599696
    Abstract: A method and apparatus for automatically generating periodic boiler combustion models and aperiodic boiler combustion models through automatic learning are provided. The method of automatically generating a boiler combustion model may include determining whether a specific event has occurred in association with a boiler, changing a training condition according to a result of the determining, generating a boiler combustion model trained on operation data measured in the boiler and stored in a database according to the training condition, and determining a precision of the generated boiler combustion model.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 28, 2020
    Date of Patent: March 7, 2023
    Inventors: Sang Gun Na, Jwa Young Maeng
  • Patent number: 11592788
    Abstract: The present disclosure describes systems and techniques that enhance effectiveness and efficiency of a contingency analysis tool that is used for studying the magnitude and likelihood of extreme contingencies and potential cascading events across a power system. The described systems and techniques include deploying the contingency analysis tool in a high-performance computing (HPC) environment and incorporating visual situational awareness approaches to allow power system engineers to quickly and efficiently evaluate multiple power system simulation models. Furthermore, the described systems and techniques include the power system contingency-analysis tool calculating and coordinating protection element settings, as well as assessing controls of the power system using small-signal nomograms, allowing power system engineers to more effectively comprehend, evaluate, and analyze causes and effects of cascading events against a topology of a power system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 23, 2020
    Date of Patent: February 28, 2023
    Assignee: Battelle Memorial Institute
    Inventors: Nader A. Samaan, Bharat GNVSR Vyakaranam, Jeffery E. Dagle, Yousu Chen, Marcelo A. Elizondo, Mallikarjuna R. Vallem, Pavel V. Etingov, Qiuhua Huang, Xinya Li, Blaine J. McGary, Kirsten L. Pierce, George Chin, Jr., Dimitri V. Zarzhitsky
  • Patent number: 11579208
    Abstract: The present application provides a method and apparatus for evaluating the health state of a distribution transformer, and a medium and a program. In an embodiment, the method for evaluating the health state of a distribution transformer includes: extracting features from electric power parameters of a plurality of distribution transformers; clustering the plurality of distribution transformers into M subsets based on the extracted features, M being a natural number greater than 1 and less than a number of the distribution transformers; and respectively executing processing for each of the M subsets. In an embodiment, the processing includes determining a cluster center of the subset as a reference transformer for the subset; calculating the similarity between each of the distribution transformers in the subset and the reference transformer therein; and sorting the distribution transformers in the subset according to the calculated similarity.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 20, 2019
    Date of Patent: February 14, 2023
    Inventors: Dan Wang, Jing Li, Hao Liu, Wen Tao Hua
  • Patent number: 11580728
    Abstract: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a storage device, for electric grid asset detection are enclosed. An electric grid asset detection method includes: obtaining overhead imagery of a geographic region that includes electric grid wires; identifying the electric grid wires within the overhead imagery; and generating a polyline graph of the identified electric grid wires. The method includes replacing curves in polylines within the polyline graph with a series of fixed lines and endpoints; identifying, based on characteristics of the fixed lines and endpoints, a location of a utility pole that supports the electric grid wires; detecting an electric grid asset from street level imagery at the location of the utility pole; and generating a representation of the electric grid asset for use in a model of the electric grid.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 24, 2021
    Date of Patent: February 14, 2023
    Assignee: X Development LLC
    Inventors: Ananya Gupta, Phillip Ellsworth Stahlfeld, Bangyan Chu
  • Patent number: 11569682
    Abstract: Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for a fast power network simulator. A system configured per this disclosure can use identify a power network, the power network comprising generators, transmission lines, and loads, and receive a model of the power network. The model of the power network can include: models of the generators modeled as differential equations, and models of the transmission lines and the loads modeled as algebraic equations. The system can convert, via a processor, the algebraic equations of the models of the transmission lines and the loads to additional differential equations, then combine, via the processor, the differential equations and the additional differential equations, to yield combined differential equations. The system can then iteratively solve linear equations, via the processor, associated with the combined differential equations, to yield solutions, and output the solutions as part of a power simulation of the power network.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 1, 2017
    Date of Patent: January 31, 2023
    Assignee: Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College
    Inventors: Shahab Mehraeen, Boyu Wang
  • Patent number: 11552472
    Abstract: In a power control system a server maintains asset models that represent asset behaviour, each asset model being in real-time communication with its asset to dynamically inform the model of the status of the asset. A test is performed at the server by issuing a command to an asset requesting the asset to perform a function. Sensors at the asset measure physical parameters at the asset and report these to the server. The server determines whether the asset responded to the command and, if the asset responded, how it responded over time. The server establishes a model for the asset in terms of an energy capacitance and a time constant based on the measured response. An optimizer determines which assets are to participate in which service models. The server sends instructions to the selected assets to attempt to fulfill the services.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 24, 2018
    Date of Patent: January 10, 2023
    Inventors: Sorin Bota, Oliver Burstall, Jerzy Lelusz, Matthew Storkey, William Winter
  • Patent number: 11544426
    Abstract: A system for enhanced sequential power system model calibration is provided. The system is programmed to store a model of a device. The model includes a plurality of parameters. The system is also programmed to receive a plurality of events associated with the device, receive a first set of calibration values for the plurality of parameters, generate a plurality of sets of calibration values for the plurality of parameters, for each of the plurality of sets of calibration values, analyze a first event of the plurality of events using a corresponding set of calibration values to generate a plurality of updated sets of calibration values, analyze the plurality of updated sets of calibration values to determine a current updated set of calibration values, and update the model to include the current updated set of calibration values.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 15, 2019
    Date of Patent: January 3, 2023
    Assignee: General Electric Company
    Inventors: Honggang Wang, Weizhong Yan, Kaveri Mahapatra
  • Patent number: 11537183
    Abstract: An energy offloading system is in direct electric communication with an energy generating system and dynamically receives energy from the energy generating system. The energy offloading system uses energy for high-load computations. The energy offloading system includes computers performing the high-load computations as well as servers, cooling units, and communication devices. When the energy from the energy generating system is terminated, the energy offloading system may power down these and other devices, or may switch these devices to an alternative power source. The energy offloading system may be portable.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 29, 2021
    Date of Patent: December 27, 2022
    Assignee: Drone Energy IP Holdings, LLC
    Inventors: Ralph W. Lewis, Jacob Gadikian, Christopher Abramo
  • Patent number: 11539213
    Abstract: The energy management system is an energy management system for a microgrid including at least either one of an electrical load and a renewable energy power-generation system, and an energy storage device, the energy management system including: a prediction unit that predicts, at a fixed time interval, at least either one of an electricity demand and an amount of electricity generated from renewable energy, and an electricity fee, within a predetermined period; and an optimization unit that performs optimization for an optimum charging/discharging plan for the energy storage device by using a prediction result from the prediction unit and in consideration of uncertainty in prediction.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 14, 2018
    Date of Patent: December 27, 2022
    Assignee: IHI Corporation
    Inventor: Yuji Koguma
  • Patent number: 11514220
    Abstract: Predicting power usage of a chip may include receiving placement data describing a placement, within the chip, of a plurality of logical components of the chip; providing the placement data as an input to a neural network; and determining, by the neural network, based on the placement data, a predicted power usage of the chip.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 9, 2019
    Date of Patent: November 29, 2022
    Inventors: Zhichao Li, Yaoguang Wei, Kai Liu, Su Liu, Manjunath Ravi
  • Patent number: 11502541
    Abstract: A method of generating a customized secondary power distribution assembly (SPDA) includes generating one or more customizable SPDAs. Each of the one or more customizable SPDAs is a construct corresponding with a microprocessor configured to control a set of customizable channels in each of a set of virtual line replaceable modules (vLRMs). The method also includes creating a mapping between one of the one or more customizable SPDAs and the customized SPDA, the mapping indicating line replaceable modules (LRMs) of the customized SPDA and defining each channel of each LRM, and deploying the customized SPDA in an application. The microprocessor is initiated to control the customized SPDA according to the mapping at startup.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 30, 2021
    Date of Patent: November 15, 2022
    Inventors: Gabriel Radulescu, Terrence R. Leibham
  • Patent number: 11487994
    Abstract: A computer system is configured to group solar power systems that provide electric power to an electricity distribution system into clusters. The computer system identifies a solar source meter in each of the clusters that is representative of the respective one of the clusters as a bellwether meter. Each of the bellwether meters monitors a power output of one of the solar power systems in one of the clusters. The computer system receives solar power generation data from the bellwether meters. The computer system generates a solar power generation forecast for each of the clusters of the solar power systems using the solar power generation data from the bellwether meters in respective ones of the clusters.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 23, 2019
    Date of Patent: November 1, 2022
    Assignee: Sacramento Municipal Utility District
    Inventors: Remington Clark, Jeff Berkheimer
  • Patent number: 11436393
    Abstract: A method and a device for monitoring a power supply apparatus of a traffic system. A computer-based model of the power supply apparatus is created inter alia with the aid of predetermined parameters which are relevant for the power supply apparatus. The invention aims to meet changed requirements of modern power supply devices. Current characteristic quantities are determined during the operation of the traffic system and the operation of the power supply device is simulated at least with the aid of the model and the characteristic quantities.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 4, 2017
    Date of Patent: September 6, 2022
    Assignee: Siemens Mobility GmbH
    Inventors: Martin Altmann, Otto Schmid, Imre Pomeisl
  • Patent number: 11349306
    Abstract: A versatile intelligent fault diagnosis (IFD) method for a distribution grid integrating renewable energy resources is described. Advanced signal processing techniques extract useful features from recorded three-phase current signals, which are input to a multilayer perceptron neural networks (MLP-NN) to diagnose i.e., to detect, classify, identify the feeder branch, and locate the faults. Once a fault is detected, classified and located, a grid operator may adjust grid parameters or dispatch a technician to correct the fault. The IFD method is independent of load demand, renewable energy generation, and fault information (resistance and inception angle) uncertainties, as well as measurement noise.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 19, 2019
    Date of Patent: May 31, 2022
    Assignee: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
    Inventors: Md Shafiullah, M. A. Abido
  • Patent number: 11322940
    Abstract: System for controlling voltage supply to a portion of a distribution grid. The portion of the grid includes a substation providing one or more transformers operable to increase or decrease the voltage supplied to consumers within the portion of the grid. The voltage control system providing a data set can include a previously measured power consumption associated with previously measured values of (a) property(ies) for a portion of the grid, the property(ies) being one of voltage, current, frequency or load, or a combination thereof. The voltage control system can provide a measurement device to measure the property(ies) supplied within the portion of the grid. The voltage control system can provide a processing device to determine from the previously measured values of the property(ies) in the data set a most likely effect of altering the value of the property(ies) from a first value to a second value, on the power consumption.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 25, 2019
    Date of Patent: May 3, 2022
    Inventor: Steve Cox
  • Patent number: 11312350
    Abstract: A system and method for detecting the operational status of a brake system on a railcar. The system receives from a sensor an indication of the magnitude of a braking force applied by the braking system in response to an instruction to increase or decrease the braking force. It compares the response to possible responses of the braking system in view of the instruction provided. Based on the comparison, the system generates at least one of a message and/or an alert indicating the status of the brake system. Additional sensors, including a pressure sensor on a brake pipe of the railcar, can be added for additional functionality.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 12, 2019
    Date of Patent: April 26, 2022
    Inventor: Andrew H. Martin
  • Patent number: 11307258
    Abstract: A method and system for estimating open circuit voltage of lithium ion batteries with temperature input, that has the following steps: step 1 the undetermined equation for estimating open circuit voltage with temperature input is derived according to the gas-liquid dynamic model; step 2: the estimation equation parameters are identified according to the experimental data and put into the undetermined equation for estimating open circuit voltage in the step 1 to obtain a complete equation for estimating open circuit voltage; step 3: the method for estimating open circuit voltage with temperature input is designed according to the complete equation for estimating open circuit voltage.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 30, 2019
    Date of Patent: April 19, 2022
    Inventors: Biao Chen, Haobin Jiang, Huayang Sun, Huanhuan Li, Lei Hua
  • Patent number: 11283257
    Abstract: An example method for detecting and mitigating attacks on electric power substations comprises detecting a command to open or close a circuit breaker in the electric power substation. A modified extended substation model for the electric power substation is generated, based on the detected command and based on measurements in substation, where the modified extended substation model is a power flow model for the substation and for one or more directly connected neighboring substations. A power flow analysis is performed, using the modified extended substation model, to generate a predicted voltage for each of a plurality of nodes in the substation and in the one or more directly connected neighboring substations. Each predicted voltage is compared to a corresponding allowable voltage range, and execution of the command is blocked in response to determining that one or more of the voltages is outside the corresponding allowable voltage range.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 21, 2018
    Date of Patent: March 22, 2022
    Assignee: Hitachi Energy Switzerland AG
    Inventors: Junho Hong, Reynaldo Nuqui
  • Patent number: 11271398
    Abstract: A multi-dimensional holomorphic embedding method for voltage control of an AC power system includes embedding multiple independent symbolic variables representing multiple control elements of the AC power system into AC power flow equations that describe the AC power system, analytically solving voltages for targeted buses of the AC power system in a form of multivariate power series or multivariable Padé approximants about the multiple independent symbolic variables such that coefficients of the multivariate power series or multivariable Padé approximants are obtained non-iteratively, and jointly adjusting the multiple control elements according to the multivariate power series or multivariable Padé approximants to control voltages of the targeted buses.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 31, 2018
    Date of Patent: March 8, 2022
    Assignee: University of Tennessee Research Foundation
    Inventors: Chengxi Liu, Kai Sun, Bin Wang, Xin Xu
  • Patent number: 11262022
    Abstract: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a system, method, and apparatus comprising a large scale direct steam generator operating on an oxidant of air or enriched air configured to generate steam and combustion exhaust constituents. An exhaust constituent separation system and an energy recovery system to reclaim energy and improve the efficiency of the thermodynamic cycle. An optional CO2 separation system and Non Condensable Gas injection system may be included.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 31, 2017
    Date of Patent: March 1, 2022
    Assignee: XDI Holdings, LLC
    Inventors: James Charles Juranitch, Raymond C. Skinner, Thomas Raymond Juranitch, Alan C. Reynolds
  • Patent number: 11262713
    Abstract: A method for calculating control parameters of a heating supply power of a heating network, pertaining to the technical field of operation and control of a power system containing multiple types of energy. The method: establishing a heating network simulation model that simulates a thermal dynamic process of the heating network; starting an upward simulation based on the heating network simulation model to obtain first control parameters from a set of up adjustment amounts; starting a downward simulation based on the heating network simulation model, to obtain second control parameters from a set of down adjustment amounts.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 7, 2020
    Date of Patent: March 1, 2022
    Inventors: Hongbin Sun, Qinglai Guo, Bin Wang, Zhaoguang Pan
  • Patent number: 11255314
    Abstract: An energy audit tool for a wind turbine power system includes a data collector module configured for temporary connection to an existing turbine controller of the existing wind turbine power system. The data collector module is configured to collect operating data of the existing wind turbine power system. The energy audit tool also includes a model simulator module configured for analyzing the collected operating data, generating a model of the existing wind turbine power system based on the collected operating data, and determining an energy loss of the existing wind turbine power system from the model of the existing wind turbine power system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 10, 2018
    Date of Patent: February 22, 2022
    Assignee: General Electric Company
    Inventors: Joseph Chacon Lawrence, Stefan Herr
  • Patent number: 11249884
    Abstract: A crash test simulator device for re-creating a software crash scenario within a virtual environment using artificial intelligence processes to consider a large group of variables that may be relevant to the crash incident. The crash test simulator device includes a production environment monitoring engine configured to monitor a user's interaction with an application implemented within a production environment, and generate information used to re-create a crash incident within a virtual environment.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 21, 2020
    Date of Patent: February 15, 2022
    Assignee: Bank of America Corporation
    Inventors: Venkata R. Bhimireddy, Pavan Chayanam, Srinivas Dundigalla, Sandeep Verma
  • Patent number: 11251612
    Abstract: A method determines measurement locations in an energy grid. In the energy grid, use is made of a controllable device for wide-range voltage control. A model of the energy grid is provided which specifies a voltage distribution within the energy grid by a system of equations and/or a system of inequalities depending on the control position of the controllable device. A simulation for minimizing the number of measurement locations is carried out on the basis of the model, and in that as a result of the simulation a minimum number and the respective position of measurement locations and also the control position of the controllable device are specified in order that the energy grid complies with a predefined voltage band during operation.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 15, 2016
    Date of Patent: February 15, 2022
    Assignee: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    Inventor: Christian Blug
  • Patent number: 11245601
    Abstract: The present disclosure discloses an automated integrated test system and method thereof. A virtual mobile device is generated by a host at the test end at an initial time, which executes a preset script file to call the basic functions and the control functions after detecting the abnormal signals of production equipments, so as to simulate the processing flow of abnormal signals and to remotely adjust the equipment parameters. Then, a log file is generated according to the execution result of the script file, and the corresponding report files are generated according to different time ranges in the log file for transmission or display, so as to achieve the technical effect of improving the convenience of system testing in the complex environment.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 7, 2020
    Date of Patent: February 8, 2022
    Assignees: Inventec (Pudong) Technology Corporation, INVENTEC CORPORATION
    Inventor: Lei Wang
  • Patent number: 11216759
    Abstract: A method for optimizing total load distribution of a power system includes the following steps: determining system initial data, and describing the power system in forms of nodes, branches, and parameters; determining an optimization objective and a constraint condition according to a problem, to construct a real-time economic dispatch model; setting a topology structure between the nodes; constructing a neural network for each node, and setting a parameter; setting an initial variable of the neural network; performing optimization by means of the neural network; determining whether a termination condition is satisfied, and outputting a result when the termination condition is satisfied, or repeating the neural network optimization when the termination condition is not satisfied.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 6, 2018
    Date of Patent: January 4, 2022
    Inventors: Xinyi Le, Sijie Chen, Xiaomeng Fang, Zheng Yan, Juntong Xi
  • Patent number: 11183830
    Abstract: In certain aspects of the disclosure, a system includes an isolation device coupled between a first circuit in a first power domain and a second circuit in a second power domain. The system also includes a second power source coupled to a power distribution network, wherein the power distribution network is configured to distribute power from a first power source to the second power domain. The system further includes a failure detector having an input coupled to a node on the power distribution network located upstream of the second power source, and an output coupled to the isolation device, wherein the failure detector is configured to sense a voltage at the node, to detect a power loss of the first power source based on the sensed voltage, and to enable the isolation device in response to detection of the power loss.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 5, 2020
    Date of Patent: November 23, 2021
    Inventors: Michael Kevin Batenburg, Vincent Pierre Le Roy, Praveen Kumar Origanti
  • Patent number: 11144858
    Abstract: The present disclosure is directed to machine learning of electrical power system behavior, and related systems, apparatuses, and methods. A controller of an electrical power system includes a data storage device configured to store model data indicating a model load power consumed by loads of the electrical power system. The controller also includes a processor configured to determine current data including current load power consumed by the loads, modify the model data by aggregating the model data with the current data, and determine a set of control values for a set of control variables to effectuate a change to operation of the electrical power system based, at least in part, on the model data.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 9, 2019
    Date of Patent: October 12, 2021
    Assignee: Enel X North America, Inc.
    Inventor: John Michael Fife
  • Patent number: 11133675
    Abstract: Method and apparatus for synchronizing decentralized power conditioner start-up in a distributed resource island system (DRIS). In one embodiment the method comprises determining, by a power conditioner in the DRIS, when a line voltage of the DRIS collapses to zero; starting, by the power conditioner, when the line voltage collapses to zero, a black-start timer, wherein the black-start timer is set to the same amount of time as a plurality of black-start timers corresponding to a plurality of power conditioners of the DRIS; and initiating, by the power conditioner, following expiration of the black-start timer, a black-start.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 19, 2021
    Date of Patent: September 28, 2021
    Assignee: Enphase Energy, Inc.
    Inventors: Jeremy Omar Moore, Donald Richard Zimmanck
  • Patent number: 11106985
    Abstract: A power device with self-health status prediction function and a self-health status prediction method thereof and a cloud server suitable for a plurality of power devices are provided. The power device is configured to obtain a health index prediction model and a health prediction index threshold of the power device from the cloud server through a communication module thereof, and is configured to put a plurality of obtained sensing data and basic information of the power device into the health index prediction model to obtain a health prediction index. The power device is also configured to obtain a health status prediction data of the power device according to a comparison result between the health prediction index and the health prediction index threshold, so as to perform a follow-up process. Wherein the health index prediction model is constructed and trained by the cloud server by way of machine learning.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 16, 2020
    Date of Patent: August 31, 2021
    Inventors: Yung-Hsiang Lin, Chia-Min Yeh
  • Patent number: 11086788
    Abstract: Programmable integrated circuits may be used to perform hardware emulation of an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. The ASIC design may be loaded onto the programmable integrated circuit as a device under test (DUT). During hardware emulation operations, an emulation host may be used to coordinate testing of the DUT on the programmable device. In particular, the programmable device may include configurable memory elements such as lookup-table random-access memory (LUTRAM) elements that are operable in a LUT mode and a memory mode. An emulation controller may be used to dynamically assert a global emulation request signal, which forces each LUTRAM element that belong to the DUT in the LUT mode, thereby allowing the emulation host to readily access their internal states without having to perform partial reconfiguration.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 18, 2017
    Date of Patent: August 10, 2021
    Assignee: Intel Corporation
    Inventor: Jun Pin Tan
  • Patent number: 11086278
    Abstract: Systems and methods for monitoring an operational system. A data set with output power values and associated environmental data values for an electrical generation system are accumulated. Statistical relationships are determined for output power values and environmental data values. Outlying data is determined based on the statistical relationships and are removed from the data set to create selected data. A regression model is developed from the selected data to map predicted output power values to values of environmental data. Data with present output power values and present associated environmental data for the electrical generation system are later received. Predicted output power values are predicted by the regression model for the present associated environmental data. An output power discrepancy is identified by comparing the predicted output power to the present output power. A notification of an anomaly is provided based on identification of the output power discrepancy.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 29, 2019
    Date of Patent: August 10, 2021
    Assignee: Inventus Holdings, LLC
    Inventors: James U. Morley, Dennis A. Moon, Lowell Crosby Savage, III, Sriharsha Veeramachaneni, Raja D. Doake, Richard Mack Argentieri
  • Patent number: 11050251
    Abstract: Distributed energy resources are validated by dispatching a distributed energy resources individually in known ambient conditions and monitoring the particular effect of dispatch to then establish a database of performance for multiple different distributed energy resources. The distributed energy resources can be permanently monitored to further build up this database and to verify that the distributed energy resource 1s performing consistent with its validation or other expected performance. Distributed energy resources of a slow responding variety and a fast responding variety can be paired together and dispatched together, so that the paired fast responding and slow responding distributed energy resources mimic a large fast responding distributed energy resource. The benefits of a high capacity fast responding distributed energy resource is thus provided, such as for the load shedding and grid support benefits thereof.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 1, 2018
    Date of Patent: June 29, 2021
    Assignee: Negawatt Assets LLC
    Inventors: Michael Sean Day, Calvin R. Wylie
  • Patent number: 11042132
    Abstract: Techniques and apparatuses are described that enable transformative Remedial Action Scheme (RAS) analyses and methodologies for a bulk electric power system, including methods of designing, reviewing, revising, testing, implementing, verifying, or validating a RAS. An improved RAS improves operation of the power system, including performance, reliability, control, and asset utilization. The example methodologies discussed—also referred to as a transformative Remedial Action Scheme tool (TRAST)—provide an end-to-end solution for adaptively setting RAS parameters based on realistic and near real-time operation conditions to improve power grid reliability and grid asset utilization, by leveraging utility data analysis and employing dynamic simulations and machine learning to significantly simplify and shorten the entire RAS process.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 7, 2019
    Date of Patent: June 22, 2021
    Assignee: Battelle Memorial Institute
    Inventors: Xiaoyuan Fan, Xinya Li, Emily L. Barrett, Qiuhua Huang, James G. O'Brien, Renke Huang, Zhangshuan Hou, Ruisheng Diao
  • Patent number: 11043817
    Abstract: A method for feeding electrical power into a three phase electrical power supply network at a network connection point, in particular by means of a wind power installation, using an inverter, comprising the following steps: detecting an electrical network voltage, in particular at the network connection point, determining a virtual generator voltage using a machine model that emulates a behavior of a synchronous machine, preparing the detected network voltage for comparison with the virtual genera-tor voltage, predefining a setpoint current as predefinition for an infeed current as a function of the virtual generator voltage and as a function of the network voltage prepared for comparison, and generating the infeed current depending on the setpoint current and feeding the generated infeed current at the network connection point into the electrical power supply network, wherein preparing the detected network voltage for comparison with the virtual generator voltage comprises transforming the detected network v
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 22, 2018
    Date of Patent: June 22, 2021
    Assignee: Wobben Properties GmbH
    Inventors: Jair Cassoli, Truong Duc Trung, Roberto Rosso, Sönke Engelken
  • Patent number: 11029344
    Abstract: Systems and method are disclosed for monitor long-term voltage stability in a power system by estimating post-contingency operating point(s) considering PV-PQ transitions based on the current operating point; predicting a sensitivity based Thevenin index (STI) for each contingency using the estimated operating condition; and determining a voltage stability assessment (VSA) considering N?1 contingency.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 22, 2018
    Date of Patent: June 8, 2021
    Assignee: Geiri Co Ltd, State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Co, State Grid Corp Of China, Geirina Inc.
    Inventors: Xiaohu Zhang, Di Shi, Xiao Lu, Zhehan Yi, Qibing Zhang, Zhiwei Wang
  • Patent number: 11022634
    Abstract: A system is disclosed that includes a memory and a processor to perform operations, including analyzing rail voltage drop for a full-chip to identify an IR drop violation in a block design of the full-chip. The operations include performing a block-level rail voltage drop analysis for the block design and generating a revised block design corresponding to the block design in which the IR drop violation is identified. The operations include performing a block-level rail voltage drop analysis on the revised block design to verify that the IR drop violation is fixed and integrating the revised block design into the full-chip to replace the block design upon verifying that the IR drop violation is fixed. The operations include performing the rail voltage drop analysis for the full-chip comprising the revised block design.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 13, 2020
    Date of Patent: June 1, 2021
    Assignee: Synopsys, Inc.
    Inventors: Mu-Shun Lee, Yang-Ming Chen, Youxin Gao
  • Patent number: 10971937
    Abstract: A method for controlling an inverter, and in particular a double stage inverter, for implementing a model of a synchronous generator is provided including implementing a rotor inertia using an intermediate dc-link capacitor without duplicating the emulated inertia in the controller, simulating the rotor speed based on a measured voltage of the dc-link capacitor, while allowing the voltage to change in a defined range, and mapping the changing voltage of the dc-link capacitor into the inverter as an internal frequency. A system for connecting a power generator to a power grid is also provided including a control device for an inverter, the control device implementing a model of a synchronous generator. The control device including a computer processor in electrical communication with a storage device with instructions stored thereon, that when executed on the computer processor, perform the method for controlling an inverter for implementing a model of a synchronous generator.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 26, 2018
    Date of Patent: April 6, 2021
    Inventors: Ali Khajehoddin, Masoud Karimi Ghartemani, Mohammad Ebrahimi
  • Patent number: 10963602
    Abstract: An actual power generation amount receiver acquires an actual power generation amount of a photovoltaic power generation system of each time slot of each day. An extraterrestrial solar radiation calculator calculates an extraterrestrial solar radiation of each time slot of each day at a disposition position. A weather information receiver acquires an actual weather record of each time slot of each day and a weather forecast of a prediction target time slot. A similar date extractor classifies a time slot, which is the same as a prediction target time slot of each day in a search range in which an actual power generation amount is acquired, as a similar time slot for each actual weather record type. A prediction formula deriver derives a power generation amount prediction formula for calculating a predicted power generation amount based on an actual power generation amount.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 7, 2015
    Date of Patent: March 30, 2021
    Assignee: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    Inventors: Takashi Arai, Satoko Sakajo
  • Patent number: 10956993
    Abstract: A computer-implemented method and related device are disclosed for determining a plurality of operating scenarios of an energy system. The method comprises obtaining a plurality of performance measures of the energy system as a function of time corresponding to a plurality of sets of values of input variables. The method comprises clustering the plurality of sets of values of the input variables and the performance measures associated therewith into groups and defining a descriptor for each of the groups. The method also comprises outputting the descriptors of the groups for use in an online prediction or offline estimation of the energy system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 30, 2019
    Date of Patent: March 23, 2021
    Inventors: Dimitrios Anagnostos, Francky Catthoor, Johannes Goverde
  • Patent number: 10949257
    Abstract: Disclosed is a method and system for using a credit-based approach to scheduling workload in a compute environment. The method includes determining server capacity and load of a compute environment and running a first benchmark job to calibrate a resource scheduler. The method includes partitioning, based on the calibration, the compute environment into multiple priority portions (e.g. first portion, second portion etc.) and optionally a reserve portion. Credits are assigned to allocate system capacity or resources per time quanta. The method includes running a benchmark job to calibrate a complexity of supported job types to be run in the compute environment. When a request for capacity is received, the workload is assigned one or more credits and credits are withdrawn from the submitting entity's account for access to the compute environment at a scheduled time.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 19, 2019
    Date of Patent: March 16, 2021
    Inventors: Rajesh Kumar, Amit Mittal, Anjali Gugle, Hetal N. Badheka, Vasantha K. Tammana, Priyatam Prasad Veyyakula
  • Patent number: 10935604
    Abstract: An electrical power distribution system includes a plurality of circuit protection devices coupled between an electrical power source and a plurality of electrical loads. Each circuit protection device includes a trip unit, a network interface communicatively coupled to a communication network including the circuit protection devices, a processor, and a memory. The memory stores instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to store test operational parameters associated with the circuit protection device, receive a test message including test data representing an electrical condition in the electrical power distribution system, adjust the test operational parameters based on the test data to simulate a response of the trip unit to the electrical condition, generate circuit protection data based on the test data and the adjusted set of test operational parameters, and transmit the circuit protection data to at least one of the communication network and a remote access device.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 22, 2017
    Date of Patent: March 2, 2021
    Assignee: ABB Schweiz AG
    Inventors: Lathom Alexander Louco, Jeffrey Marcel Kubascik, Shawn Alan Morgan, Lucas Ray Mallory, Craig Benjamin Williams
  • Patent number: 10915692
    Abstract: Taking parameters of a main circuit in a BBMC as optimization objects, and a total harmonic distortion of an output voltage of the BBMC, a deviation between an actual output current and a corresponding rated output current as optimization objectives, a mathematical model between optimization objects and optimization objectives is established. A multi-objective optimization satisfaction function and a multi-objective optimization fitness function are established by selecting a current rating as a rated output current of the BBMC. An adaptive wolf pack optimization algorithm is adopted to obtain a set of optimal parameters of the main circuit. The rated output current is changed to obtain n sets of optimal parameters, and functional relationships between the optimal parameters of the main circuit in the BBMC are obtained using a numerical fitting method. Optimal parameters of the main circuit corresponding to different current ratings are determined according to the functional relationships.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 23, 2020
    Date of Patent: February 9, 2021
    Assignee: Hunan University of Science and Technology
    Inventors: Xiaoping Zhang, Ji Liu, Ruirui Zhang
  • Patent number: 10884398
    Abstract: A building system includes building equipment operable to consume one or more resources and a control system configured to generate, based on a prediction model, predictions of a load on the building equipment or a price of the one or more resources for a plurality of time steps in an optimization period, solve, based on the predictions, an optimization problem to generate control inputs for the equipment that minimize a predicted cost of consuming the resources over the optimization period, control the building equipment to operate in accordance with the control inputs, monitor an error metric that characterizes an error between the predictions and actual values of the at least one of the load on the building equipment or the price of the one or more resources during the optimization period, detect an occurrence of a trigger condition, and in response to detecting the trigger condition, update the prediction model.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 4, 2019
    Date of Patent: January 5, 2021
    Assignee: Johnson Controls Technology Company
    Inventors: Mohammad N. ElBsat, Michael J. Wenzel
  • Patent number: 10872185
    Abstract: Example systems and methods are disclosed for estimating wire capacitance in an RTL circuit design. In an embodiment, a reference post-layout design is received from a non-transitory storage medium, and gate-level nets within the reference post-layout design are classified as either long nets or short nets based, at least in part, on an average fanout length within the gate-level net. A parasitic model may be generated for each of the gate-level nets, and the gate-level nets and associated parasitic models may be stored within either a long net database or a short net database based on the classification of the gate-level net. A net from the RTL circuit design may be classified as either long or short based, at least in part, on a number of modules crossed by one or more fanouts within the net. If the net from the RTL circuit design is classified as long, then capacitance for the net may be estimated using a parasitic model selected from the long net database.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 14, 2019
    Date of Patent: December 22, 2020
    Assignee: Ansys, Inc.
    Inventors: Seema Naswa, Praveen Singhal, Paul Traynar
  • Patent number: 10832179
    Abstract: Embodiments provide a method for constructing a future-state power grid model and device, including that: a current power grid model, an equipment power-off plan, an equipment retirement plan and an equipment addition plan are acquired; then, equipment is added according to the current power grid model, and an added equipment information set, a retired equipment information set and a powered-off equipment information set are determined according to the equipment addition plan, the equipment retirement plan and the equipment power-off plan respectively; and finally, a state of the added equipment is set to be an operating state, an initial network model of each period is formed according to a time sequence, and a future-state network model is constructed according to the added equipment information set, the retired equipment information set, the powered-off equipment information set and the initial network models. The embodiments further provide construction equipment and a storage medium.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 19, 2017
    Date of Patent: November 10, 2020
    Inventors: Guodong Huang, Qiang Ding, Zelei Zhu, Sai Dai, Hui Cui, Dan Xu, Zhi Cai, Bo Li, Chenxu Hu, Chuancheng Zhang, Jinghua Yan, Deyue Men, Jiali Zhang, Peijun Li, Zhen Sun
  • Patent number: 10811316
    Abstract: A method for forming an integrated circuit (IC) is provided. The method includes the following operations. A circuit layout including a first load region and a second load region is received. A full power network of the circuit layout is obtained. The full power network is transformed into a first power network according to the first load region. A first power simulation is performed upon the first power network. The full power network is transformed into a second power network according to the second load region. A second power simulation is performed upon the second power network. The IC is fabricated according to the circuit layout.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 13, 2018
    Date of Patent: October 20, 2020
    Inventors: Ka Fai Chang, Fong-Yuan Chang, Chin-Chou Liu, Yi-Kan Cheng